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The Family's Animal Fun (Animal Sex Stories)
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Chapter 1

"Poor Daddy," said Debby Johnson.

Frank Johnson was seated in an easy chair by the fireplace, idly
glancing through a magazine and looking rather glum. His wife Jennifer
had gone to visit her sister for a week and, although she'd only been
gone one day, Frank was already beginning to feel neglected and lonely.

He was also starting to get horny.

Debby came over to stand behind his chair, placing her hands on his
shoulders. Debby was a teenager with sun-streaked blonde hair, big blue
eyes and a full, sensual mouth. Her body was ripe and nubile. She was
wearing a short skirt and a halter, leaving her midriff and most of her
shapely thighs bared. Smiling, she leaned forwards. Her full tits
rolled in the halter, the deep, smooth cleavage exposed, the stiff
nipples poking out in twin peaks against the stretchy material.

Frank felt her tits brush against the back of his neck as she bent over
his chair. He blushed. Christ, didn't the little minx realize how
easily she could turn him on?

"Don't worry, Daddy," she said. "I'll take good care of you while Mom
is away. I can cook and clean the house and--" She paused, an impish
look in her blue eyes. "And I can do just about anything for you that
Mom can you know?"

"You're a good girl," he muttered.

For some reason, Debby giggled.

Frank was well aware that her nipples were hard as she squirmed against
him. Those stiff tit tips were branding the back of his neck. He was
also aware of the fact that his prick was starting to get hard.

Blushing, ashamed of himself for reacting that way to his little girl's
touch, he pretended to be concentrating on the magazine. She looked
over his shoulder. It was a glossy men's magazine, and Debby found
herself gazing at a photograph of a semi-nude woman.

"Gee--you hadn't ought to be looking at stuff like that, when Mom's out
of town," she said. Her eyelashes fluttered demurely.

"Huh?" Frank said. He hadn't even realized what he was pretending to be
so engrossed in. Now he blinked at the magazine and quickly closed it.

"You'll make yourself all excited looking at naughty pictures, and
since Mom isn't here ..." She let the words trail off and gave a little
shrug that shifted her tits against him. "Why, Daddy! You're excited

Frank gulped, realizing that the girl had noticed the swelling in the
front of his trousers. He was mortified that she had noticed his hard-
on and amazed that the girl had been bold enough to mention it. But at
least she didn't seem to be disturbed by her discovery. She was, if
anything, amused, he thought.

"Errr--sometimes those things happen," he said.

"But what will you do about it?" she asked, sounding rather concerned
and solicitous. "I mean--will you have to find yourself a girlfriend or
pay a whore or what?"

"Debby! That's enough," he muttered, starting to feel distinctly
uncomfortable and all the more embarrassed because his daughter wasn't
embarrassed at all.

"Come to that, I wonder what Mom will do if she gets to feeling horny
while she's away," Debby speculated.

Frank groaned. He had been wondering about that, himself. Jennifer
wasn't the sort of woman who could go very long without fucking. He
didn't know if she had ever cheated on him in the past, but he doubted
her capacity for prolonged chastity. A whole week was a long time for
Jennifer to go without a fuck. She liked it at least once a day and
often more, a schedule that was very agreeable to Frank when she was at
home but worrying when she was away.

At the thought that his wife might be cheating on him, his cock tingled
and swelled more. The idea was painful, yet stimulating, too, in a
perverse fashion. Jealousy, he knew, was an effective aphrodisiac--and
the fact that his teenaged daughter was rubbing her tits against him
didn't help.

"Think she'll find a lover?" the girl said teasingly. "I bet she will."

"Debby, don't say such things," he rasped.

"Why not? I'm old enough," she replied. "I'm old enough for lots of
things, Daddy."

Incestuous images danced in his fevered mind. Frank shook his head, to
clear those disturbing fantasies away--and, doing so, rubbed against
her plump tits. He turned to stare at the girl as she hovered behind
him. She held his gaze, her own gaze searching and speculative.
"Anything I can do to make you feel better?" she asked, her voice

"What--what do you mean?" he asked carefully.

"Well ..." She hesitated and had the grace to blush slightly. "I mean,
you gonna jerk off, or what?"

Frank's mouth dropped wide open. It didn't surprise him that his
daughter should know about such things. After all, she was a very sexy
girl who had plenty of dates and probably had some sexual experience,
herself. Frank had often wondered about that, in fact--and fantasized.
Sometimes, while fucking his wife, he even pretended that it was his
daughter he was shoving the cockmeat to and, although he always felt a
little bit guilty afterwards, those incestuous musings certainly made
for an exciting climax.

But to have the girl come right out and ask him a question like that
was a different matter, shocking and sordid--and very, very

"Oh, come on, Daddy--I wasn't born yesterday," Debby said, amused at
his discomfort.

Frank started to reprimand and admonish the girl, his jaw set tightly
and his expression stern. But his resolve wavered. His cock was set a
lot tighter than his jaw and the thought of discussing sexual matters
with the girl was intriguing. It was harmless, he assured himself,
rationalizing cleverly. Mere words weren't the same as acts and,
anyhow, a father certainly had the right to talk about the birds and
the bees with his nubile young daughter.

His face flushed, and he gave her a sheepish grin. "Well, it would be
better than having to find another woman and cheat on your mother, I

She shrugged. "I don't know," she said. "It's kind of a waste, doing it
for yourself. Oh, it's better than nothing. I know," she added, giving
him a mischievous wink.

Frank groaned, a flash of the sexy girl playing with her pussy blasting
into his aroused imagination.

"But I know you're used to lots of sex. I hear you and Mom fucking all
the time."

Frank might have blushed again, but by this time his handsome, lean-
jawed face was flushed so hot with arousal that it was impossible to

"And, since Mom is away and I have to take care of her duties--all of
her duties--" Debby continued, breathing rather hard now, those
splendid tits rising heavily in the tight-fitting halter.

She gave his shoulder a gentle squeeze, then moved away and came around
to the front of his chair. Frank eyed her warily, torn between
conflicting emotions. As her father, he was concerned by her suggestive
behavior but, as a robust man with a hard-on, he was thrilled.

Debby gracefully sank down onto the carpet in front of him, curling
onto one flank. She placed an open hand on his thigh, just above the
knee. Frank stared down at her. The front of his trousers was lifted so
high, by this time, that he seemed to be looking at her across the head
of his prick, as if it were a gunsight.

"Am I embarrassing you, Daddy?" she breathed.

"A--a little I guess," he said.

Her hand moved up an inch or two, then stroked back toward his knee.
The muscles in his thigh were jumping violently under her caressing

"I'm not embarrassed," she said, almost defiantly.

"Apparently," he muttered.

"I've seen the way you look at me sometimes, you know? When I come out
of the bathroom wrapped in a towel or when I'm kind of sprawled out in
front of the television--with my legs sort of open--"

"Jesus!" he hissed. His head was spinning. A sense of unreality had
fallen over the tormented man, and he wondered if he had fallen asleep
in his chair and was dreaming this whole erotic scene--and, if so, if
it was going to turn out to be a wet dream!

Her hand moved higher, toward his cock-bulge.

Frank raised his own hand, thinking to nip this in the bud. His hand
hovered over hers, open and trembling. Then it dropped back to his
side. Debby smiled triumphantly.

"I'm not a virgin, Daddy," she whispered.

He closed his eyes. "Debby--I'm your father! We mustn't make love!"

"Fuck, you mean?" she giggled.
Frank nodded.

"I guess not," Debby sighed.

Frank surged with divided emotions, relieved that his daughter had
agreed, yet grievously disappointed at the same time. The forbidden
fruits of incest were juicy in his mind.

But then the naughty nymph said: "But there are lots of other things we
could do."

Again her hand slid up his leg, her splayed fingers stroking close to
the top. His huge prick bucked like a bronco, threatening to burst
right through his trousers. He sprawled back in the chair, feeling
perfectly helpless, unable to resist anything. He was putty in her
hands. She was molding him like clay. She rested her cheek against his
thigh. He could feel the warmth of her breath waft up the inside of his

"Nice things, Daddy," she whispered.

Incest is taboo! his conscience screamed.

But his id, that clever definer of terms, asked: What is incest?
Fucking, certainly. But other things--those nice things at which she
hinted--were they, too, incest?

Stop this, Debby, he silently pleaded. But when he tried to speak, no
words came out. His vocal cords seemed as stiff as his prick.

Then her hand moved across and cupped the bulging swell of his prick.
Frank gasped, his whole body vibrating. She gently squeezed his balls,
then traced her fingers up the outline of his elongated cockshaft.

"Ooooh--your prick is so big and hard Daddy--and your balls are so
full," she whimpered.

She drew her hand down his cockstalk. The contours of his swollen
cockhead swelled in his fly and a damp patch spread out as his piss
hole began to weep.

"Can I take it out, Daddy?" she whispered.

Did Frank try to shake his head in the negative? He willed his neck
muscles to do so--but he nodded, instead. I'll let her touch me, his
tortured mind decided. Just her hands--no more. That isn't really so

He stared down through slitted eyes, watching the lithesome teenager
fumble with the zipper of his fly. She drew the clasp down an inch or
two, then drew it back up. The zipper rasped. Frank's breathing rasped,
as well. Teasingly, she pulled the zipper lower. Tauntingly, she pulled
it up again. His cock was rampaging wildly in his pants, raging to be
free. Debby glanced up at him from the tops of her blue eyes, impishly
gazing through lowered lashes.

"Don't worry," she said. "I'm not a cock-teaser."

Then she pulled the zipper all the way down. Frank was wearing white
cotton briefs. His prick was trapped in them. It shot from his open
fly, shrouded in the white material, dragging the elastic waistband out
from his flat belly. Debby gazed at his groin for a moment, fascinated.
She opened the belt and unfastened the top of his pants. His fly fell
open in a wide wedge. Encased in the white cotton, the outline of his
cock and balls was fully displayed. Debby's face was close, and he felt
her breath drift over his thundering cockmeat. Where the head of his
cock bulged in his shorts, a slimy patch spread out. Debby cupped his
balls in her upturned palm, lifting them as if judging the weight of
his cum-load.

She made a little purring sound, squeezing, feeling the hard balls
shift inside the hairy sac.

Her fingers traced up the underside of his cockshaft and her thumb
rubbed against the sensitive spot where his prick-knob swelled out from
the cockrod.

The damp, sticky patch spread wider as more pre-cum seeped from his
parted piss hole.

Debby's face was a mask of desire now, her eyes narrowed and her
sensual lips parted and panting. She tucked her fingers under the
elastic of his shorts and tugged them out wide, pulling them down from
his rampant prick and tucking them under his balls, leaving all of his
crotch bared.

"Gee--you got a lovely cock," she murmured.

Frank wondered how many cocks his sweet little girl had known before.
The thought tormented him. Was his daughter promiscuous? Did he want
her to be promiscuous? His conscience was losing the struggle with his
id and parental propriety was yielding to pure passion.

For a long moment, she simply looked at his cock and balls in
admiration. Her face was close to him. Just as he could feel her warm
breath on his cockmeat, he knew she could feel the heat of his pounding
prick waft into her radiant face. Her blonde head tilted from side to
side as she studied his cock from all angles, intrigued.

Her left hand slid up and cupped him under the balls again, fondling
them gently and lovingly. Frank thought that he could actually hear his
massive cum-load slosh around inside his balls as she caressed them.

She folded her other hand around the thick root of his cockshaft,
squeezing, moaning when she felt that iron-hard fucker throb in her
fist. His prick was so fat that the girl could barely span it in her
delicate hand.

Her fist skimmed up lightly, just brushing over his hot cockstalk. His
cockmeat was so hot that the randy little minx half expected it to
blister her palm and singe her fingers. She tightened her grip and
stroked again, very slowly. As her fist pulled up, his foreskin curled
over the ledge of his swollen purple cockhead, and when she pulled back
to the hilt that cockhead flared out wide.

She was staring at him so intently, so longingly, that Frank felt he
could feel her gaze burning into him, branding his flesh like laser
beams. She pumped him again. His cockhead was a huge, mushroom-shaped
wedge of meat. When she stroked down toward his balls, that slab loomed
out like the head of a hooded cobra about to strike. Cum oozed from his
cleft, all frothy and slimy on the flushed cockmeat. Debby rubbed her
thumb against the underside, where the dark, thick ventral vein spread
out under the prick-knob. Frank was groaning pitifully in a torment of
lust. His prick was so hot that as the pre-cum came bubbling from his
piss hole, it steamed away.

His daughter's head was lowered over his cock. A strand of golden hair
brushed against him, trailing across the slimy tip of his prick. He was
very much aware that the girl's face was only inches above his
cockhead, her eyes crossed as she stared at his fucker.

"Shall I lick it, Daddy?" she asked, her voice husky with lascivious

Frank gasped. He saw her moist pink tongue slide slowly across her
lower lip. His cock gave a mighty lurch. It seemed to be trying to
launch itself from his loins like a guided missile, flying up into her

Her head bobbed down. Her tongue flicked across the tip of his
cockhead, moist and hot and nimble. Frank saw a streak of his cock
slime on her tongue as she drew back.

"Yummm--yummy," she purred.

Debby dragged her halter down. Her fat, firm tits rolled free. She
arched her back and rubbed her tits against his cock and balls,
squirming delightfully. She cupped the plump tit globes together,
lifting them and deepening the cleavage, and his cock nudged in between
them. Frank humped up from the chair, fucking between her tits. Her
face was averted, watching his purple cock-knob squeezing from her
smooth tit tunnel. That bloated wedge skimmed up her breastbone and
nudged into the hollow of her throat, laying a slimy trail, like the
track of a snail.

Her tongue pushed out, curled. As his cock-knob slid from her cleavage,
she lapped hungrily at it.

She twisted from the hips, grinding her tits around on his prick as it
slid up and down, her blonde head ducking down to meet the looming
cock-knob. Her tongue laved all over his crown, slurping up the jism.
Her slobber poured down his cockstalk. Frank heaved, pumping his cock
between her tits frantically, almost ready to get his rocks off.

But then Debby drew back.

Neglected for a moment, his prick jerked alarmingly. His cockhead was
gleaming atop the thick cockstalk.

"Wanna come, Daddy?" the minx whispered.

"Yeah--yeah," he croaked.

"Wanna come in my mouth?"

"Oh my God--yes, Debby! Oh, shit!" Frank wailed, abandoned to lust, his
mind and body dazed so that only his fiery prick seemed to have

Debby, naughty little teenager that she was, knew damned well that
erotic words enhanced the action. Gazing bewitchingly at her father,
she said: "I'll swallow your hot, thick fuck-juice, Daddy--ooooh--I'm
hungry for your cum!"

But although the horny little cock-sucker was yearning for a bellyful
of jism, she was in no hurry for that creamy conclusion. Debby liked to
linger over a leisurely mouthful of cockmeat before she got to drink
the slimy rewards. With a skill that manifested plenty of previous
experience, Debby began to vary her oral technique.

Tilting her head, so that his prick skimmed up her cheek, she leaned
down and lapped at his balls. She kissed and sucked on those precious
balls that were soon going to feed her such a succulent load. His cock
slid up and down her cheek as Frank humped. Cum glistened in her hair.
She licked up his cocklance with long, flattened tongue-strokes,
fluttering her lapper at the underside of his cock-knob at the top. She
crossed her tongue back and forth against the swollen vein that seamed
the under-side of his cockrod, going up and down, licking his hairy

balls at the base and his crown at the top.

Jism poured from his cleft and trickled down his prickshaft. She
tongued it up greedily, her saliva replacing it. She leaned back again,
savoring his cock slime on her taste buds. Her throat pulsed as she
swallowed. She whimpered, her appetite whetted by that first taste.

"Do I do it as good as Mom?" she whispered.

Frank, looking haunted by his horniness, frowned. "How--how do you
know?" he rasped.

"That Mom blows you?" Debby said. Her grin was devilish. "Shit, Daddy--
she blows the mailman, and the guy that walks our dog, too."

A strangled cry burst from Frank's lips and his prick pounded like a
jackhammer. He stared at his daughter. Had she merely said that to
excite him, or was it true? Was his dear wife in the habit of giving
indiscriminate blow-jobs to all and sundry? It was a thing to ponder.

But later.

At the moment Frank could think of only one thing--emptying his bloated
balls into his pretty daughter's mouth!
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Re: The Family's Animal Fun (Animal Sex Stories)
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Chapter 2

The dog--the walker of which might or might not be getting sucked off
by Frank's wife--was a large, black Alsatian named Rex. At the moment,
Rex was standing in the hallway outside the kitchen, hoping some human
would come along and feed him. His glossy coat was so dark that the
brute looked like a three-dimensional shadow. Out of that ebony shadow
gleamed bright amber eyes, and a moist red tongue lolled from the side
of his jaw. He was a formidable and handsome beast, both family pet and
guard dog--and more. Jennifer usually fed him, and with her away, Frank
and Debby--preoccupied at the moment--had neglected him this morning.

Rex was hungry and he whined, waiting patiently by the kitchen door.
But then he cocked his big, blunt head, one ear pricked up, a curious
look in his eyes. His black nostrils twitched as he sniffed. The brute
rumbled softly in his throat, all thoughts of food fading away. It
wasn't dog food that the beast had scented.

The hot fragrance of Debby's pussy was wafting from the front room and
pouring down the hallway to Rex's sensitive nose.

And that was specialized doggy food.

Rex sniffed again, nostrils flaring wide. His long, wet tongue began to
dribble with slobber. His shaggy tail swished behind him and the
muscles in his powerful flanks began to quiver and tremble.

