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Marriage Night
« on: April 11, 2009, 09:51:11 am »
I and my aunty Radha had decided to celebrate a swag raat. Aunty went for
shopping for our swag raat I too had took nice rest in the afternoon so that our
swag raat will be fresh. Aunty came to our room in the afternoon the see me but
didn't come to my room as my mother told that I am having rest. She told the
matter of Neha's alliance being fixed to my mother and return back of uncle with
next two days. And she went to shopping.

At 5 my mother told do u know that neha's wedding arrangement I told that I know
in the morning itself. Then she told that I have to give company to aunty for
only 2 more days. I pretend as I am not interested to go to auntys house and
going for mother's word.

At 8 aunty again came to our house to request my mother to sent me for 2 more
days till uncle return. Mother told that I will give company for 2 days. All
this was done so that no one get any doubt about our secret. Aunty went back and
started to get ready for the swag raat.

I went to auntys house at 9.30 as soon as ring the bell aunty came and open the
door and was very happy to see me. She asked me to have food I told that I have
already had at our house. Then aunty told to take bath and wear a new dress
which she had brought for me. That is a new white shirt and a silk dooti. This
is south Indian style.

I went to neha's room to have a bath and get ready. I took 30 min to get ready.
I came out and could not found aunty. And I heard aunt's voice from kitchen to
go to aunt's bed room. I went inside I was very happy that aunty decorated the
bed for a new couple for their honeymoon. The bed was spread with flowers, and
sweets were kept in the side. I sat in the bed waited for aunty to come after
10-15 min waiting the door opened and found the aunty had makeup like a 'dulgan'
came in with a glass of milk as if the new married girl comes. And in this getup
aunty looked like neha's elder sister.

I took the glass from aunty hand and aunty fell on my feet to take blessing. I
lifted her and look her face she looked very beautiful. I had the milk that
aunty brought for me and after having half glass I gave to aunty. Aunty was
shying as if this is her first night going for the first time. After that I
hugged her and passionately gave kiss in her lips. She too responded to the
kiss. After 5 min I removed her 'goongat' slowly. Then I removed her sari from
her body now she was in blows and petticoat. I kissed her all over her body
above the blouse she was moaning like "ahaa ahaaaaaaa ahaaaaaaa" then I removed
my shirt and was only in my dooti. And my rot was erected to 90 degrees as I was
in dooti it could seen nicely as I have not wear any undergarments inside. Then
I slowly lifted her inner skit above the her knees. She was moaning loudly "ahaa
ahaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa" I was kissing her and pressing her boobs with one hand and
other had I inserted inside her inner skit I found the she was not wearing any
undergarments and I could feel her pussy in my hand. I slowly kept my hand on
the lips of her pussy she started moaning more. My rod was also becoming harder.

Then within a time I lifted her inner skit upto stomach and removed my rod and
placed in her pussy to fuck as it was wet my rod went very smoothly inside her
pussy now I stared to do in and out of my rod at the same time she too was also
cooperating by lifting her dick above. I played in and out for 15-20 min and
ejected the cum inside her pussy. And laid on top of her for 10 min hugging
pressing and kissing.

Then Aunty told that on their first night uncle didn't fucked her on that day
because their marriage was a arrange marriage. Just they had some kiss and some
talk and slept on the next day only uncle fucked her. She also added that uncle
never use to suck her pussy are allow to suck her cock.

Just fuck and eject her cum and went. But aunty was very much eager to suck cock
and want her pussy to sucked by others. As see had seen a Blue film in her
friends house from that day see was very eager to have some extra activities in
her normal sex life but could not get. Now she was very happy to have all this
with me. She told you're my husband.

By the time my rod got hard again. But this I removed all her cloths and made
her nude and me too become nude and entered my tongue inside her pussy to clean
the juice which I left in her pussy with her juice. During this tongue fuck she
had cummed and ate that also. Then she took my tool in her mouth and started to
suck but I told that I will insert this in her ass hole first she refused then
she let me to do. She bend near the bed to allow me to do. At first it was very
difficult to insert then with lot of pain I Inserted aunty also made very loud
noice no please remove it out. So I dropped the idea and removed out. Aunty told
its very painful to do this. I told it also pained me too but after wards it
would be very nice but she refused to do. So I layed on the bed like that. Then
aunty ask are u angry
my darling it is still paining. Then she took my tool in her mouth and
started to suck and drank all cum.