Rex knew that tangy aroma well.

His balls began to swell and his big prick started to ripple,
lengthening and hardening.

The fragrant stream reaching his nose was getting richer and spicier as
the naughty little nymph got hotter and hornier, and Rex whimpered with
anticipation. He sidestepped away from the kitchen door and turned down
the hallway. His thick black cock sheath snapped upright and the slick
red meat of his naked cockhead came sliding slowly from the hairy
sheath. His balls had swollen so huge by this time that his hind legs
were almost bowed around them, and his cock loomed out so far that the
cock-knob pulsed under his brawny chest.

His head thrust out like a pointer indicating a concealed partridge and
then, like a retriever, the big doggy padded off towards the prey he
had scented, following the fragrant trail of pussy aroma.

He pushed his head around the doorjamb and peered into the front room,
wriggling and wagging his tail eagerly in expectation of a dog yummy.

Across the room, his master was sprawled back in a chair, his legs
parted and extended, his heels drumming against the carpet as his thigh
muscles jerked. Curled up on the floor at his feet, the young mistress
of the household was happily tonguing the flaring head of her daddy's

Rex hesitated. Being only a dumb brute, he knew no such emotions as
envy or jealousy, yet the canine equivalent caused his tongue to tingle
and his cock to throb. He was tempted to bound into the room, yet
sensed that the master might not welcome his presence. Although a whole
howling pack of horny hounds might rush in pursuit of a bitch in heat,
she could accommodate them only one at a time. And Debby, quite
obviously, was already spoken for. And yet her cunt, from where that
delightful aroma spread so tantalizingly, was unoccupied. It was a
puzzlement to the dog, although he knew from happy experience that
human bitches were far more inventive and imaginative and adaptable
than the canine bitches.

So Rex hesitated. But his prick was thundering, his tongue slobbering.
Warily and nervously, he moved into the room and began to slink up on
the girl. His haunches were lowered, as if he were sneaking up on a
juicy bunny--but no bunny had ever been as juicy as Debby's pussy.

And, although wary of his master, Rex had an advantage. Being only an
animal, Rex had no idea that bestiality was naughty. To Rex, fucking
was the most natural thing in the world, and he advanced without
inhibition ...

Debby had been using only her tongue, to begin with, licking up and
down her daddy's long, thick cockshaft, tonguing his bloated balls and
slurping on his cock-knob. His piss hole continued to ooze with pre-cum
and the cum-hungry teenager lapped it up greedily, murmuring with the
joy of it. His whole cock was slippery with her frothy saliva. His jism
ran into that wet fluid, thicker and creamier, and Debby eagerly
tongued it up as it ran down his prick.

Then she licked up to the tip of his cock and turned her radiant face
down. She pushed the tip of her tongue right up into his piss hole,
causing Frank to jerk and gasp.

Debby was in seventh heaven. The naughty little girl had been yearning
to suck her father's cock for a long time now. More and more as time
went by, she had fantasized about her daddy in those delicate, intimate
moments when she shoved her fingers up her fuck-hole and creamed on her
hand. She envied her mother a steady supply of his cock and cum, often
thinking about the two of them fucking while she frigged her pussy to a
froth. She had even given a few interesting thoughts to her mother's
juicy cunt, especially when she was licking her own pussy-soaked
fingers. It had taken her some time to get her courage worked up enough
to actually approach Frank--and the opportunity afforded now, by her
mother's absence.

Now she was licking his prick and loving it--and determined she would
get him to fuck her cunt, as well. He might be reluctant to go that
far, but Debby knew that if she got him hot enough, anything was

And Debby knew how to make a guy hot.

Or a dog, come to that.

Kissing her father's cockhead, Debby let her lips slowly part around
it, feeding the throbbing purple slab into her mouth.

Frank groaned as those sweet lips enveloped his thundering cockhead. He
stared down at his daughter in awe. Her lips had collared his thick
stalk behind the cock-knob, turning outwards as they slurped, and her
cheeks were hollowed inward as she sucked avidly on the meaty mouthful.

"Ummm--ummm--ummm--" she purred as she nursed on his succulent

With his cockhead in her mouth, his long stalk stood out between them,
bolting his balls to her lips. Her saliva poured down that stalk as she
slobbered on his cock-knob. Her tongue slithered around against the
underside of the wedge. Debby was an expert and talented cock-sucker,
no doubt of that. It caused Frank anguish to imagine how many pricks
his sweet little girl must have milked off to acquire such skill--as
his own iron-hard prick pounded in that magic mouth.

Her eyelashes lowered and she gazed up at him through the fringe,
delighted to see the way his handsome face was twisted by bestial lust.
He gazed back at her, thinking she looked almost innocent and demure as
she nursed on his cock, a dutiful daughter doing the chores.

Debby began to bob her head up and down a little, feeding more of his
cockshaft into her maw. The naughty teenager always enjoyed a drink on
a stick, not even caring what guy happened to be on the other end of
the rod. She liked big cocks better than small ones and hard ones
better than soft ones, but she had never met a cock she didn't like.
Her daddy's cock, however, was the best she had ever had in her mouth.
It was huge and hot and hard as a stone and his swollen balls gave
promise of an abundant bellyful of fuck-juice. But the most thrilling
aspect was the fact that he was her father--that she was indulging in
oral incest. It was a very naughty thing to do, Debby knew, and all the
more thrilling because of that.

How boring sex would be if it was always sanctified and wholesome, she
thought. And on that wholesome cockmeat she sucked with unsanctified
greed. She loved the taste and the texture and adored the way his
cockhead throbbed in her lips and pulsed against her flashing tongue
and dribbled slime onto her taste buds. Slippery ribbons of spunk
flowed into her cheeks, sloshed over her gums, dribbled from her pursed
lips and trickled down her chin. Frank hadn't shot his wad yet but he
had already, in his preliminary seepage, fed her as much jism as the
girl was accustomed to milking from a cock and balls in a climax. Her
tongue was floating in a sea of slime like a pliable pink raft in a
swamp. Pearly strands of cum ran down from both corners of her mouth.
Frank whimpered as he stared down and saw his fuck-juice flowing from
his daughter's mouth.

Gooey ribbons of cum traced across her lower lip. She slurped and
sucked the stuff back into her mouth. Her eyes watched him, her lips
smiled around a mouthful of cockmeat. The girl was obviously enjoying
her daddy's reactions almost as much as she was avidly savoring his
cock and cum.

Frank reached down and stroked her head paternally. She ducked down,
feeding more prick into her mouth. His cockhead jammed at the entrance
to her throat. He could feel the little fleshy pendulum brush his cock-

"Unghhh," she gagged as his flaring cock-head clogged her gullet. But
she held it there for a moment, then pulled her mouth up, sucking
through every precious inch of his cockshaft.

She nursed on his prick-knob, with the long stalk pounding between
them, then she bobbed down again, as if she were ducking for apples in
a barrel.

She took even more prick in this time.

His cockhead lodged in her throat, then slid right down her gullet as
she deep-throated him. Frank gasped, amazed, to see all of his
monstrous cock disappear in his daughter's mouth. Where the fuck was it
all going? How could she swallow that much cock?

Debby gulped. Her lips had pushed down to the very root of his
cockstalk. Her nose nestled in his wiry crotch hair and her chin
brushed against his balls.

She held that mouthful in, whimpering on it, then slowly drew her lips
back to his cock crown. Her tongue folded into a little wet bridge over
which his cockhead and stalk slid as it went in and came out.

Frank knew he was going to cream at any moment, gasping with the
physical thrill of his riding crest and with the dark knowledge that it
was his own daughter's mouth into which his cum would squirt.

His hand moved behind her blonde head, gently pushing her down into his
groin as his ass hiked up from the chair and he buried his pounding

Then he saw the dog.

Rex came slinking up behind Debby's ass, his tongue lolling out and his
prick hard as a stone under his shaggy loins. Frank blinked in
surprise. Debby's head was down in his crotch and her trim little ass
was tilted up, and Rex was obviously following his nose toward the
girl's pussy.

Frank's mouth opened to shout a warning. But, hovering just below the
crest, words failed him. He gurgled incoherently.

Rex shoved his big head out and his snout slid under the hem of Debby's
short skirt. She blinked. A sound came from her lips but, muffled on
her daddy's cockmeat, it was hard to tell what sort of sound it was.

Had she giggled?

She kept sucking, regardless--and the dog kept shifting his head around
in her groin.

Then Rex flipped his muzzle up, tossing Debby's skirt up over her ass.
Frank saw that the naughty girl was not wearing any panties. Had that
been by design? Had she planned to seduce him all along? Frank leaned
down, staring at Debby's crotch. Her pink cuntlips were unfurled like
the petals of a fleshy flower, streaked with her pearly dew. Her clit
was stiff and tingling. Then his view was blocked--as the dog thrust
his muzzle into her crotch again.

Shocked, Frank hovered there, just under the spurting peak, his
ejaculation delayed for a moment by the unexpected entry of the dog
into the situation. He wanted to drive the dumb brute off--but Debby
did not seem to mind! She was sucking his cock as eagerly as ever, not
missing a stroke. Jesus! Didn't she know the dog was tonguing her cunt?
Didn't she care? Oh, shit! Did she like it?

And with that thought, his raging lust consumed him. He arched his
back, fucking his huge prick deep into her mouth, tilting her blonde
head back on his lunge.

He heard Debby whimper and slurp on his prick and he heard the moist
sound of the dog's tongue as it slapped into the girl's smoldering
pussy. Her head bobbed steadily up and down and her ass began to jerk
as she ground her cunt around on the Alsatian's buried snout.

She pulled her lips up until only the tip of her dad's cockhead was in
them and, speaking right into that meaty microphone, she whispered:
"Come, Daddy--shoot in my mouth--feed me your hot, thick fuck-juice."

Her words inspired Frank almost as much as the physical contact. He
howled in a frenzy of need. Debby's mouth pushed back down on his
prick, greedy, hungry, voracious.

As Frank's cock vanished in his daughter's mouth, his balls erupted
volcanically. The hot jism came rushing up his buried cockrod and
spurted from his piss hole in a creamy deluge, pouring right down her

"Ugh! Ummmm!" she gasped, her throat pulsing as she gulped his jism
down ravenously.

Her lips pulled up his slippery prick, sucking to the cock-knob. His
second thick dose squirted out, skimming over her flailing tongue, and
Debby whimpered as the succulent cock slime flooded over her taste

Frank fucked his prick in and out of her mouth, shooting cum out as he
plunged in and squirting more out on the backstroke. The stuff was
pouring down her throat, warming her belly like a fine vintage brandy.

Her mouth was working like a suction pump, pulling his spunk out from
his balls through his prick. Frank was jerking and twitching, ramming
his loins up from the chair frantically, his cum pouring out in a
steady flood, a rope of slime linking his balls to his daughter's

Debby was gulping the savory fuck-juice down as fast as she could, but
her daddy's cum-load was too much for her to swallow. Cum bubbled from
her lips, overflowing her mouth and streaming down her chin in creamy
cables, slimy strings, frothy strands. His balls swung up and slapped
her under the chin as her mouth sped down.

She sucked back to his cocktip and moaned, "Don't stop--keep coming--
drown me with jism, Daddy!" Then her head ducked down as he spurted
again. The thick stream hit the back of her throat. He almost blew her
head right off the end of his cock as that powerful jizz-jet shot out.
She was pushing her head down on the steaming geyser like a salmon
struggling upstream to breed. His cock-knob went down her gullet again
and he fed her another dose straight into her belly. Then he hosed her
with another spurt on the backstroke, giving her the joy of tasting it
before she swallowed.

The last spurt of cum ripped from his pulsing cockhead and Frank leaned
back into the chair. His balls had collapsed, but his big cock still
throbbed in her mouth, swollen and hard. Debby nursed a few last
trickles from his piss hole. Her hand folded around his prick and, with
his cockhead in her lips, she frigged him with her fist, pumping a few
more slimy drops out by hand. Her lips drew away with a slurp. His
cockhead popped from her mouth like a cork from a bottle.

Smiling with creamy lips, purring like a well fed and contented cat,
Debby used her nimble tongue to gather up the errant drops of cum that
had escaped her lips and trickled down his cock-stalk. She tongued a
few tasty globs from his deflated balls.

"Yummy," she moaned.

Frank stared at her through glazed eyes. His dynamic coming had dazed
him. He watched her cum-drenched tongue slide all over his cock and
balls as the insatiable nymph slurped merrily away, swallowing every
delicious drop of cock spume.

He closed his eyes, panting in the aftermath.

Her tongue continued to work moistly on him.

"Your cum is so fucking scrumptious," she whispered.

Then she drew away.

Her tongue was no longer caressing him. His cock, polished to a luster,
stood abandoned.

But Frank could still hear that slurping noise.

Then he remembered that there was a doggy lapping away on his little
girl's pussy ...

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Re: The Family's Animal Fun (Animal Sex Stories)
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Chapter 3

Through misty eyes, Frank stared down at Debby. She was smiling
dreamily, kneeling before him with her head down and her ass up and,
under that pert little ass, the Alsatian's big black head was grinding.

She saw her father looking at her.

"Ummm--that feels nice," she purred.

"Debby--you--the dog--"

"Yeah, he loves to lap my cunt," she said.

"You don't mind?" Frank croaked.

"Shit, no--I fucking love it!" she wailed, giving her ass a jerk.

Rex rumbled deep in his throat and his long tongue slapped into her
open, creamy cunt slot. It slurped through her unfolded cuntlips and
dragged over her clit.

Frank knew he should stop the bestial scene--and, fascinated, knew that
he wouldn't. He had expected to feel ashamed, filled with remorse and
regret, once he had emptied his cum-load into his daughter's mouth and
lust no longer dominated his emotions. Maybe he would have, too.

But with the doggy tonguing her pussy, Frank was filled with such wild
passion that there was no room in his being for such feeble emotions as
self-recrimination. His prick was as huge and as hard as it had been
before Debby had milked it dry and his balls were already starting to
balloon with a new load of cum.

Debby eyed him, amused by his reactions--and knowing she had found a
splendid way to get the man so hot he would do anything, so horny that
all his inhibitions had melted in the fiery heat of his frenzy.

And she wanted a nice come, herself, along the way.

The dog's tongue stabbed right up her cunt hole, slurping around inside
the padded, soaking tunnel. Debby moaned and pumped, her loins moving
in a fucking motion against the brute's hairy black muzzle. Very much
aware that daddy was watching her, she reached back under her belly and
spread her cuntlips open wider with her fingers.

Rex tongue-fucked up her cunt slot greedily, doggy slobber steaming
from the wet folds.

Cunt juice poured from her open slot and foamed down her crotch,
lathering her with a pearly film. Then the doggy slurped it up with a
yelp and his saliva flooded her in replacement. His tongue slapped into
her pussy steadily. Her ass churned and her nubile hips jerked. Cream
ran down the insides of her sleek, shapely thighs. Rex ducked down and
lapped the overflow up from her legs, then jammed his nose into her
cunt again. His muzzle was streaked with pussy nectar, all foamy on the
jet-black hair. The dog seemed to be trying to shove his whole head up
into Debby's sodden fuck-hole.

"Ooooh--his tongue is as big as a cock!" Debby squealed, for her
daddy's benefit, as that long, pliable lapper delved deep up into her

But it wasn't as big as her daddy's cock. Frank's prick was standing
like a lighthouse, the cock-knob glowing like a beacon, warning of the
rocky shoals below.

Rex's head ducked down, then slid up. His flattened tongue slurped into
her blonde cunt mound, matting her golden triangle with doggy slobber,
then drew up across her clit, stirred through her open cuntlips and
lapped up into the crack of her ass. He tongued at her asshole and
Debby squealed with delight. His head went up and down like a rocking
horse as he slapped those long, steady tongue-strokes to her, licking
her from her pussy to her shit hole. Her groin was awash with his
saliva and that saliva was streaked by ribbons of cunt juice. Pussy
cream pooled in the middle of the dog's red tongue and dripped from the
curled edges.

Frank's prick was pounding violently. The man had never been so excited
in his life before--but then, he had never had a blow-job from his
daughter and watched that wanton little imp get tongued by a doggy
before, either.

His enthusiasm was understandable.

The dog's prick was doing plenty of hammering, as well. Rex, content to
lap pussy for the moment, was paying no attention to his own cock, but
that neglected tool was massive and iron hard with urgency. The slick
red cock-knob was straining out in a wide slab of naked meat at the end
of the long cockshaft. His cockhead was pumping in and out, like an
inhaling lung. Slimy dog jism oozed from his piss hole, all frothy on
the fiery red cockmeat.

Frank stared at the dog's prick.

What was Debby going to do about that urgent hard-on she had inspired?
How far did the naughty little girl's depravity extend?

His lips moved. A strangled sound emerged. He shook his head like a
stunned ox and waited, frozen in the chair, pinned in place by his
prick, glued there by his eyes, a captive in a carnal cage.

It's Jennifer's fault, he told himself. If the bitch hadn't left us
here alone, none of this would have happened.

But how glad he was that it had! Frank shuddered as his cock hammered
violently. His hard-on was so dynamic that he felt as if the roots of
his prick began in his asshole, as if his whole belly was moored on the
pole of his prick.

Debby reached back through her crotch and grasped the dog's slippery
tongue between her thumb and forefinger. Dragging it from his mouth,
she began to rub it directly against her tingling clit. Her cunt slot
sucked against his muzzle. Streams of pussy juice gushed down her
groin. Then she released his lapper, letting him slurp away unhindered

Rex set to with gusto. The flow from her fuck-hole was getting hotter
and thicker and creamier as the horny little minx rose towards the peak
of sensation. Her cunt juice was turning to cum cream, and Rex was

"Oh!" she cried as a spasm hit her.

The waves of bliss rushed across her slim belly and shot like electric
currents up her trembling thighs. They came faster and higher, rushing
upon each other and merging into one prolonged wave of sensation.

"I'm creaming! Holy shit! I'm coming on the fucking dog's tongue,
Daddy!" she wailed.

Frank groaned, envying the dumb brute that delicious feast, his own
tongue tingling and his mouth drooling for his daughter's succulent

Debby shook with a spasm, trembled with a wave. Her clit detonated and
her cunt hole melted. Cum juice flooded from her open cunt slot in a
torrent. Rex's eager tongue flashed in, lapping the nectar up. The

brute was wild in doggy joy as he drank her sweet cunt cream. He yelped
and whined and whimpered as he scooped her cream up.

His long, shaggy tail swished behind his haunches, like a rudder
guiding his head. Cunt juice dripped from his jowls and matted his
snout. He growled with glee, hairy throat gulping as he swallowed.

Debby fairly screamed as the highest crest ripped through her
smoldering loins.

"Oh, my God," she moaned.

She sank down, her blonde head on the carpet, her plump tits swinging
under her like ripe fruit ready to be plucked. Her head was down--but
her ass was up.

Debby was, as a matter of fact, kneeling there in the doggy fucking

And that was a position with which the horny Alsatian was very

Rex kept on tonguing her pussy for a few minutes, lapping up the last
sweet traces of Debby's cum cream. Then he raised his big, blunt head,
his jaws dripping like a wolf looking up from a carcass. His nostrils
flared. The head of his cock flared, as well.

His haunches braced, quivering.

And Rex sprang up, mounting Debby's haunches, his huge cock looming out
behind her ass.

"Debby!" Prank cried. "He's trying to fuck you!"

Debby gave her father a bewitching look.

"That's okay," she said. "He fucks Mom, too!"

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Re: The Family's Animal Fun (Animal Sex Stories)
« Reply #3 on: August 13, 2011, 09:52:26 pm »

Chapter 4

Frank was thunderstruck.

His daughter was grinning at him as she knelt there with the dog
clinging to her haunches, having just made that announcement and
checking his reactions. But was it true? Was the little minx exposing
her mother's depravity, or was she simply making these things up to get
him excited? If so, it was working. When she had mentioned that his
wife gave head to the mailman and the dog walker, Frank had felt a
twinge of jealousy along with arousal. But at the thought that his
voluptuous wife might be a dog fucker, his lust soared. How could a man
be jealous of a dog? Frank wasn't even sure that fucking a dog
constituted adultery.

But what about Debby? Was the girl really going to let Rex fuck her, or
was she just teasing her daddy? And teasing the hell out of the dog, in
the process--because Rex was yelping and whimpering with urgency, his
cock explosive. Frank's prick pounded furiously, Rex's cock hammered
frantically and Debby hunkered down there, looking very mischievous,
indeed. She had already stated, and proved, that she was not a cock-
teaser. She was a cock-sucker, instead. But did not teasing cocks
extend to dog cocks, as well?

She gave her father a searching, questioning look. Frank knew he should
jump up and grab the dog's collar and haul the horny son of a bitch off
his daughter's ass. But he couldn't move.

Debby hesitated for a moment and then, seeing that her daddy was not
going to interfere, she smiled again and began to squirm and wriggle
under the big Alsatian. Her trim ass switched from side to side and her
hips pumped sinuously. Her plump tits swung under her, the nipples so
taut they seemed ready to fly from the tit globes.

Rex was humping frantically, but unsuccessfully. He stabbed his big
cock out, his spine twisting into an S-shape. But the naked red cock-
knob bumped against the backs of her thighs or skimmed up the curve of
her ass. The doggy was missing the target in his bestial impulsiveness,
confounding himself by his own wild enthusiasm. Yelping, he shoved his
prick out. His balls swung into the girl's juicy crotch and his angry
red cockhead slid in at the wrong angle, the fat slab pushing up into
the crack of her ass. Doggy jism bubbled from his open piss hole,
lathering her jerking ass. Debby giggled. But that giggle was strained,
darker emotions modifying her amusement.

"That's the wrong hole, you silly old doggy," she said as the beast's
cock nuzzled at her shit chute.

"Woof!" yelped Rex, and humped again.

His tail swirled like a propeller behind his jerking ass and his hind
paws scrambled on the carpet. His front legs were wrapped tightly
around the handles of her hipbones, hauling her haunches back towards
his loins as he stroked. The brute was clinging to Debby like a
gargoyle to a flying buttress. He heaved his flanks higher and thrust
again. This time his fat prick slid through her groin, lunging against
her cunt slot and almost coupling. But then the naked cock-knob emerged
below, flaring and throbbing in her plump, curly blonde cunt bush.

Dog cum dripped to the carpet and pussy cream was running down the
insides of Debby's thighs. Her haunches bobbed down under the
Alsatian's weight, then she pushed up on taut thighs. Doggy and girl,
both were grinding in a fucking movement, even though they weren't

Then, looking intently at her father, Debby reached back between her
thighs and grasped the dog's thick cockshaft by the hairy root. Rex,
sensing that help was at hand, stopped humping and stood rigid.

Debby's hand groped around on the Alsatian's hairy cock and balls,
skimming up the thick stalk, fingering the naked meat of his prick-knob
and fondling his bloated balls. While she played with the doggy's cock,
she stared at her father and Frank stared back, fascinated by the sight
of his daughter with a handful of animal prick and thrilled by the
knowledge that, very soon, it was going to be more than a handful. His
own cock jumped as if in sympathetic vibration with the dog's cock.
Debby whipped her thumb against the dog's cockhead, rubbing his creamy
seepage into the hot red cockmeat. Then she released the brute's prick
and brought her hand up to her face, staring at her slimy fingers,
glancing at her daddy, looking at her hand again. Her tongue slid out
and she licked doggy spunk from her fingers.

"Ummm," she sighed, looking at Frank again.

Frank groaned. He knew that his daughter was an avid cum-swallower,
since she had just milked his cock and balls bone dry, but seeing her
lap up dog jism added another dimension to his lust. Was she doing it
specifically to turn him on? Or did the naughty little minx suck the
dog off, as well?

Dog cum was hot and thick and gamy and Debby tongued it up greedily,
enjoying the snack all the more because her daddy was such a keen
observer. She was tempted to twist around and take the dog's big cock
in her mouth. But Debby had just had a nice mouthful out of her
father's cock, and she was more interested in a cuntful now.

She reached back and grasped the dog's cock again, pushing the hairy
sheath back and causing his naked knob to loom out, throbbing, as the
doggy strained and yelped. She tilted her wrist, holding his cockrod by
the hilt and guiding his cockhead into her fuck-slot. Frank leaned
forward in his chair to get a closer look. His prick was towering up so
high that it almost brushed him under the chin as he leaned over it,
staring into his daughter's groin, seeing the angry red crown of the
beast's prick pulsing in her juicy pink pussy slot.

Debby began to rub the tip of his cock up and down in her cunt gash,
using it like a meaty ladle to stir her creamy bowl and whip her clit
to a frenzy.

"Ahhh," she murmured, jerking her ass back against the dog, her slim
thighs rippling as they shoved her up and down under the brute's

Her pink pussy folds were pulling and sucking on the dripping tip of
Rex's cockhead, trying to drag his cock up her cunt hole. Her fist
frigged his cockshaft and, as she pumped back, his knob swelled and
more pre-cum seeped from his open piss hole, running into her cunt

Creamy cunt juice slid out of her tunnel of lust. The dog's slime
streaked into the flow. Rex was whining frantically now, with the tip
of his cock slipping around in the entrance to her fuck-hole, his
haunches heaving as he tried to slam the rest of it into her. His spine
was contorted. He clung to her, his head swaying from side to side,
ears pricked and tongue lolling out. He drooled onto her heart-shaped
ass. Debby restrained him from penetrating, gripping his prick and
spooning her pussy slot out with the huge knob. Her crotch was lathered
by their combined seepage and her cunt gash was steaming.

Then she began to feed the dog's prick up her cunt hole very slowly,
taking an inch at a time and pausing, savoring each new length of
penetration as it slid up her.

His naked red cock vanished in her foamy pussy. The thick black stalk
stood out between them, quivering. Her wrist tilted and she pulled
another inch up her cunt hole. Rex howled in a torment of doggy desire.

With half of his cock in her and the other half sticking out, bolting
them together, Debby drew her hand away. Released, Rex hesitated for a
moment. Then he bayed wildly and his hind-quarters bunched with muscle.
His front paws pulled Debby's loins back and his haunches heaved
powerfully. His prick shoved up her fuck-hole to the hilt.

"Oh!" the girl gasped when the wondrous sensation of having her cunt
hole stuffed to the brim with doggy cock hit her.

Resting on her upthrust ass, Rex held the full penetration for a few
moments, thrilled at finding his thundering prick buried to the root in
that clinging cunt hole. Her cunt walls were rippling, molding her
pussy around the contours of his pulsating prick. Her cunt muscles
began to work on him, closing in a series of concentric rings that ran
up his cock from the hilt to the crown, as if the girl had a secret
hand inside her pussy, jacking him off.

His tail lashing, Rex jerked his cock out, almost pulling her pussy
inside out as his cock-meat slid from the sucking fuck-slot. He paused,
only his cock-knob in her and his stalk, drenched with cunt cream,

standing out like a big meaty crowbar levering into her pussy. His
prick muscles twitched and her trim little ass jerked upward as his
cock pried in her cunt slot. Pussy nectar gushed out, lubricating her
passage and soaking his cockrod. Then the doggy plunged in balls-deep
again. Yelping and growling in bestial glee, the Alsatian fucked his
prick into the teenaged nymph with gusto. His bloated balls swung in
and out like the clappers of a hairy bell as his cockrod vanished,
emerged, vanished again up that smoldering fuck-hole.

Debby arched her slender back, angling her cunt so that the dog's long,
hard cock was running right across her fiery clit as it plowed in and
pulled out. She began pumping with him, in counterpoint, shoving her
ass back as he poured the prick to her soaking cunt and grinding her
hips from side to side on the backstroke, so that her fuck-tunnel was
twisting around on his iron-hard stalk, clamping to his cockmeat like a
pliable wringer. Her nubile body jerked and trembled. Her tits swung
under her and her pretty face contorted into a mask of pure passion,
eyes narrowed and lips parted. Her blonde hair tumbled wildly as her
head turned from side to side. Debby was in the throes of sexual bliss,
like a wild animal herself, as the doggy fucked into her cunt with his

Eyelashes fluttering, she glanced at Frank. "He's fucking me, Daddy,"
she rasped huskily. "The doggy is fucking my cunt!" Her hips whipped
from side to side and her ass churned, as if to demonstrate her
statement for Frank's benefit. "Oh, shit--his prick is so big--it's
going so deep I can taste it."

The beast's cockhead was plunging so far up her fuck-hole she thought
it must be nudging her vital organs aside to make room for the passage.
She almost expected his slick red prick-knob to come sliding into her
mouth from out of her gullet. Her head sank down to the floor and her
ass jolted higher. Rex thundered into her with bestial vitality,
fucking so fast now that his haunches were a dark blur.

Debby gurgled and gasped, her whole body vibrating. Her cunt was
melting around the doggy's prick like a wax candle around a flaming
wick. Cunt juice poured from her in creamy rivers. As Rex pumped his
plunger in, stuffing her pussy to the hilt, her juices sprayed out onto
his balls.

Frank, leaning over the head of his own towering cock, watched the
Alsatian fucking his daughter with an unholy fascination, dark and
depraved desire sending fiery lances through his body and his mind.

Rex whimpered and fucked, whined and plunged, growled and thrust, his
backbone twisting and his tail lashing. He was dancing on his hind legs
as he fucked into her suction cup of a cunt hole. Her steaming pussy
was pulling and dragging on his cockmeat, clamped like a velvet vise
around that jolting piston. He tilted her ass high with a long,
underslung stroke, then pressed her down under his bulk as he ripped a
cock-thrust into her from a higher angle. He was fucking her cunt to

His balls ballooned, threatening to explode. His cock expanded inside
her pussy.

"Ooooh--he's gonna cream!" wailed Debby, feeling her cunt hole spread
wider on his swelling cockshaft.

His naked cockhead felt like a glowing ember deep in her belly and his
long stalk anchored his balls to that knob, levering her up and down
like a heated crowbar across the fulcrum of her cunt.

"He's gonna pump me full of doggy spume, Daddy!" cried the naughty
little exhibitionist. "Oh, yeah--hose my fuck-hole, you big son of a
bitch! Squirt your cum up me! Fucking hell--my pussy is creaming!"

Cunt juice flooded from her pussy as Rex fucked her. Creamy ribbons of
doggy jism flowed into her pussy juice as his piss hole dribbled faster
and hotter. The doggy was nearing the crest. Debby, already jerking in
the spasms of her own coming, tried desperately to hold back, to save
the creamy peak until the blissful moment when she felt her fuck-hole
pumped full of the dog's jizz.

"Come--come--come!" the girl wailed, yearning for a cuntful of canine
fuck-juice, for the depraved thrill of feeling a dog cock hose her

Rex snarled, whipping his haunches in as his bloated balls exploded.
The thick slime rushed up his buried cockshaft and came squirting from
his piss hole in a creamy deluge. Debby wailed as the cum poured into
her, scalding hot, thick as molten lead. It felt as if that steaming
lava was melting her fuck-hole. Her cum-cream flooded out, swirling
into his shooting slime, her belly filling up with foaming torrents.
Each time Rex fucked his cock into her and shot another gooey wad of
cum into her pussy, Debby creamed again. The waves of bliss were
rushing across her belly and darting up her trembling thighs, crashing
together, deep inside her cunt. The girl was transported to carnal
ecstasy. She always loved getting a cuntful of doggy cum, but now, with
her daddy watching, she adored it all the more. Great spurts hosed her,
jism jets shot into her like liquid rockets. The doggy was filling her
pussy to overflowing with his massive cum-load.

Her trim ass moved rhythmically, gliding around as the dog's prick
jolted in under the firm globes. Her sleek thighs tightened as she
shoved her ass up, then relaxed as she sank down again, riding on the
beast's fucking prick. He slammed in, dragging her cuntlips up into her
soaking slot, then jerked back out, distending those clinging pussy


She moaned, fucking her cunt back onto his slimy cock. His balls were
shrinking steadily, still swinging in and out of her groin but
deflating with every fuck-stroke, as more of the creamy cum-load that
had bloated them spurted from his cock-knob. The frenzied brute was
draining his balls into Debby, the hairy bags diminishing like a
Spanish wineskin being squirted dry into a hairy mouth. Debby's cunt
was very much like a mouth, hungry and sucking voraciously, just as,
before, her mouth had been very much like a cunt, as her daddy fucked
her in the face.

Cranking the cockmeat to her, Rex faltered and whined as the creamy
crest passed. His fucking became erratic and jerky. The last spurt had
shot from his piss hole but he kept on pumping it to her, a few final
trickles seeping out, as horny Debby continued to cream on every fuck-

At long last, the doggy stopped fucking. He clung to her haunches,
panting and drooling, his spent cockmeat still stuck up her sodden

Debby kept moving for a few moments, working off the final spasms of
her joy, milking out the last flow of her dynamic coming onto the
beast's immobile prick.

Then, panting like a dog herself, and smiling with contentment, Debby
stopped moving. She looked at her father again, pleased at how greatly
her depravity had excited him, at how massive and hard his cock was,
towering before him. He stared back at her, his eyes glazed by

"I'm real naughty, ain't I, Daddy?" she whispered.

Frank nodded.

"But it made you real hot, huh?" she said.

Frank could hardly have denied that fact, with his prick pounding
violently and his balls full again. Debby began to crawl toward him, on
her hands and knees. Rex was still mounted on her ass and as she
crawled away the doggy danced after her, his prick lodged in her cunt
hole, unable to uncouple. Debby's knees moved, and the dog pranced over
her, whimpering. Frank wondered if they were stuck together, like a dog
and a bitch--if he would have to throw a bucket of cold water over them
before they could separate.

But then the Alsatian's fat prick, empty but still bloated, began to
pull out of the girl's pussy. It came out as it had gone in, inch by
inch. The big wedge of his cock-knob stuck fast in her slot for a
moment, clamped in her cunt-lips. Then it came out with a slurp.

The doggy yelped and jumped down from her ass, his prick swaying up and
down. The cock-knob dipped toward the floor like a divining rod,
dripping. Rex twisted around, his shaggy neck arching. His tongue shot
out and he licked at the naked meat of his drenched cockhead. Then he
moved away, stiff-legged, and curled up on his flank. His long, thick
prick began to slowly soften and retract back into his cock sheath. His
balls were already collapsed and Rex, for the moment, was finished.

But Daddy was more than ready to fuck.

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Re: The Family's Animal Fun (Animal Sex Stories)
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Chapter 5

Debby had come by her inclinations--both for incest and bestiality--
honestly. She had inherited those tastes from her mother. And although
she had mentioned Jennifer's promiscuity in order to get her daddy
excited, the girl had also been telling the truth. She knew that her
mother was in the habit of giving blow-jobs to a wide selection of
gentlemen and, coming home unexpectedly one memorable day, she had
found Jennifer getting fucked by the doggy. Her mother had been a bit
embarrassed at having her daughter catch her in such a compromising
position, but Rex had kept right on fucking merrily away, not even
knowing there was anything to be ashamed of. And Jennifer, already
revealed as a doggy fucker and unable to halt the grinding process
anyhow, had shrugged and carried on pumping under the brute until he'd
unloaded his cum into her.