This way we did till 4.00 and slept naked. In the morning at 7 aunty came with a
bed coffee still she was naked. And waked me to have I said that I like only
milk she told I will bring I told u have and I want your milk. I pushed her to
the bed and sucked her big boobs for milk. Then she told that u are getting late
for your work so please leave her and go to work and we have one more day to
have fun. So I went back to my house to go to my work.

In my work I could not work as feel very tired. So I came back home at
3.30to home. Mother ask are u not well I said no I was in my field
work as soon as it completed I came to house. If I say I am not well then may be
mother don't allow to got to auntys house so I said that I was on my field work.
I went to my room and had a nice sleep. At 7 I got up and went to the hall to
see T. V. and time passed. At 8.30 told my mother to serve me food but mother
told that she had not prepared any thing today as they were going out and want
me to have my dinner in aunty's house which she had informed to aunty.

So I went to auntys house and rang the bell. Aunty opened the door and said why
are u late my dear ask as if asking to her husband. Then we had our dinner
together she prepared lot of dishes for me. We both had our dinner.

Aunty went to kitchen to clean the vessels I was watching T. V. After
completing the work she came to the hall to join me. She also brought some cards
to play. I told I am not in mood to play but she told the rules of the game and
I agreed. It was like that you ever loose the game should remove one piece of
their cloth I thought it will be exciting. The game started I losed my first
game so I removed my shirt. Then again I lost the game I removed my banyan. Then
this time aunty lost she removed her saree. Again she lost her inner skit. Again
she lost her blouse. After I lost the game I have to give my pant. Now I was
with my underwear and She was with her bra and underwear.

When I could not concentrate the game as aunties big boobs is out side her bra.
So I droped the game and started pressing with her bra and removed and started
to suck like hungry child she too but her hands inside my underwear and played
with my tool. I with my other hand removed her panty and inserted my finger in
her pussy. Then she removed my underwear and tool my eracted to tool in inserted
in her pussy. Now I fucked very wildly she too like me to fuck such a way.

After 15 min we both came to our climax. She hugged me tightly and
kissed. She told we should not sleep today as we may or may not get chance like
this again. I told that I came early from my office is to take rest so that we
can enjoy full night. Then she took my tool in her mouth for some time and told
that she is ready to get fucked in her asshole. I was shocked she told that she
is my wife and it duty of a wife to satisfy her husband. I told it will pain
you, she told that she will do anything to satisfy me and went to kitch and
brought some butter in a plate and took some in her hand and a pplied to my rod
which was very hard no hearing to have a asshole fuck.

Then she told to apply some in her asshole I applied with my hand. And was ready
to insert she game a nice position to insert the rod. Now I slowly insereted my
rod so that I wont pain her. But today I went smoothly and aunty too didn't make
any noise. After inserting fully inside I asked wheather its is paining she said
know. Then I catch hold her two big boobs with my hand to press and started
fucking. She too cooperated by moving back and front. For 15-20 min I cummed
inside her asshole she told that it was so nice and will never forget this

Like this we enjoyed the hole night in all the possible positions. At 7 she went
to kitchen and prepared coffee and I also followed her and from back I hugged
her and kissed and pressed her big boobs. Aunty told that uncle is expected at
any time so please wear the cloths so that it wound be known to them. So we
weared our cloths. Aunty went to toilet. I had my coffee. After her back from
toilet she told that it was very nice today while she was passing her latrine,
it flowed nicely. I told all because of asshole fuck.

We both kissed and hugged it was 8.30 we were still hugging and kissing. There
was a phone call the call was from my house that wake me as I have to go to
office. I told my mother that I am not feeling well so I am going to take leave.
So told to come quickly so that she can give tablets after my breakfast and have
a rest. I told I am coming.

After that I kissed again and left aunty and went back to my house.

"Sex is an art of expressing love"

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Marriage Night
« on: April 11, 2009, 09:51:11 am »

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Re: Marriage Night
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2010, 06:57:40 pm »
i like this storey..................... sooooooooooooooo niceeeeeeeeee

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Re: Marriage Night
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Re: Marriage Night
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2011, 01:25:27 pm »
Nice sexy story

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Re: Marriage Night