Afterwards, looking suitably abashed, Jennifer had said: "I hope you
aren't too disgusted with me, Debby."

And sweet little Debby had grinned and said: "Naw--not so long as I can
fuck him, too."

Jennifer was rather proud of her little girl for taking after her ...

* * *

Jennifer had arrived at her sister's country home quite late the day
before and they hadn't had a chance to talk much before they went to
bed. Jennifer had stayed awake long into the night, however, alone in
the spare bedroom and listening to the bed squeak in the other bedroom
as her sister and her husband fucked up a storm. It had made Jennifer
very randy, indeed. She was accustomed to plenty of sex from her own
husband Frank, as well as from her extra-marital affairs. Sleeping
alone was not to her taste. She'd frigged her hot pussy to a lather

several times before she drifted into slumber--and she woke up as horny
as ever in the morning.

Now she was sitting in the big kitchen of the converted farmhouse,
drinking a cup of coffee and wearing a slinky black negligee. Her
sister Sarah, one year younger, was seated across from her at the
wooden table. They looked quite a bit alike, the two sexy sisters, both
being voluptuous blondes. They had often been mistaken for twins in the
past, and many a man had discussed the relative merits of the sisters
as lovers. Jennifer and Sarah had often shared boyfriends and, double
dating, had switched partners, as well. There were few secrets between
them--although there were a few things they kept secret from others.
Now that they were both married and living in different areas, they
didn't get to see much of each other--and that was something that they
both regretted.

They chatted idly over their morning coffee for a few minutes, then
Jennifer asked: "Where's Nick?"

"He's gone out to groom the horse," Sarah replied.

"About that horse--" said Jennifer, and both blonde sisters began to

Sarah's husband, Nick, had recently bought her a riding horse, and,
writing to Jennifer about it, Sarah had made a point of mentioning that
the animal was a stallion. That was one of the reasons why Jennifer had
decided to visit, in fact--she was intrigued by the possibilities.

Still giggling, but with a serious look in her eyes, Jennifer said:
"Well? Tell me, Sis."

"What's that?" Sarah asked, faking innocence.

"Are you fooling around with that fucking stallion or not?" Jennifer

"Well, as a matter of fact--yeah," Sarah admitted.

"Oh, shit! What a turn-on!" Jennifer exclaimed. "I figured you probably

"Nick doesn't know, of course," Sarah said. "But as long as we're
careful, we can both have some fun with Trigger. If you want to--"

"Fucking right, I want to!" Jennifer wailed. "I've been thinking about
it ever since I got your letter!"

"Still got your doggy?" Sarah asked.

Jennifer grinned. "Sure. In fact--maybe I shouldn't mention this--but
Debby is screwing the fucker, too!"

Sarah blinked, then smiled, excited by the knowledge that her sexy
little niece was a doggy fucker, that bestiality ran in the family.

"Remember the first time we fucked a doggy?" she said. "That Great Dane
that wandered into the yard when we were sunbathing?"

Jennifer, who remembered it well, nodded. The sisters had shared the
dog, found canine cock much to their taste and managed to find plenty
of it in the future. But now Sarah had proceeded to a larger species--
and Jennifer was steaming at the prospect. The sisters had always
shared everything and, she knew, the stallion would be no different.

"Oooh--when can we do it?" she asked, her voice husky and quavering. "I
got so fucking hot last night, hearing you and Nick screwing--"

"Well, we'll have to wait until Nick isn't around--but he's going into
town later on."

"Hell--I don't know if I can wait!" Jennifer moaned. "I frigged off all
night--but it only made me hotter."

Sarah raised her cup. Steam drifted past her face as she sipped, gazing
thoughtfully at her sister. "It'll take him an hour or so to groom
Trigger. I mean, we have time if you want to--like we used to do
sometimes, when we didn't have dates and we both felt horny."

"Ooooh--you wanna?" breathed Jennifer.

"Sure," Sarah said. "You know, Sis, I never did it with a girl, except
for you. Somehow it didn't seem right, you know? Like making it with
another woman would make me a lesbian, or something. But with us--being
sisters and all--"

"Yeah! Let's!" Jennifer cried with enthusiasm.

Cunts smoldering, the sisters stood up ...

In the barn, Trigger's soft, moist nostrils twitched as the fragrance
of hot pussy came drifting from the house, tantalizing and intriguing.
His gigantic cock began to tingle and swell. He pawed at the ground and

Nick was seated on a low stool beside the stallion's flank, brushing
the brute's glossy black coat. Trigger arched his head and gazed down,
puzzled. He was only a horse, and none too bright. He couldn't figure
out why a human male was rubbing him when his nostrils told him there

were hot human mares nearby. He nickered impatiently. Nick, blissfully
unaware of the fact that his wife was a horse lover, groomed happily
away on the equine Romeo in the bliss of ignorance ...

The hot cunts that had started to get Trigger excited were steaming
between two sets of shapely thighs as Sarah and Jennifer left the
kitchen and went up the stairs, both excited by the juicy naughtiness
ahead of them and the prospect, later, of horse fucking. They went down
the hallway and turned into the spare bedroom, figuring that if Sarah's
husband came into the house unexpectedly, he would not walk into
Jennifer's bedroom unannounced, being a gentleman. He was kind of
prudish. He might not have understood. And he was certainly naive--why
else would he have cheerfully bought his sexy wife a stallion?

Closing the bedroom door behind them, the two sisters stood face to
face, smiling, eyes bright with rising passion. They hadn't made love
together in a long time and were both looking forward to it.

Not touching yet, they began to undress.

It was sort of like looking at themselves in a mirror, Jennifer
thought. She and Sarah looked so much alike they could have been
reflections--touching Sarah was like caressing herself, kissing her own
lips, stroking her own pussy. In a strange and very exciting way,
making love with Sarah was like masturbating, she thought--but a lot
more fun.

Jennifer slipped her negligee off and let the flimsy black garment
flutter to the floor, like a shadow at her feet. She could feel Sarah's
eyes burn into her naked flesh, admiring her, yearning for her. She
stared back, again feeling as if she were gazing at her own image in a
looking glass. But it was a three-dimensional image, all softly rounded
curves rather than the flat planes of a reflection, warm, wet flesh
instead of cold, hard glass.

Sarah was naked, too, now. For a long minute, they continued to simply
look at each other. Sarah made a moist whimpering sound. Jennifer
licked her lips. Her eyes shifted down to her sister's bushy blonde
cunt triangle. Her open cunt slot was flowing heavily, a sluggish,
swampy stream running through a sunlit forest. Jennifer's mouth was
watering. She loved to suck Sarah's pussy and she loved to have Sarah
suck her, and she had never decided which end of it she loved more.
Going down on Sarah was like going down on herself, pleasing tongue and
cunt with the same effort.

Knowing that Sarah must feel the same way about it, Jennifer parted her
sleek thighs and tilted her belly up, giving her sister a clear look at
her soaking pussy. Sarah was drooling as much as Jennifer. Their hot
bodies were glowing in the dimly lighted bedroom, shimmering with a
film of perspiration, the insides of their thighs slippery with cunt

They drifted toward each other, drawn like iron filings to magnets by
their sibling attraction. They stood very close, but not yet touching.
Their hands were at their sides. Jennifer arched her slim back,
thrusting her heavy tits out. Sarah gazed down at those fat tits,
licking her lips, then shoved her own firm tits out. Their tits brushed
together, the stiff nipples clashing like fleshy pink swords. Turning
from the hips, Jennifer swept her tits back and forth against her
sister's thrusting tits. Her nipples stood out like bullets, tingling
at the contact. Tit to tit, they shifted closer and stood belly to
belly, as well. Their bushy blonde cunt mounds pressed together, the
curls tangling.

Jennifer began to run her open hands up and down on her sister's slim
flanks. Reaching behind her, she cupped her tight ass and drew her
loins closer. They squirmed together, bellies rubbing, cunt mounds
brushing, tits flattening against tits.

They kissed, lightly at first, almost affectionately, then more
passionately. Their lips ground together and parted. Jennifer, a year
older, had usually taken the initiative in these sisterly affairs. And
now she slid her tongue out, licking at Sarah's parted lips, then
pushing it into her mouth. Sarah sucked on Jennifer's tongue and her
own hot tongue entwined with it, like serpents mating in a moist and
steamy cavern. When Jennifer's tongue withdrew, her sister's tongue
followed with it, probing her mouth in turn.

They swapped tongues and saliva, panting heavily into each other's open
mouth. As their sliding tongues sparked, their clits flared, as if the
two hot nuggets were mysteriously connected by some internal linkage.

Each held the other around the firm cheeks of her ass and pumped belly
and tits together as they lingered over the hot, wet kiss. Jennifer
could feel the cunt juice sliding from her smoldering fuck-slot and
running down the insides of her thighs, and knew that her sister's
cunt, too, was spilling out an overflow of pussy cream.

Dropping her head, Jennifer began to mouth her sister's fat tits,
licking at the smooth globes and nursing hungrily on the taut, rosy
tips. She whimpered when she felt Sarah's nipples explode in her lips.

Then she drew back and Sarah bobbed down on her tits, running her wet
tongue up through the deep cleavage and circling around to the stiff
peaks. She lapped at them, switching from tit to tit, then slurped them
into her mouth. Her saliva gushed down the thrusting slopes.

The loving sisters could have enjoyed this preliminary fondling and
love play for ages--and often had--but today they knew they didn't have

all the time in the world and that they had better move on to more
serious action before Sarah's husband returned to the house and
interrupted their frolic before they had reached the creamy climax.

By tacit agreement, they moved to the bed and lay down side by side,
turning onto their sides and pressing together again, belly to belly
and tit to tit, but in a horizontal position now. Jennifer slid her
thigh up between Sarah's legs and felt the woman's hot cunt against
her. Sarah moaned and jerked, frigging her cunt up and down on her
sister's thigh and pushing her own thigh between Jennifer's legs. Their
asses churned in a fucking motion as they ground together. Jennifer
wished that she had a cock so that she could fuck her sister. She
didn't want to be a man--she simply wished she were a woman with a big,
stiff prick and balls full of cum. Sarah's pussy was so hot that
Jennifer though the contact was going to blister the flesh of her
thigh. Her own pussy was just as hot as it soaked Sarah's leg.

They kissed again, each ducking down to suck tit alternately. Sarah
cupped her tits together, lifting them to her sister's eager face.
Jennifer thrust her tits out in turn and Sarah mouthed them.

Then Jennifer moved lower, going down on Sarah's sleek, moist body. She
licked the sweat from her stomach and lapped it from her belly. She
kissed her belly button and tongued into the tight, flat concavity.
Sarah gasped and rolled over onto her back. Her knees raised up and her
thighs spread wide open. Her back arched deeply as she tilted her
foaming crotch up from the bed. A sticky circle of cunt juice spread
out on the sheet under her jerking ass.

Jennifer's tongue rustled through Sarah's blonde cunt bush, like a
moist, pink rodent scurrying through a tangled thicket. Her saliva
matted the golden curls. As she mouthed the hairy plump cunt mound, her
chin brushed in Sarah's crotch. She could feel the fiery heat of her
sister's open, soaking cunt hole waft up into her radiant face.

Moving lower, she licked up and down the insides of Sarah's shapely
thighs, lapping up the creamy ribbons of pussy nectar that had trickled
down them. Her blonde head turned from side to side as she tongued both
thighs in turn. Lapping to the top, she tongued up the crease where
Sarah's leg joined her torso, her hot lapper running parallel with her
sister's open cunt slot but not making contact yet.

"Oh--suck me, Jenny--" Sarah moaned. "Tongue-fuck my hot pussy, Sis!"

Her hips jolted impatiently. Jennifer smiled, her face a mask of lust,
her tongue gliding back and forth across her trembling lower lip. She
cupped Sarah under the firm cheeks of her up-thrust ass, tilting her
still higher and gazing right up into the open folds of her cunt hole.
Jennifer stared at that delicious pussy like a glutton at a banquet,
teasing both of them by delaying the feast. Her mouth was watering for
a taste of her sister's succulent fuck-slot.

She brushed her nose against Sarah's clit, sniffing, inhaling the tangy
fragrance--that same hot and spicy aroma that was drifting out to the
barn and arousing the stallion. Then she slid her tongue out and took a
slurp on Sarah's clit. Sarah jerked and cried out at the contact.

"Oh!" she wailed. Then, softer and drawn out: "Oooooh!"

Her sister began to tongue her clit thoroughly. Sarah's stiff clit
detonated against Jennifer's pliable tongue. Creamy cunt juice flooded
from her fuck-hole and filled her gaping cunt slot with a frothy

Jennifer ran her nimble tongue up that soaking slot, lapping the cunt
juice from the folds. She was purring like a hungry cat crouched over a
bowl of cream as she tongued the delicious cunt juice out ravenously.

Sarah stared down past the rise of her tits and the plane of her
upthrust belly, watching her sister's blonde head shift around between
her thighs, below her cunt bush. Jennifer was licking her slot, then
her clit, alternating. She licked up the unfurled folds of Sarah's
cuntlips, slurped at her clit, then stabbed her tongue as far up the
woman's sodden fuck-grotto as she could reach, wriggling it around
inside and steadily tongue-fucking in and out.

She had been using only her tongue, at first. Now Jennifer tilted her
head and fitted her parted lips to her sister's open cunt slot, French
kissing her fuck-hole. Sarah moaned. Her cuntlips sucked on Sarah's
lips like a hungry mouth and her clit exploded in her lips.

"Ummmm-ummm-ummm--" Jennifer sighed, as her mouth filled up with cunt

She tongued and sucked, sucked and tongued. Sarah was going wild,
jerking and churning and thrashing as her cunt-lapping sister went suck
crazy on her pussy.

Jennifer's parted lips were plastered to Sarah's cunt like a rubber
plunger to a clogged drain. Her mouth was pulling like a suction cup,
glued to that delicious bowl of cream. Cunt nectar foamed past her
lips, flooded her tongue. She gulped the sweet slime down greedily. Her
hands raised Sarah's ass higher, like a goblet she was draining to the
dregs as she sucked the cunt juice from the foaming slot. Her mouth
filled up. She savored the succulent flow on her taste buds, then her
throat pulsed as she drank it down.

"Oh, Sis--I'm gonna cream!" wailed Sarah.

Jennifer whimpered. Her head bobbed around as she sucked and swallowed,
swallowed and sucked. She was wallowing in that juicy pussy like a
playful porpoise in a heated pool, eager for the reward for her
efforts. Her tongue jumped through the hoop of her sister's fuck-slot,
stabbing deep. The flow from Sarah's pussy was getting hotter and
thicker and richer as she soared toward the crest and her cunt juice
began to change into a flood of cum-cream.

Jennifer gulped and gobbled, gurgled and gasped, abandoned to the joys
of cunt-sucking, thrilled to the very core as she felt her sister's
delicious pussy melt in her mouth. Her own neglected pussy was seething
but she ignored her own needs, lost in the delights of lapping out a
creaming pussy.

"Yeah--yeah--cream my fucking tongue, Sis!" she wailed, the words
muffled and echoing up Sarah's sodden cunt hole, each syllable bubbling
in that flooded gash.

"Coming--coming--coming!" Sarah cried.

Jennifer's tongue slithered up her cunt hole like a submarine in a
swamp, slurping the sweet nectar out as it filled the hot hole. Her
lips pulled and sucked voraciously. Her whole face was slippery with
pussy juice, lathered with the stuff from forehead to chin, as she
ground her head around between those flashing thighs. Cunt juice foamed
in the golden strands of her blonde hair like a necklace of pearls. The
stuff ran down from both corners of her mouth and dribbled onto her
tits. The stuff was pouring out by the bucketful, sloshing in her
cheeks, setting her tongue adrift like a sodden log in a slimy area.
She swallowed a mouthful greedily and her mouth filled up again
instantly, as her sister kept creaming.

Sarah clamped her thighs around Jennifer's buried head, holding her
face plastered to her pussy. Then she threw her legs wide apart again,
heels jerking and toes pointing, bicycling in the air over her cunt-
lapping sister's arched back. She kept on coming and Jennifer kept on
sucking voraciously. Her head was down and her ass was up, like an
ostrich burying its head in a swamp.

Sarah cried out so loudly at the highest peak that she was afraid her
husband would hear her all the way out at the barn. He didn't, in fact-
-but Trigger did, and he stamped and snorted with equine arousal.

But Trigger had to wait his turn.

Jennifer's tongue was mopping up Sarah's first cum of the day and the
girls were so lost to the joy of it that neither of them was even
thinking about the stallion's mighty cock, for the moment.

Drained, Sarah sprawled back on the bed, arms and legs spread-eagled. A
last slippery string of cunt juice slid from her cunt into Jennifer's
mouth. Jennifer kept on sucking to make sure she had drained that slime
bucket to the sweet dregs and worked off every galvanizing spasm of her
sister's creaming. She lapped her clit and licked her cunt slot.
Ducking lower, she ran her tongue up the taut crack of Sarah's ass,
slurping out the pussy juice that had seeped into it. Hungrily,
Jennifer tongued up the last drops and sucked on Sarah's melted pussy
once more. Then she raised her head, her jaw dripping. She smiled with
cream-soaked lips at Sarah's radiant, contented face. Sarah smiled
back, showing the tip of her tongue.

Sarah's pussy was satisfied.

But now her tongue was on fire. Sarah, like Jennifer, was equally horny
at both ends. Sucking a cunt and drinking cum-cream made her own cunt
smolder and getting sucked off made her mouth hungry. It was a sort of
vicious circle and, in the past, the sisters had often taken turns
eating each other out for hours at a session, each becoming horny and
then hungry, in turn.

Jennifer raised her eyebrows questioningly.

"Ummmm--yeah! Feed me now, Sis," Sarah sighed. "Sit on my face and
cream me."

Tits swaying saucily under her lithe body, Jennifer moved upwards,
straddling her sister's voluptuous form. She knelt over her face. Sarah
gasped and whimpered as she stared straight up into the delicious pussy
that was hovering above her face. She craned her neck up, her tongue
flashing even before Jennifer settled onto her mouth. Jennifer was
slowly rotating her hips. Her pussy circled over Sarah's radiant face
like a hairy hawk arcing through the sky in search of some soft, warm
prey--ready to swoop on that fluttering tongue. A thick glob of cunt
juice came sliding down her cunt tunnel, onto her clit. It dripped off
and splattered onto her sister's parted lips.

"Oooooh!" Sarah squealed, slurping the slime drop into her mouth. She
hadn't tasted pussy juice for a long time, and she let the creamy pearl
run over her taste buds for a moment, then gulped it down with a soft

Her head pushed up eagerly, mouth open, like a baby bird waiting to be

"Give it to me!" she wailed. "I'm fucking starving for your pussy

Jennifer's thighs rippled with sinew as she slowly lowered her crotch
onto her sister's face. Sarah's tongue shot out to meet the descending

delicacy. She slurped ravenously on Jennifer's cunt and lapped
frantically at her clit, her blonde head bobbing up and down from the

Jennifer ground her pussy onto Sarah's face, jerking and pumping. Her
heart-shaped ass swung from side to side. She arched her back, sliding
her cunt upwards, and her sister's hot tongue ran into the crack of her
ass. Sarah spread the cheeks of Jennifer's firm ass apart and tongued
greedily at the crack. She lapped at her sister's shit hole, causing
Jennifer to vibrate over her face. Then Jennifer pulled her pelvis back
and settled her pussy onto Sarah's mouth.

Sarah was panting up Jennifer's fuck-hole, slobbering heavily into the
hairy crater. Her saliva poured in, mixed with cunt juice, and slid
back into her mouth. Jennifer rode up and down and Sarah's head rose
and fell with her, her open mouth clamped on her sister's cunt like a
limpet on a mossy rock.

Jennifer was so hot from having sucked her sister off that her pussy
melted instantly. Sarah moaned as her mouth filled with cum-cream. She
loved to have that sweet pussy melt in her mouth, clit exploding and
cuntlips rippling, but she was disappointed that Jennifer had creamed
so soon. She had been looking forward to a nice long suck session
before she got to swallow the rich dessert of Jennifer's climax.

"More--more--more--" she pleaded, sucking the tangy cum-juice out.

Jennifer rocked back and forth. As her pussy melted, her tongue
stiffened again. She spasmed and ebbed, then began to surge again as
her sister's nimble and industrious tongue continued to play up her
fuck-slot. Now Jennifer was horny and hungry at the same time--and she
knew exactly what to do in a situation like that.

She began to turn around, her hips rotating without for an instant
pulling her pussy off her sister's face. She turned through a half
circle, still sitting on Sarah's upturned face but facing in the
opposite direction now. Sarah, realizing Jennifer's intentions, gurgled
in anticipation. She bridged, heaving her ass up from the bed and
tilting her foaming groin higher, thighs wide apart.

Jennifer leaned down and buried her head between Sarah's legs, linking
up in the position of inverted love, so that she and Sarah could both
enjoy both ends of the cunt-lapping pleasure at the same time, feeding
each other as they fed. The sexy sisters began to sixty-nine with gay

Jennifer's firm ass swayed and jolted as she ground her cunt on Sarah's
face and Sarah's ass jerked up from the bed as she shoved her cunt into
Jennifer's eager face. Tit to belly and mouth to crotch, they churned
together. Jennifer loved both aspects of the oral coupling equally,
sucking as wonderful as being sucked.

Linked so tightly they seemed to be plastered together, they rolled
onto their sides, then rolled again, with Sarah coming up on top.
Jennifer felt as if her hot body had melted, her flesh molded to
Sarah's flesh. Like some mystical, two-headed creature eating itself,
they thrashed in the throes of ecstasy.

Jennifer's clit pulsed in Sarah's mouth and her tongue flared in
Sarah's gash with an equal thrill. Her pussy flooded with cunt juice
and her mouth filled up with cunt juice at the same time. Again it was
like a mirror image, but reversed now. Jennifer felt as if she had gone
down on herself, eating out her own pussy, as she feasted voraciously
on her sister's scrumptious cunt hole.

They seemed to be sharing the same thrill, an electric current that
coursed back and forth between them, sparking from clit to tongue, cunt
to mouth, every nerve in their coupled bodies vibrating, the voltage
increasing with every slurp of the tongue and every pulse of the clit.
She swallowed a creamy stream out of Sarah's pussy and, a split second
later, her own cunt hole gushed with a spasm into Sarah's eager mouth.
It was as if the cunt juice that she was so avidly drinking out of her
sister's pussy was rushing straight through her trembling body and
pouring out into Sarah's mouth.

They rose towards the crest together.

"Come!" wailed Sarah. Then: "I'm coming! Oh, Jenny--cream with me!"

"Ummmmmm--suck it from me, Sis," gasped Jennifer, the waves cresting in
her pumping loins.

Sarah's clit exploded in Jennifer's lips and Jennifer's tongue exploded
against that pulsing bud. Her own clit detonated, setting off a creamy
explosion deep inside her fuck-hole. The cum juice gushed out in
torrents. Sarah gurgled as the sweet slime bubbled into her mouth and
her own cunt melted on Jennifer's flailing tongue.

They surged to the peak and held it, a prolonged, sustained thrill
wracking their bodies. Jennifer felt as if her sister were sucking her
guts out, as if her blood and brains were turning to cum juice and
flowing from her cunt.

Then they toppled from the heights together, their joyous simultaneous
coming past the peak and crashing down. They lay gasping together,
still tonguing hungrily away as they lapped up the residue.

Presently, they rolled apart, panting, dreamy smiles on their cream-
drenched lips. Jennifer turned onto her belly and began to lazily mop

up with her tongue, gathering up the errant nuggets of cum-cream that
had eluded her lips in the frenzy of their joint coming.

She slurped slime from Sarah's cunt bush and licked it from her thighs.
Turning her gently over, she lapped pearly drops out of the crack of
her ass and then, because she happened to be there, shoved her tongue
up into her sister's asshole and rimmed her gently out for a tasty
moment or two, enjoying the tangy taste of her shit hole as a sort of
savory dessert following the creamy feast.

With every drop slurped on, Sarah's body shimmered with saliva, glowing
radiantly. She turned around and tongued up the stray drops from her
sister, in turn, enjoying a little snack of shit chute in the process.

This mopping up was getting the girls excited again. They gazed at each
other, wondering if they had time for another sixty-nining session.

They heard the stallion neigh, then bellow.

"Oh, shit--let's not suck anymore, right now," Jennifer said. "Let's

"Yeah! As soon as Nick goes to town we can empty that fucking
stallion's balls," Sarah said.

Then they heard the front door open and close. Hastily pulling their
clothing on, they went downstairs.

Nick, a handsome and faithful fellow who had no idea he was being
cuckolded by a horse was preparing to go to town. He thought it was
nice that Jennifer had come to visit, knowing that the sisters were
close--but having no idea just how close they often were.

"I wouldn't go riding today, honey," he remarked. "Trigger seems
strangely restless."

And, innocent man that he was, he didn't even notice the meaningful
looks that Jennifer and Sarah exchanged ...

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Re: The Family's Animal Fun (Animal Sex Stories)
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Chapter 6

As soon as Nick drove off, Sarah and Jennifer, giggling like naughty
schoolgirls and flushed with anticipation, went out to the barn. They
had always enjoyed fooling around with doggy pricks and both knew it
would be a wild turn-on to share the stallion's massive prick. It was
depraved, sure--but all the more fun because of it, the charm of
degradation adding a new dimension to the thrill. That was one of the
reasons that it got them so horny when they sucked each other off, as
well--the taboo of incest inflaming their minds as much as the contact
inflamed their bodies. And although both of the sisters had sucked and
fucked with dogs, in private, it had never been quite as exciting as
when they shared a doggy, witnessing each other's wickedness and being
witnessed, in turn.

When Debby had walked in and caught her mother getting fucked by Rex,
for instance, Jennifer had been mortified--and yet she had creamed
dynamically, driven to a spectacular peak by having her shame and guilt
known. So now they were both very eager to begin fucking with the
horse. Sarah, who had already been fucking the big brute, knew it would
be even better with her sister in attendance. And Jennifer, who had
never had a stallion cock fucked up her cunt, was wild with desire.

So was Trigger.

Standing in his stall, he stamped his hooves and tossed his head, eyes
wild and white, black lips foaming, silken mane flowing like ink. As
the girls approached the barn, the compelling scent of their pussies
drifted to him, hotter and thicker and closer. They stepped into the
open doorway, framed in the sunlight and blinking into the dimmer
interior of the barn. Jennifer was gaping at the horse and Sarah was
glancing sideways at her sister, eager to see her reaction.

Trigger was a brawny brute, his glossy coat black with reddish
highlights, one white blaze on his wide chest. His tail was long and
velvety, his head proudly arched, a gleam of intelligence in his eyes.
His soft black lips were peeled back from his white teeth, slobbering a
frothy white. He nickered and whinnied and snorted.

Jennifer, her eyes adjusting to the darkness, thought that he was a
handsome beast.

Then she looked under him.

"Holy shit!" she gasped in awe when she gazed upon the magnitude of his

Sarah giggled at her sister's reaction. She had felt the same way, the
first time she had stroked the stallion's cock and caused it to swell
and lengthen and knew full well how impressed Jennifer was--and how she
yearned for that sweet cockmeat.

Trigger, inspired by the fragrance of hot pussy, already had a hard-on.
His cockshaft was long and thick and gnarled with writhing veins. The
head of his prick loomed out, flaring naked from the leathery
cocksheath like a glossy slab of hot obsidian. His piss hole was parted
and already oozing spunk. At the other end of the elongated rod, his

balls looked as big as basketballs.

Jennifer felt dizzy with desire. Her eyes were bulging out as if
threatening to fly right from their sockets, following her line of
vision to the horse's cock.

"Jeez--his fucking prick is as big as my arm," Jennifer rasped.
"Bigger, even--like a weight lifter's arm with his fist clenched on the
end." She shook her head. She longed for that cockmeat, yet was
slightly intimidated by the sheer size of it. "Are you sure my cunt can
take the fucker?"

"Mine sure as shit does," Sarah assured her. "A pussy is real pliable,

Jennifer nodded. Her cunt hole was already rippling and spreading and
lubricating itself in joyful anticipation of that giant load. She was
so hot she thought she must be glowing in the dark, that smoke must be
pouring from her crotch. She dropped her negligee from her shoulders.
Trigger bellowed excitedly as he gazed at her voluptuous body and knew
that today he was in for a double treat.

Sarah quickly stripped down naked. She felt as if a bonfire had been
lighted between her thighs. Side by side, lush hips brushing together,
the sisters moved across the barn toward the stallion's stall. He
watched them coming, his big head going up and down like a rocking
horse. That slobbering muzzle looked tantalizing. Jennifer pushed her
slim belly out and parted her thighs, standing right against the rails
of the stall. She slid one open hand down past her bushy cunt triangle
and spread her pussylips wide open with her fingers. Trigger snorted as
her fragrance wafted to his snout. His head came down and he gently
nudged his soft, wet muzzle into her groin. Jennifer gasped at the

Sarah placed her hand on Jennifer's firm, heart-shaped ass and pushed
her loins closer to the stall. The stallion's soft muzzle flared in her
cunt gash and against her clit. His warm breath billowed up her fuck-
hole as he snorted again. Jennifer ground her belly against him,
grasping his flowing mane with one hand and holding his head between
her legs. She held her cunt hole open with her other hand. Trigger's
nostrils flared against her pussy slot and his huge red tongue slid
out, slithering right up inside her cunt hole. It felt as big as a
prick inside her and Jennifer moaned as she jerked against his head in
a fucking motion. Horse slobber gushed into her cunt and lathered her
crotch. Creamy juice ran onto his tongue.

Getting tongue-fucked by a horse was divine! But Jennifer jerked her
crotch away and stepped back. If she let the brute slurp on her pussy
any longer, she knew that she was going to cream his tongue and,
delightful as that prospect might be, Jennifer didn't want to come that
way. She wanted to save her coming for his massive cock, to feel her
pussy melt around that mighty cunt-stuffer.

The horse whinnied and shot his tongue out after her, wanting more of
her tasty pussy. Ribbons of cunt juice and streamers of horse slobber
coated the red meat of his big lapper, dripping from the edges. Sarah
bent down and held the horse's head between her hands. She kissed his
muzzle, then sucked his creamy tongue into her mouth. She nursed on the
wet lapper as if it were a prick, tasting her sister's pussy nectar as
she slurped it from that pliable platter of meat.

The stallion tongue-fucked deep into her mouth and her lips pulled on
his plunging lapper. Then she rose up and squirmed onto his muzzle, as
if it were a saddle. Trigger began to slap his tongue into her sodden
cunt slot and Sarah rode his head, her thighs tensing and relaxing as
she rose up and down, as if she were posting at a trot.

Then Sarah, too, stepped away.

Trigger's head shot out after her, and he was snorting and bellowing.
He was more aroused than ever now, inspired by a snack on two delicious
cunts. The head of his prick pumped in and out, swelling hugely as it
flared from the dark, drawn-back sheath. Thick veins writhed up the
underside of his cock. His balls ballooned and nuggets of frothy horse
cum dribbled from his gaping piss hole, lathering the black cockmeat
with creamy foam.

Sarah turned toward her sister.

"Wanna suck him or fuck him?" she asked.

Jennifer hesitated. Her pussy was wet, but her mouth was drooling just
as heavily and her hot tongue was fluttering as much as her clit.

"Can--can he come twice?" she rasped.

"Shit, yes! Don't worry about that, Jenny--the fucker's got gallons of

Jennifer smiled with trembling lips, staring at the cum drenched head
of the stallion's cock. It was the most delicious thing she'd ever

"I wanna swallow his first load," she whimpered. "Then I'll be even
hotter when he fucks my cunt!"

Sarah nodded approvingly, pleased that her sexy sister was as much a
pervert as she.

"He'll last longer on his second come, too," she added. "He can really
throw a super fuck into you after his balls have been emptied once."

"What--what about you?" Jennifer asked, feeling rather possessive about
that naughty cock and feeling kind of guilty about her selfishness,

"Don't worry about me, Jenny. I can have all the horse prick I want.
It's your treat, today. I'll just sort of lick around the edges."

She opened the door to the stall wide and stepped inside. Trigger shied
away, turning his flank towards her. Jennifer moved into the stall
beside her sister. She stoked his glossy flank and his haunches heaved.
The stallion was lathered up as if he'd just been ridden long and hard-
-and his cock, long and stiff, was all set to ride, as well.

Jennifer slid her hand under him and brushed the tips of her fingers
against his seeping cockhead. She whimpered at the contact. His cock-
knob was iron hard, yet the texture felt smooth and pliable, as if his
crown was a lump of rock sheathed in a rubbery casing. She fingered
around his knob and piss hole, then brought her hand up to her face and
licked the slimy seepage from her fingers.

"Ooooh," she purred, as her first-ever taste of horse jism ignited her
taste buds. The stuff was hotter and thicker and gamier than human cum-
-or doggy cum, for that matter. It was tangy and spicy and musky.

She let the gooey stuff slide around on her tongue, tasting it, then
swallowed it down. She shuddered with a surge of lust, her appetite
whetted by that initial taste, her mouth yearning for the full load
from his balls.

She licked all the cum from her fingers, then reached under the
quivering beast again. She ran her hand, palm upwards, down the
incredible length of his throbbing cockshaft. She cupped his balls and
gasped when she felt how full they were. She squeezed the leathery jism
sacs and Trigger tossed his head. More slime bubbled from his piss
hole. That massive slab of cockhead looked like an eggplant in a cream

Her hand drew back up to his cock knob, brushing lightly along the
veined stalk. She sank slowly down to her knees beside the big brute's
trembling flank and grasped his prick between both cupped hands. His
cock was so thick she could barely span it in her double grip. She
jerked back and his cockhead loomed out like a black cannonball. His
cockrod throbbed between her palms as she pumped slowly up and down,
leaning closer, feeling the heat of his cock radiate into her face.

Sarah looked on approvingly, encouragingly, unselfishly lending her
stallion's cock to her sister. She knelt down beside Jennifer. The
girls exchanged heated glances and fleeting smiles, sharing their
depravity. Sarah cupped the horse's balls in her hands and began to
pull them up and down, as if she were milking a cow. But those huge
balls held a far creamier load than ever came from an udder.

Leaning in, Sarah kissed the horse's balls and slid her tongue over the
swollen contours. She lifted the bloated balls in her hands and licked
under them. Jennifer stared at Sarah down the length of the long black
rod of the trembling beast's cockshaft. Sarah whimpered as she felt the
stallion's thick cum-load shift around inside his balls. Her tongue
tingled with the flavor of his ballmeat. Abandoned to dark desire, she
moved farther back, grasping the horse's silken tail and lifting it up.
She leaned in and slid her nimble tongue up into the animal's asshole,
rimming that dark slot enthusiastically. Trigger's haunches jolted as
her tongue delved into his shit hole, muscles and sinew rippling. He
humped as her tongue shot up his shit slot again, driving his prick out
through Jennifer's hands, towards her face.

The slimy cocktip nudged against her lips, smearing horse spunk onto
her mouth. She whimpered and her tongue slid out. Jennifer began to
lick the dripping head of the stallion's cock. Sarah gave his asshole a
last tongue-thrust, then shifted back up to fondle his balls while she
waited for those balls to empty their load into her sister's eager

Jennifer purred, her tongue flashing. Horse cock was savory and horse
cum was succulent. She lapped the slime up as it bubbled from his cleft
and shoved her tongue right up into his gaping piss hole.

Her saliva streamed over his jet-black slab, polishing his cockmeat to
an ebony luster. She licked the underside of his cock-knob, at the
sensitive spot where it flared out from his cockshaft and the gnarled
veins spread into a wide delta. The stallion nickered and humped, his
cock sliding along her pursed lips as she tilted her blonde head under

Her head bobbed up again. She kissed the slimy tip of his prick and let
her lips slowly part. His cockhead was so huge that Jennifer wasn't at
all sure that it would fit in her mouth. Her lips stretched around it.
Trigger held steady, his flanks quivering spasmodically as Jennifer
worked her wide-open mouth farther onto his cockhead.

She was afraid that she might dislocate her jaw as she stuffed that
delicious wedge of horse prick deeper into her mouth, stretching her
lips as wide as they would go. Then, with a slurp, the horse's cockhead
jammed into her maw. Her lips collared his thick prick and her cheeks
hollowed inward as she sucked adoringly on that massive mouthful of
gamy cockmeat.

Trigger began to hump again, stabbing his iron-hard prick in and out.
Jennifer was stuck fast on his cock-knob. That huge slab filled her
mouth to the brim so that, although she bobbed her head up and down in
the classic blow-job motion, she could not take more than an inch of
his cockstalk into her maw. The tip of his cockhead was wedged into her
throat, dribbling pre-cum down her gullet. She frantically pushed
against him, trying her best to deep-throat his prick, but his cock-
knob was too fat to fit down her throat and she had to content herself
with nursing on his cockhead while the rest of his gigantic prick stood
out, unswallowed, a great tubular bridge spanning the distance between
her mouth and his balls.

Trigger fucked his cock into her mouth, tilting her blonde head
backwards on the lunging thrusts. As he pulled out, Jennifer twisted
her lips around on his prick, her face turning from side to side. Her
steaming hot tongue bathed the underside of his delicious cock.

She gagged as his fucker jammed into the back of her mouth and dripped
pre-cum down her throat. Her golden hair fell in a curtain over his
cockrod as he jolted it to her. Her big tits heaved as she sucked on
his cockmeat. She gurgled and gasped as she nursed on his succulent
prickhead. Her lips were turned almost inside out around his cockshaft,
showing pink against the black cockmeat. Globs of horse jism seeped
from her mouth and slid down her chin.

She arched her back, leaning away as his cock rammed into her face and
thrusting her tits up, so that his cock was stroking through her
cleavage as it fucked into her mouth. She cupped her tits in her hands,
clamping her deep cleavage around the contours of his cockstalk, loving
the way that thick rod throbbed in her tit tunnel as the enormous crown
pulsed and rippled in her mouth.

Sarah was licking up from the stallion's balls now, her wet tongue
slurping along the swollen vein that seamed the underside of his prick.
She lifted her lips to that big black cockshaft and drew her mouth up
and down, as if she were playing a flute. She slid down to his balls,
then drew back up toward the cock-knob. Her lips brushed against
Jennifer's lips at the top of the stroke and a few blobs of stallion
spunk bubbled from Jennifer's mouth into her sister's.

Starving for the horse's fuck-juice, Jennifer was sucking furiously.
His cockhead was so huge that it was pressing both of her cheeks out at
the same time, while the tip nudged into her throat and spilled more
cum out.

Trigger humped, bellowing, sliding his cock through Sarah's lips and up
Jennifer's tit cleavage and tilting her head back as his cock-knob
lunged into her mouth. The stallion was going crazy now. He knew the
delights of a human mouth, having been sucked off with regularity by
Sarah, but this was the first time the dumb brute had ever had two
mouths working on his prick at the same time and he was in equine

"Umpfff--unghhh--ummmm--" gurgled Jennifer, nursing greedily on his
cockmeat, while her sister hummed and purred as she pulled her lips up
and down on his cockstalk.

Sarah slid back to his balls and as she pressed her parted lips against
those inflated balls she felt his titanic orgasm commence.

His balls erupted in her face.

"Jenny!" she wailed. "He's gonna blow!"

"Ummm--ummm--" Jennifer moaned, eagerly awaiting that slimy deluge. Her
eyelashes fluttered, her lips pulled, her nimble tongue laved his

Snorting, Trigger plunged his prick deep into Jennifer's hungry mouth.
The fuck-juice burst from his balls and came rushing up his cock in a
torrent. The first creamy spurt hosed the back of Jennifer's throat,
almost blowing her head right off the end of his prick.

She swallowed fast, gulping the succulent horse cum down ravenously,
making room for more as the stallion pumped another smoking hot load
into her mouth.

Gurgling, bubbling sounds came from her cock-stuffed mouth as she
gobbled his jism down voraciously. His prick hissed into her mouth and
another dose jetted from his piss hole. Frothy white cum overflowed her
parted lips, sliding in slippery sheets down his cockstalk. Sarah
whipped her mouth up his cockrod and slurped up the delicious overflow
from his throbbing prickshaft as the brute shot wad after wad into
Jennifer's mouth.

Swallowing steaming hot, tangy fuck-juice out of the horse's prick was
driving Jennifer to a frenzied bliss. Her magic mouth pulled and
dragged and pumped on his cockmeat. Jets of cum hit her throat, skimmed
over her tongue, darted into her hollowed-in cheeks, sloshed through
her teeth and washed over her gums. Shards of cum hung from the roof of
her mouth like limestone seepage and her tongue was submerged in slime.

Jennifer drank the stuff down as the huge stallion thundered on and on,
squirting his jism into her mouth. At last, he slowed, trembling.
Jennifer kept right on sucking, coaxing more slime from his piss hole
with her tongue, pulling another gooey wad out with her lips, twisting
her mouth around on that fat knob as if she were trying to unscrew a
lid as she emptied him.

Sarah slurped the overflow from the horse's black cockshaft and,
lapping up to the end, tongued a few frothy streaks from her sister's
lips and chin. She ducked down and lapped up blobs of jism that had
splashed onto Jennifer's tits. Between them, the horny blonde sisters
licked the platter clean, swallowing every slimy drop of the brute's
cock spume.

Trigger nickered and stepped back. His prick came sliding out of
Jennifer's mouth, dragging her clinging lips out as it withdrew. The
cock-knob popped out with a wet slurp. Her mouth was still full of jism
and Jennifer tilted her head back and let that last mouthful trickle
down her gullet drop by delicious drop. She sat back on her haunches,
looking dazed--and delighted--by the abundance of the stallion's cum-
load. Jennifer had never swallowed so much cum at one time before--even
on that memorable night when she and her sister, between them, had
sucked off the whole football team. What a treat it was for a hungry
cock-sucker. She leaned forward and kissed the tip of the horse's
saliva-soaked prick affectionately, grateful for the sweet cum it had
spilled into her belly.

And as she kissed his cockhead, it rippled, lurched and ballooned, as
big and as hard as ever!

Trigger's potent prick was ready for more action, without even a
momentary pause, and his balls were recharging themselves already.

Jennifer whimpered at the prospect. Her empty pussy was steaming, and
it wouldn't be empty for long ...

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Re: The Family's Animal Fun (Animal Sex Stories)
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Chapter 7

Debby was still kneeling on the floor in the doggy-fucking position,
but the dog, his cock and balls drained into her cunt, had moved away
and now the horny little minx had turned her attention once again to
her daddy. She began to crawl toward him as he sprawled in the chair,
his prick standing like a telephone pole before him. Frank was in a
turmoil of conflicting emotions, feeling guilty that he had let his
daughter suck him off. And he had just sat there, not interfering,
while the naughty girl got fucked by the doggy, yet filled with a
raging lust that was consuming all other emotions.

"Gee, Daddy--your cock is so fucking huge," Debby whispered. "Want me
to sit on it?"

He did--and he didn't. When his head moved, it was impossible to say if
he was shaking it or nodding, negative or affirmative. His head just
rolled on his neck, thrust forward toward the girl. Dark cords stood
out, beating, in his arched neck as his heart hammered and his blood
pounded through his veins. Debby was aware of his indecision and
smiled. Having just been well fucked by the Alsatian, she was no longer
desperate for a cuntful of cock and she knew that she would be able to
take her time about seducing her father.

Twisting lithely, she shoved her ass towards him, wriggling her nubile
hips. Her cunt was streaming with the overflow of cunt juice and dog
jism, lathering her crotch and pouring down the insides of her thighs.

"Wanna fuck me--there?" she purred, giving her loins a suggestive jolt.

Frank still made no reply. He stared at his daughter's creamy pussy
with haunted eyes as the seductive little teenager wriggled her ass so
invitingly. Frank knew he was in danger of carrying incest to the
limits. Groaning, he reached down and wrapped his fist around his
cockshaft. He had some vague idea that he would beat his meat off,
relieving the pressure with a hand-job, so that he would be cooled off
and more able to resist Debby's advances.

He gave his fat cockrod a stroke. The prick-knob flared out in a huge
smoking slab as his fist pushed down to the hilt, and a frown furrowed
Debby's brow. There was no way she was going to allow the man to
confound her schemes by jerking himself off. What a waste of cum that
would be!

Turning to face him again, Debby crawled up to the foot of the chair,
her blonde head level with his cock. Her breath wafted over him and
Frank shuddered. His hand fell away from his cock and clenched on the
arm of the chair. He was looking at her mouth now, watching the pink
tip of her nimble tongue slide across her lower lip. The girl had
already sucked his cock and swallowed his fuck-juice, he reasoned.
Letting her blow him again would not compound the sin--and, by coming
in her mouth again, he would avoid fucking her cunt. Frank felt
justified in making that decision, almost sanctimonious about it. He
slid lower in the seat, offering his cock to her.

Debby leaned in and licked at his hairy balls, purring as she slobbered
on his balls. Her blonde head bobbed around between his thighs. With
her face averted, only the top of her golden head showing, Frank could
have easily mistaken her for her mother. She seemed to have inherited
her cock-sucking ability from that wanton woman. He wondered again if
it was true that Jennifer gave head to other men and fucked with the
doggy. But it didn't really seem very important, at the moment.

Debby lapped all over his bloated balls, then began to run her
flattened tongue up the veined underside of his towering cockshaft. She
slurped up to the cock-knob and fluttered her lapper against the base
of the flaring wedge. Up and down his cockstalk her tongue tripped and

flicked. A fat glob of cum oozed from his piss hole and slid down the
slope of his purple cock-knob, onto his shaft. Debby gazed at it, then
slurped it up from his prick with her hot tongue.

She ran her pursed lips up and down on his cock. Frank was trembling on
the end of his own prick. That long, hard cock felt like a spear that
had been rammed into his loins, transfixing him. His hard-on seemed to
extend all the way back to his asshole, piercing him on his own prick.

Debby leaned back, licking her lips. Her head ducked in and she lapped
some more, then drew away again. Debby was working to a careful design,
tonguing his cock to thundering need but not falling into the steady
rhythm that would bring the man to the creamy crest. Having already
swallowed a bellyful of his sweet jism, the girl was determined that
she was going to take his next cum-load in her cunt hole.

Across the room, Rex looked on with interest. The doggy knew how
delightful a human mouth could be and he watched Debby licking her
daddy's prick with doggy envy. He craned his head down and licked at
his own cock for a moment, but then raised up again. His own tongue
didn't feel nearly as good as Debby's skillful lapper. Being only a
dumb animal, Rex didn't even know quite what a blow-job was, nor why a
girl should want to do such a strange thing, using her mouth instead of
her cunt--but he knew from experience how good it felt. There were a
lot of advantages and benefits involved in having human lovers instead
of bitches. Rex's spent prick lurched and rippled, starting to swell
and harden again. His balls, drained bone dry a few minutes ago, began
to balloon with a new cum-load.

Concentrating on her father's sweet cockmeat, Debby didn't realize that
the doggy was getting aroused again. Neither did Frank as he stared
down and watched the girl's hot, wet tongue lave all over his cock.

Another blob of spunk squeezed from his piss hole. His cock was
pounding, threatening to erupt. Debby drew away again. She knew she had
to get the timing just right or else she was liable to get his cum-load
in her face--which was a delightful prospect, but not at the moment.

She waited until the cum dribble had run halfway down his prick, then
lapped it from him. She tongued around the top of his cockrod, just
where the ledge of his knob flared out. His agitated cockhead throbbed
wildly. The girl thrust her tits out and rubbed his prick against the
pert mounds and stiff tit tips. She slid his cock into her cleavage and
squirmed against him. Her head dropped onto his prick and she nursed on
the prick-knob for a moment, sucking another slimy nugget of jism out.

Her trim thighs tensed and Debby rose slowly up from the floor. She
straddled his loins, one knee on either side of his hips and his cock
looming up in front of her belly. The root of his fucker levered
against her curly cunt bush. She squirmed against his cock then rose

"No!" Frank cried in a strangled voice. "No, Debby! Suck me off again--
don't--" His protests broke off in a gurgle as he felt the tip of his
tormented prick nudge into the girl's smoldering, soaking cunt slot.

Thighs rippling, Debby poised over his prick, balanced on the cock-knob
like a flagpole sitter. She shot her hips from side to side, working
his cockhead around in the entrance of her sodden pussy, only the tip
inside her. Frank grasped her by the hips. To his credit, he intended
to shove her crotch away from his cock. But his muscles rebelled. His
mind, melting with desire, could not send the signals. He simply held
her by the hips, above his prick, knowing that if his hands moved at
all, they were going to be moving up and down, dragging her sweet pussy
onto his cockshaft.

Debby purred as she worked her slot on his knob. Her cuntlips rippled
and pulled on his cockmeat. Cunt juice streamed down his prick, pooling
on his balls.

"This ain't fucking, Daddy," she assured him, her voice husky. "I'll
just rub your cock around in my crotch a little, okay? I won't put it

Somehow, Frank didn't believe her.

Her fuck-slot shifted in and out and jerked from side to side. Her tits
swung in his face and Frank craned his head forward and sucked a stiff
nipple into his lips, nursing hungrily on the explosive bud. He knew he
was helpless to evade her now, to resist her incestuous advances. He
was a prisoner to her whims--and he knew damned well what form those
lascivious whims were going to take.

"Maybe--just--another--inch--" Debby rasped.

Her thighs relaxed slightly and Frank groaned as he felt his fiery
cockhead slip into her soaking pussy slot. Her cunt tunnel massaged his
prick-knob. She wound her cunt around on his cock, just below the
embedded cockhead.

She squatted down another inch. Frank gurgled on a mouthful of tit as
nearly half of his cock vanished into her smoldering fuck-hole. Her
cunt was sopping wet.

It occurred to Frank that he was getting sloppy seconds--to a dog! But
at the same time it occurred to him that if his naughty little daughter
fucked with dogs, she was not liable to be corrupted any worse if she
got fucked by her daddy.

Debby placed her hands on his trembling shoulders. Her thighs tensed,
relaxed, tensed again. She was sliding her cunt hole up and down on his
rampant fucker, going just a bit lower with each stroke, slowly taking
his cock deeper into her pussy. Then, with a low moan, she pushed down
all the way and Frank's thundering prick was buried to the hilt in her
cunt. He gasped. His cock was up his daughter's fuck-hole!

His iron-hard cockmeat throbbed inside her. Her tight pussy walls
gripped him, the interior muscles rippling up his prick from root to
pounding crown. Her cuntlips were plastered to the base of his prick as
she held it all in her for a moment, squirming on the full penetration,
thrilling to the sensation of a cuntful of Daddy cock. His long, thick
cock was up her cunt gash so deep she felt transfixed.

Then she began to rise and fall on his fuck-tool. Her pussy drew up to
the crown, paused, then pushed back to the hilt. His bloated balls
jammed against her ass as every inch of his cockmeat disappeared up her
hot cunt hole. Frank was still gripping her by the hips. Now he began
to assist her, lifting her up and pulling her back down, using his
daughter's cunt hole in a frigging motion, as if jerking off with it--
and into it.

Frank was so aroused by this time that the thrill began to beat in his
loins immediately. His balls ballooned and his cockhead pounded deep
within her fuck-hole. His cockrod expanded, spreading her wet passage
around the swelling outline. She shoved her ass back so that his hard
fucker was rubbing across her fiery clit as she plunged up and down on

"Jesus! Here it comes!" Frank gasped, mouthing the words onto a plump
tit mound.

"Yeah--yeah--come in my cunt, Daddy!" Debby cried, slamming her pussy
down on his prick.

His cock went off like a geyser. Debby felt as if she had been
squatting astride Old Faithful when it erupted as that hot, thick jism
shot into her fuck-hole. She rose up on the towering stream, then
slammed back down as another jet of jism rocketed into her. It felt as
if he were hosing her pussy with even more spunk than he had poured
into her mouth before. Rivers of cock cream were pumping into her cunt
as Frank heaved up from the chair and she pushed her pussy down his
prick. It was like having a high-pressure hose spraying her fuck-hole,
a fire extinguisher squirting its foam up her belly. As she slid down,
his thick plunger filled her pussy hole to the brim and cum came oozing
from her parted slot, pumped out in steaming cascades.

A creamy spurt splashed into her cunt as she pushed down, another hit
her as she rose up his cock rod. Then, with a gasp, Frank slumped back
in the chair. His heels drummed against the floor and his chest heaved
with labored breathing. His cock and balls were spent. Debby continued
to slide her cunt hole up and down on his prick and against her clit,
wanting more cock and, more cum. She was sorry that she had gotten him
worked up quite so much, that he'd shot his jizz so quickly.

But then she realized that, although his balls were emptied, his
formidable cock was still hard as a pillar of stone inside her drenched

Debby purred and settled down onto the root of his prick, holding every
inch of the vibrant cocklance up her pussy and wriggling around on it.

"Wanna do it again, Daddy?" she asked impishly.

Frank stared at her in awe. He had fucked his daughter! He was waiting
for the guilt and the shame to strike him. But those emotions failed to
arrive. Frank felt only love and lust for the wanton little minx.

And he felt his cock pulse inside her as her cunt muscles rippled on
his stalk. That tight pussy was sucking his cockmeat right back to
renewed vigor and need.

He had already fucked her, he reasoned.

His prick was still buried inside her cunt and, if he came in her again
it wouldn't be any more wicked--it would be just a continuation of the
same fuck, really. He would really try his best to avoid a situation
like this in the future but, already stuck up her cunt, he saw no
reason to stop fucking.

He gave his ass a little hump, grinding his prick inside her, letting
her know he was willing.

But Rex was willing again, too ...

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Re: The Family's Animal Fun (Animal Sex Stories)
« Reply #7 on: August 13, 2011, 09:53:51 pm »

Chapter 8

Rex, aroused anew by the fragrance of hot pussy, had gotten to his feet
and was slowly moving across the room. He cocked his head, studying the
situation. Debby's cunt hole was already occupied and, since she was
squatting on her father's loins, her mouth was not in a position to
substitute for a cunt. And the dumb brute wasn't at all sure where he
was going to empty his cum-load now. But he knew full well how
imaginative a human bitch was and he advanced, head thrust out,
nostrils flaring.

Debby was squirming slowly and sinuously around on her daddy's big
cunt-filler, working into the action slowly, wanting a long and
leisurely fucking following the fast and furious first event. She
wasn't fucking up and down on his cock yet, but holding every inch up
her fuck-hole and wriggling on the long cockstalk.

Her valentine-shaped ass slid deliciously from side to side, one nubile
hip shooting out, then the other. Frank's cockmeat began to pulse
again, then pound violently inside her pussy. Her inner cuntal rings
contracted around his cockrod. Although her fuck-hole was drenched, it
was still tight and trim, sucking Frank up to renewed vigor.

She ground her mouth to his in a passionate kiss, then arched and
offered her fat tits to his eager lips. Frank sucked her nipples and
his hips stirred, moving his cock around inside her. His hands
tightened on her hips and he started to pull her pussy up and down on
his prick, commencing the fucking action again.

Rex moved up behind Debby's ass.

His head thrust out and he pushed his muzzle under her ass, into her
occupied crotch. He began to tongue her cunt, his big wet lapper
slapping in. Debby gave a happy little yelp she felt this added
sensation. Frank jumped slightly. The dog's tongue was slurping at his
balls and at the base of his cock, lapping up the overflow from his
daughter's tasty pussy. The beast licked at her cuntlips, where they
spread open around Frank's fucker. His tongue wedged up inside her cunt
slot, alongside Frank's slippery prick.

Debby began to thrash about wildly as her pussy was pleasured by tongue
and prick together. She rose up, thighs rippling and tits bobbling. Her
cunt slot pulled slowly up her daddy's thick cockrod, the pink
pussylips stretching like an elastic ring as they sucked on the
emerging prickshaft. At the top of the stroke she paused, only his
cock-knob stuck into her cunt gash, then she slowly settled down to the
hairy hilt again, twisting her hips as she screwed her cunt hole down
onto his big bolt of a cock.

Holding her by the hipbones, Frank jerked his cock up to meet her and
sank back into the chair as she pulled her cunt up on his cockstalk.
Her tits bobbled before his face and his head ducked forward to lap at
the taut tips, but his tongue felt numb now. All sensation was centered
into his raging prick and ballooning balls. He could feel her sweet
pussy dragging and sucking on his hot cockmeat as she rose up, the
pussy folds distending as they pulled.

Rex yelped and whined as he slapped his hungry tongue into Debby's cunt
from under her grinding ass. He slurped at her cuntlips and probed up
her slot in conjunction with his master's cockshaft. As Debby rose up,
foaming cunt juice dribbled down Frank's emerging prick and Rex lapped
the overflow up with gusto. Then she descended again and his tongue was
working furiously on her pussy. His head darted from side to side as he
shoved his snout in from different angles, delivering a slurp here, a
thrust there. The dog seemed to be sparring with Debby's pussy, waiting
for an opening to land a knockout blow with his huge hammering prick.
That enormous cockrod was bucking violently under him, snapping up to
smack against his belly like an uncoiling spring. The Alsatian was
enjoying his snack, but he was suffering agonies of frustration at
having her sweet cunt right there in his face, yet finding her fuck-
hole already occupied by a human cock that easily rivaled his own in
size and stiffness and vigor. His haunches dropped down, his bushy tail
slashed about behind his ass, his flanks quivered.

Debby pushed her pussy down on her daddy's cock and brought her lips to
his ear. "Unmmm--that fucking doggy is going tongue crazy on my cunt,
Daddy," she moaned.

Frank grimaced and thrust up from the chair, lifting the lithe teenager
on his driving prick. His fucker thundered into her like a locomotive.
Rex's wild tongue was all over both of them--long, moist slurps that
flowed over Frank's bloated balls, fluttered up his drenched cock and
slapped into Debby's crotch, spraying her cunt juice out.

Debby jammed all the way down again and held the full load in her,
feeling as if her father's cockhead must be reaching nearly to her
throat. With her cuntlips plastered around the base of his prick, she
ground her ass around. Rex whimpered urgently. With her fuck-hole
stuffed brimful, his tongue was denied free rein, frustrating the
beast. He lapped up the cunt juice that seeped out around the root of
Frank's cockshaft, but it wasn't the same as tonguing the succulent
stuff straight out of the girl's melting pussy.

His big, blunt head lifted higher and the sex-crazed brute began to
lick up through the tight crack of Debby's trim little ass. She whipped
her ass about. With her cunt well filled, it was nice to have her ass
lapped, as well. Still holding all of Daddy's cockmeat in her pussy,
she reached back and placed her open hands on the cheeks of her ass,
spreading those firm, heart-shaped mounds wide apart and exposing the
tight brown bud of her little shit hole. Rex began to tongue that
puckered slot furiously, doggy slobber flooding up her asshole. Asshole
was not quite as tasty as cunt, but it was available and he didn't have
to share it with a human prick, so the horny Alsatian tongue-fucked her
shit chute with enthusiasm.

"Ooooh--he's rimming out my shit ring, Daddy," purred the insatiable
little imp into Frank's ear.

His cock expanded inside her pussy as her naughty words inspired a new
surge of dark desire in him.

She arched her back, hiking her ass up and shoving it back against the
doggy's muzzle. Although the girl was already stuffed full of fat
prick, she had nevertheless assumed the doggy-fucking position, and Rex
reacted just as any normal, healthy, red-blooded American doggy would.

He mounted her.

Springing up from his powerful haunches, Rex wrapped his front paws
around her pelvis and clung to her ass. She squealed. She felt his
heavy weight pressing her haunches down onto her father's cock and his
panting doggy breath wafting up her backbone. Mounted properly, the
Alsatian began to hump, his haunches stabbing his cock out. A veteran
girl-fucker, Rex got the angle just right. The angry red slab of his
throbbing cockhead plowed right into her crotch.

But her cunt slot was blocked, the entrance stuffed full and plastered
around the hilt of her father's cockstalk. His prick slammed in like a
heat-seeking missile locked on the juicy target, but there was nowhere
for it to go.

The dog's pulsating prickhead bumped against her clogged gash and
rebounded, flipping up against his belly and spraying spunk from the
dripping piss hole.

Yelping with frustration, Rex shoveled the cockmeat into her crotch
again--and again rebounded futilely. This time his long fucker slid up
and pushed through the crack of her ass, the fiery cock-knob sliding
out over her spine.

Feeling the weight and the heat of his loins and the violent throbbing
of his vibrant prick pressed against her ass, Debby moaned and
squealed. She was relishing a cuntful of her daddy's prick, but she
always enjoyed getting a dog cock slammed into her and it seemed a
shame that the poor, frustrated Alsatian had to wait for a vacancy.

If Daddy and doggy had both had smaller pricks, Debby might have
managed to take both of them up her steaming fuck-hole at the same
time--a delightful idea! But she knew that the Alsatian's formidable
cock always filled her cunt, and her father's massive prick was already
stuffing her to the brim--and she knew that her pussy, greedy as it
was, could never accommodate both of those cocks at once.

Rex whined and humped frantically, sliding his prick up the crack of
her ass again.

This time his hot, cum-drooling cockhead slipped against her asshole as
it plunged past.

Debby blinked--then she smiled as a wonderful idea came to her
imaginative mind. With a stiff cock available and desperate, why should
a girl's shit chute be neglected? Debby liked it up the ass, but seldom
got it there, because once a cock and balls had been drained into her
mouth and then milked into her cunt hole, there was seldom enough
tension remaining in the spent cockmeat for ass-fucking.

Her hands were already behind her, spreading the cheeks of her ass open
when Rex had been tonguing out her shit slot. And, without hesitation,
Debby reached back and grasped the dog's big balls in one hand and
folded the other around the slimy rod of his cockstalk. The doggy
humped, fucking through her fist, his naked red prick-knob nudging up
through the crack of her ass and pulsing against her asshole.

Debby shifted her knees a little higher beside her father's flanks and
pressed her haunches a bit lower. Tilting her wrist, she pulled the
dog's cockhead down so that the tip was angled into her asshole.

Rex hesitated, puzzled, aware that his prick was aimed at the wrong
hole and not being familiar with buggery. But he knew that a human
mouth could substitute very nicely for a fuck-hole and understood that
there was no end to the mysteries that the human bitch could reveal to
a dumb brute.

He gave a tentative fuck-thrust.

The head of his cock nudged into her puckered shit hole, dribbling
doggy slime into the brown slot. At the first stroke, it seemed as if
that flaring slab of red cockmeat was not going to fit up her tight
asshole. His cockhead was a lot wider than her asshole and stuck fast
at the entrance.

Then Debby squirmed, relaxing her sphincter muscle. Her asshole
fluttered and rippled and parted. The weeping tip of the Alsatian's
cockhead nudged into her brown bud. Debby's asshole was already soaking
wet with doggy slobber and his piss hole was oiling it further with a
scummy seepage. His slick red cock-knob began to slide into her ass.

Frank didn't know what was going on. He was aware that Debby had
stopped riding his towering prick and was holding steady on a deep
cuntful, and he could see that the Alsatian was clinging to her
haunches, but he didn't know quite where the doggy's prick was

Grinning, her face radiant and her eyes aglow, the depraved little
teenager whispered: "Oh, Daddy--that horny doggy wants to fuck me up
the ass--"

Frank croaked and his prick surged mightily inside his daughter's

"I'm so naughty, Daddy," she whispered, batting her eyelashes, taunting
him. "Ummmm--I want his big prick plunging up my shit hole."

And she proceeded to take it.

Rex humped and Debby shoved her ass back to meet his lunging ass
reamer. Each time he pumped it to her, a bit more of his cock inched
into her shit chute. The dark folds of her asshole were rippling as
they pulled his cock in. Her shit tunnel spread wider to accommodate
the bulk of his plunger. Rex heaved in again and all of the flaring red
slab of his naked cockhead vanished into her ass.

Her ass ring collared his fucker just behind the cock-knob and Debby
gurgled when she felt that fat wedge of hot prickmeat pulse in her ass.
Her ass tunnel began to drag him deeper, as if she were digesting his
cockmeat in reverse, slowly taking him up her alimentary canal in the
wrong direction. His cockhead was the fattest segment of his thick
cockrod and it forged a passage for his cocklance to follow as it slid
deeper and deeper into those dark and mysterious regions, an unknown
cavern where the dog's cock had never before ventured.

Her ass tunnel was tighter than her cunt, but little by little it was
spreading around the throbbing contours of his prick. With his cock-
knob glowing like a beacon to light the gloomy passage, the dog fucked
deeper, working his prick up into her ass guts.

Rex's lips drew back from his gleaming white fangs in a snarl of bliss.
Doggy desire caused him to yelp deliriously. His canine imagination
could not encompass this human variation--but his doggy prick was
managing very nicely. Inch by inch, his cockmeat slid deeper into her
ass. He bucked, shoving another hairy inch in. Her shit chute rippled,
dragging his cock still deeper into her belly. His smoking hot cockhead
slithered into her ass guts and she wondered, vaguely, if that hot slab
was floating around in the slimy sea of jism she had swallowed out of
her daddy's cock and balls.

Abandoned to depravity, Debby jerked and wriggled, holding all of
Frank's cockmeat up her cunt hole as she waited for the doggy to bury
his bone.

She wondered if her father would like to fuck her up the asshole,
later. It would be a real kick to suck on the dog's prick while Daddy
fucked her shit hole, she thought, with gay expectations. Would those
two big cock-heads bump together somewhere in the middle of her guts?
Even before this first double fuck was completed, the insatiable little
minx was already planning for the future.

How happy she was that her mother had gone away for a week, leaving her
to tend to the housework!

Rex held steady for a moment, bracing his powerful hindquarters, his
flanks heaving. Then he whipped his loins out, and this time every inch
of his iron-hard, red-hot prick slammed up Debby's asshole.

Stuffed to the brim in both fuck-holes, Debby gasped. Her daddy's
cockhead surged deep up her cunt hole and the dog's bloated cock-knob
throbbed in her ass. The two long cocks were pressed together,
separated by the slender membrane that divided her twin fuck-tracks,
throbbing vein to vein inside her loins. Debby was in seventh heaven.
She squirmed, working both pricks around inside her but holding both
root deep. Rex's big cock was stretching her shit chute around it as it
expanded. It hurt just slightly, the faint ache only adding to the
thrill--a new, dark dimension sparking her desire.

Rex began to move first. The frantic doggy jerked his fat plunger out
of her asshole, dragging her haunches back on his retreating cock. His
fat cockhead was stuck fast in her asshole, swollen so huge now that it
would not pull free. Rex was stuck up her ass inextricably, she knew.
There was no way she would be able to get his prick out of her shit
hole until the doggy had shot his creamy cum and his cockmeat had
softened--and no way that she wanted to get him out until she had an
assful of dog cum, either.

He fucked in to the hilt again. His hairy balls whipped into her
crotch, slapping against Frank's balls. He began to pour the prick to
her furiously.

Debby's thighs tightened. She shoved back to meet the dog's ass reamer
as he fucked in and then, as the brute withdrew, she pulled her pussy
up her daddy's cock, to the knob. Frank heaved up from the chair,
falling into rhythm with Debby and the doggy, joining into the tempo of
this frantic three-way fuck.

Frank's prick filled her cunt. Then, as it pulled out, the Alsatian's
cock plunged up her asshole. Inside her loins, those two steaming
engines were passing like locomotives on twin tracks in a dark tunnel.

Debby was buffeted between them, jolted on a cunt-stroke, rattled on an
ass-thrust. Her hips flew wildly and her slim belly pumped. Her ass
thrashed and churned. She changed the tempo squatting down onto a cunt
hole full of pounding prick as the dog fucked balls-deep up her ass.

Frank churned her cream bowl to froth, his body arching and shuddering
as he rocketed his cock up from the chair, and Rex fucked her ass in a
frenzy. A thick human cock hissed up her slippery fuck-hole and a long
doggy prick pounded like a hammer into her ass guts.

Debby was so hot that she couldn't tell if she was coming or not. The

waves of bliss were lashing through her loins and shooting up her
thighs, peaking as high as she had ever known them to peak, and yet
they were getting higher and rushing through her faster with every
fuck-stroke. She was creaming, yet there was no ebb to follow the
crest. No sooner had she shuddered with a bone-rattling climax than she
surged right up to an even more violent spasm. Her cunt hole was
melting on her daddy's prick and her ass seemed to be creaming on the
dog's rampaging cock.

Frank's cock plunged up her fuck-tunnel so far she thought she could
feel it flare in her gullet, and Rex's prick sped up her asshole so
high she thought the knob must be wallowing in her belly, splashing
around in her digestive juices. She fairly screamed as another jolt
shook her.

"Shoot in me!" she wailed, desperate to have the raging inferno of her
loins doused by foaming fuck-juice.

Frank didn't know if his daughter was addressing him or the dog--and
neither did Debby, yearning for the steaming hot cum out of both of
those huge cocks. Rex, of course, didn't know the meaning of her
command. But he was hot, and he shoveled his cockmeat in even faster as
he prepared to spill his cum-load.

Debby creamed again, a flood of cunt juice swirling into her cunt hole,
her ass guts melting.

Then Rex howled like a wolf and his hot, thick doggy jism hosed her ass
guts in a scalding jet. Debby wailed as that slimy enema gushed into
her guts in a foaming tide. She jerked her ass back, taking all of the
brute's fucker into her ass, then jammed down on her daddy's cock as
Frank, too, erupted with a volcanic spurt of jism. His cum steamed into
her cunt hole in a raging geyser.

Gliding together like some well-lubricated, intricate fucking machine,
man, girl and doggy pumped their fuck-juice out in creamy torrents.

Frank gasped and slumped back in the chair. But his prick was still
hard, buried up his daughter's cunt, and Debby churned on it as Rex
continued to hump frantically away, spilling the last of his cock slime
into the depths of her shit track, fertilizing that barren field with
his fuck-juice.

Emptied, pumped bone dry, the Alsatian sank down over Debby's haunches.
Frank was staring up with glazed eyes. Dog and master stared at each
other for a moment, over Debby's shoulder, looking almost sheepish.

But Debby looked positively radiant.

It was the best come she had ever had and, with both big cocks still
stuffed up her, the voracious teenager was looking forward to more of
the same. She even had the grace to feel a bit sorry for her mother,
who was missing out on the fun.

But Jennifer was having plenty of fun of her own ...

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Re: The Family's Animal Fun (Animal Sex Stories)
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Chapter 9

"Wanna get fucked now?" Sarah asked.

She watched her sister lapping at the head of the stallion's prick,
which was still huge and hard even though Jennifer had sucked him bone
dry. Trigger had his head twisted around, staring down at the kneeling
blonde head bobbing around on the big, black slab of his naked
cockhead. She slid her tongue up into his piss hole and her pursed lips
spread over the gamy meat wedge. Then she turned towards her sister,
holding the horse's prick against her cheek, and nodded

His cockhead swelled against her cheek and a furrow of doubt darkened
her brow.

"I hope I can take it," she said.

"Oh, you can hold it, Jenny," Sarah assured her. "It fit in your mouth,
didn't it? And your cunt is a lot more pliable than your mouth, right?"

"You should know," Jennifer giggled.

"Fucking a horse is sort of like losing your cherry all over again,"
Sarah told her.

Jennifer, who could barely remember when she had still been cherry,
raised her eyebrows questioningly.

"I mean, his cock is so fucking long that it's gonna reach virgin
territory," Sarah explained. "It's gonna go in like Star Trek--where no
cock has ventured before!"

Jennifer laughed--but the thought excited her, as well. The idea of
having that massive hunk of horse prick plumbing virgin cunt depths was
driving her wild.

"Oh, shit--let's get the fucker in me!" she wailed.

Sarah grinned in approval. She moved to the side of the stall and

dragged a short, three-legged stool across to Jennifer and Trigger--a
milking stool that she obviously kept in the stallion's stall for just
this purpose. Jennifer sat on the stool and arched her back, bringing
her head and shoulders down to the floor. Her feet were down flat, as
well, and her loins, bridged across the stool, were exactly on a level
with the head of the stallion's gigantic prick. Her thighs were parted
wide and her cunt was a foaming caldron, the pink cuntlips spread wide
and the folds of her pussy drenched with cream.

Trigger nickered and thrust his muzzle into her groin, tonguing at her
sodden pussy. Sarah leaned in and took a few licks at Jennifer's clit.
Jennifer squirmed across the stool, enjoying their tongues but
impatient for prick.

"Put his cock in me, Sarah," she pleaded.

Sarah hooked her elbow around the stallion's cockshaft, just behind the
flaring cock-knob. She pulled that big black slab into her sister's
crotch. Jennifer whimpered when she felt the hot cockmeat pulse against
her open cunt hole. Steam rose from her stiff clit and her fuck-hole
was smoking hot. Her gash was soaking with cunt juice and slobber, and
the tip of the horse's cock slid around in her groin as it pulsed. She
raised her head and peered down the bridged plane of her belly. The
stallion's cockhead felt as big as her whole crotch, and she was still
afraid that it wasn't going to fit up her fuck-hole.

But Sarah knew better.

Still holding the horse's prick in the crook of her elbow, Sarah
reached into Jennifer's crotch and used her fingers and thumbs to
spread her cuntlips wide open, as if she were opening an elastic bag.
The tip of Trigger's cock nudged into that wide-open slot. Sarah began
to pull her sister's pliable cuntlips onto the stallion's cockhead.
Jennifer gasped. Her cunt was being pulled onto the horse's cock just
as if it were a rubber! Her cuntlips stretched and rippled. Sarah
tugged back and used her elbow to pull the cockmeat forwards, into
Jennifer's fuck-slot. The tip went in, then the big wedge slowly slid
through the rubbery ring of Jennifer's cunt folds.

The stallion's big black cockhead vanished!

"Holy shit!" Jennifer gasped when she felt the massive slab of hot
cockmeat throb inside her gash. Her cuntlips were clamped in a tight
collar around his stalk, pulling and sucking on the leathery cockrod as
the knob flared in her creamy pussy.

"More--give me more--" the horny woman wailed.

Sarah released her sister's pussylips and reached down to grasp her by
the hips. The stallion gave a tentative hump. The stool tottered
precariously under Jennifer's ass, wobbling on the tripod of its legs.
But Sarah was assisting, holding her sister in position. Trigger shoved
his cock out again, fucking another two or three inches up Jennifer's
cunt hole. Her head was down on the floor again and she shook it in
amazement, wondering where in hell all that cockmeat was going. The
walls of her fuck-hole spread wider and wider, molded tightly to the
outline of the beast's cockhead and cockshaft. Her cunt muscles
rippled, pulling on his prick.

Trigger fucked more cockmeat into her and Jennifer moaned, finding out
how true her sister's words had been. The horse's cockhead was already
deeper than any cock had ever gone before. Her cunt tunnel was
stretched wider than it had ever been, and there was still a whole lot
of cockshaft unburied, a fat black tube spanning a foot or so between
her stuffed fuck-slot and his swollen balls.

Trigger heaved in, snorting and tossing his head, muscles rippling in
his glossy black flanks. The horse was lathered with sweat and his
prick was lathered with the overflow from Jennifer's soaking cunt. His
cockhead rammed in again--and bottomed out in her cunt hole!

That enormous prick could go no deeper. Her cunt was full to the
depths, and there was still nearly a foot of cockstalk sticking out
between them. Jennifer wished that her cunt were even deeper, that she
could accommodate every inch of that throbbing cockshaft. But she
already had more cockmeat in her than she'd ever had before, and the
horny blonde was not about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

She moaned with joy. It felt as if her cunt had been cored like an
apple, drilled out like an oil well. The stallion held the full
penetration, his haunches quivering, and Jennifer's cunt pulled on his
buried prick as she squirmed and wriggled on the wobbling stool.

Trigger bellowed and stamped one hoof. His hindquarters jerked back.
His prick was plugged into her fuck-socket so tightly that, instead of
pulling out of her cunt, he simply dragged her pelvis forwards on the
backstroke. But Jennifer braced her feet firmly on the floor and her
eagerly assisting sister held her hips in place so that when the
stallion pulled back again, his long, leathery cockshaft came slowly
sliding out from Jennifer's cunt hole. Her pussy folds clung to his
cockmeat, stretching out on the retreating stalk. A squashing sound
came from inside her pussy.

Trigger pulled out until only his fat prick-knob was lodged in her
cunt, paused, then hammered the huge fucker all the way up her fuck-
hole again, tilting her ass upwards as his cock filled her to the very

He began to pour the prick to her steadily. Jennifer moved with him,

whipping her cunt down to meet his fuck-thrusts and grinding her ass
and hips around as the brute drew back out. His balls swung in and out
at the root of his prick. His leathery cockstalk was running with
ribbons of cunt cream as it emerged, all slippery and slick and fucking
in and out faster as her creamy lubrication smoothed the passage.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Jennifer wailed, hardly able to believe how wonderful it
was to have her hot cunt stuffed to the core with iron-hard horse cock.

Sarah, still steadying Jennifer's pelvis as the stallion fucked his
cock into her, leaned down and tongued cunt juice from his cockshaft,
then tilted her head and lapped at her sister's detonating clit. The
stallion's prick slid in through her lips as it plunged as far into
Jennifer's pussy as it could reach.

Jennifer was being rocked and rattled on the horse's prick, her whole
body vibrating and shaking violently. She cried out as she creamed. The
horse shoved his cock in, filling her fuck-hole to the brim, leaving no
room for her cum cream to seep from her cunt. That hot juice swirled
around inside her and his cockhead stirred through it like a big black
boulder floating in a flow of lava.

She creamed again, staring down at her loins, expecting her slim belly
to swell up like a balloon with all the pussy cum that was pouring into
her cunt hole, unable to escape. Trigger jerked out, dragging her
cuntlips with his cock. The folds rippled open and pussy juice foamed

The big stallion was pumping his prick to her frantically now, as his
own bestial climax drew near. His cock rammed in, lifting her ass right
off the stool. He shuddered, shaking her slender body on the end of his
prick. Her tits flopped, her belly heaved, her bones rattled.

Jennifer was almost fainting as all of her energy, her very life force,
drained into her multiple orgasm. Her cunt melted, plastered to the
contours of his cock, lathering his cockmeat with her cum cream. The
thrill peaked, ebbed for an instant, then peaked again.

"Coming--coming!" she gurgled.

But Sarah, who knew her sister's orgasms very well, was already aware
of that. And the stallion, on whose thundering prick she was melting,
knew it, too.

Into that creamy caldron he drove his cockmeat resolutely, fucking her
faster as the thrill built in his bestial loins. His balls were so
heavy now that they were nearly dragging his hindquarters down and his
cock was fucking in with underslung strokes, tilting her up and down.
The milking stool rocked onto one leg, then toppled over and rolled
aside. Jennifer's ass was no longer braced on the stool, but she was
stuck fast on the end of the horse's prick, her lithe body still
bridged in the same arch. She pressed her feet flat to the floor and
braced her shoulders, wriggling her belly at the highest point of her
deeply curved form. Trigger's thick black prick fucked into her hairy
pussy, tossing her and tumbling her. His cock muscles pulsed and
Jennifer swayed up and down on the end of his colossal cock.

The stallion threw his head up, mane flowing, eyes wild and white. His
haunches heaved, shoveling the phallic fuel to her creamy furnace.
Jennifer was still coming, going off again and again. The horse's cock
was swelling even more as his crest approached. It was like getting
fucked by a log, like having the muzzle of a cannon shoved up her cunt,
and she eagerly awaited the explosive shot from that cannon.

Trigger snorted, slobber flying from his muzzle, black lips squared
back from his big, blunt teeth. His glossy flanks were shimmering,
spraying lather off as the thicker lather of his lust began to boil.

His balls exploded and his jism shot up his pounding cockshaft in a
raging tide. Jennifer wailed when she felt that hot, thick stallion cum
spurt into the core of her cunt hole, hosing her savagely. Her pussy
creamed again as the horse's fuck-juice poured into her.

She threw her legs up and clamped her thighs around the brute's
cockstalk, riding that big cock in a wild horizontal dance, jerking and
twisting on his buried, cum-squirting prick. He lunged in, jets of jism
shooting from his piss hole, lifting her ass higher. He pulled back and
her pelvis bobbed down, her cunt hole sliding up to the head of his
prick. Then he whacked it to her again and she was jolted up on the
thick stream of cum that burst from his cock-knob.

His cum-load seemed endless, his balls undrainable. Hot cock spume kept
pouring into Jennifer with every fuck-thrust and she creamed each time
she felt another steaming hot load hose into her pussy.

Finally, Trigger faltered. His last spurt of jizz shot into her cunt
and his prick sagged. He stood with his feet planted wide, his whole
brawny body trembling. His cock swayed up and down and Jennifer bobbed
on the end of it, her weight insignificant on that mighty slab of iron-
hard cockmeat.

His cock dipped down again, beginning to sink and soften. Jennifer's
fuck-slot was enveloping his cockstalk almost down to his emptied
balls, the pink pussy lips stretched wide around the leathery prick. As
his cock dipped, she began to slide slowly down towards his cockhead.
Her cunt hole sucked through every inch and her cuntlips clung to his
cockshaft, pulling outwards. She slid down to the end of his cock and
hung there for a moment, suspended. Her ass bobbed up and down as his
cock muscles jerked. All of his cockshaft was out of her now, looming

out between them, but his massive cockhead was still stuck fast in her
fuck-slot. Then, with a slurp, Jennifer slid off the end of his prick.

Her ass bounced on the floor, her fat tits bobbled, a deluge of cum and
cunt juice gushed from her open cunt gash, soaking the floor under her.
A dreamy smile brightened her pretty face. She was stunned by the
magnitude of her orgasm, thrilled by her dynamic coming, awed by the
abundance of stallion cum that had been pumped into her pussy.

Her sister smiled at Jennifer, then turned to the horse and began to
lick his creamy cock-head, intent on sucking him back to another rock-
hard erection so that she, too, could get a cuntful of horse cock.

Jennifer was looking forward to that, too--to licking around the edges
while her sexy sister got her pussy fucked to jelly by that gigantic
stallion cock. But, satisfied in both mouth and cunt now, Jennifer--to
her credit--was feeling a little guilty about having abandoned her
family for the week. She thought that she should telephone home and
make sure that everything was all right, so that she would not have any
nagging worries about her irresponsibility troubling her as she
continued to frolic and cavort with Sarah and the stallion.

Leaving Sarah sucking hungrily on the head of the horse's prick,
Jennifer, that dutiful wife and mother, went back to the house to

* * *

Rex had lost his hard-on again and was curled up on the floor, idly
lapping at the head of his ass-soaked prick. Frank's cock had collapsed
as well, having come once in his daughter's mouth and twice in her
cunt. But the man's softened cockmeat was rippling and quivering, ready
to rise like a phoenix from the ashes that Debby had hauled. He was
remembering all the naughty things they had done and his mind was
inspiring his prick. Any doubts that Frank had had, previously, about
incest were completely gone. If a guy had a daughter that fucked and
sucked with dogs, he damned well had a perfect right to fuck the little
nympho, himself.

He gazed at Debby's pussy. She was sitting on the floor, her knees
uplifted, obviously waiting for one of them--Daddy or doggy--to get
hard again. Her sweet pussy looked so lovely that Frank figured it
would be a good idea to suck it, while allowing his prick time to

He slid from his chair and stretched out, belly down, his head between
her thighs. Debby gave a little moan of pleasure at the prospect.
Reaching down, she stroked his cheek affectionately. Frank slid in and
his tongue shot out. He began to lap at her cunt slot and clit with
fluttering strokes. Debby squirmed against his face, really enjoying
it. Her daddy's tongue wasn't as long as the dog's tongue, but it was
nimble and skillful and very, very enthusiastic.

His head tilted from side to side as he licked up her cuntlips, then
tongue-fucked up her pussy hole.

"Want me to cream your tongue, Daddy?" she whispered, rubbing her cunt
against him.

"Yeah," he croaked, slurping hungrily.

His cock was stiffening rapidly now, as if connected to his tongue by
some mysterious clockwork. He was belly down on the floor and as his
big prick hardened it was working like a lever, prying his ass up into
the air. His cock was already stiff enough to fuck the girl again, but
Frank was relishing a snack of pussy and he wanted her to come in his
mouth before he stopped eating cunt and began fucking again.

Cunt juice and cum poured down her crotch and Frank ducked down,
lapping the succulent nectar up as it flooded into the crack of her

It occurred to him that there was probably some dog cum mixed into the
blend, but that couldn't be helped when a man had a dog-fucking

"Cream, honey," he rasped. "Let me suck your cum juice out of your
sweet pussy."

"Ummmm--yeah, Daddy--I'll cream your mouth," she moaned. "Lap my
fucking cream out."

Frank sucked voraciously, his tongue fucked up into her steaming cunt
hole and lashed at her tingling clit. Juice seeped past his lips. The
flow was getting thicker and tangier as her hot pussy built towards the
crest, and Frank was starving for his daughter's pussymeat and cream.

Then the phone rang.

Frank's head jerked up. But Debby placed her hand behind his neck and
pulled his face back into her cunt.

"I'll get it--don't stop," she whimpered.

Frank slammed his tongue back into her delicious fuck-hole and Debby
reached out to the end table and picked up the telephone. Her thighs
were clamped around his ears as she jerked her cunt in his face, but
Frank could hear that telephone conversation as he kept sucking.

"Sure, Mom--everything's okay," she said.

Frank, knowing that it was Debby's mother--his wife--on the phone,
sucked even more ravenously on the girl's steaming cunt. Debby was
squirming against him as the waves of joy began to rush through her hot

"Don't worry, Mom--I'll take care of everything," the girl was saying.

A spasm shook her. Frank's open mouth filled up with bubbling cunt

"Right now?" Debby's voice quavered. She might have giggled, had she
not been just under the peak.

Frank looked up from the tops of his eyes, the lower half of his
handsome face buried in her pussy. Debby gazed down at him and smiled.

"Right now, I'm feeding Daddy lunch," said the girl into the telephone-
-and that delicious lunch came pouring into her daddy's loving lips.

Jennifer needn't worry. Debby was managing very well ...

The End

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Re: The Family's Animal Fun (Animal Sex Stories)
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tooooo long...

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Re: The Family's Animal Fun (Animal Sex Stories)
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good worked .nice storie............ :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: :asshole: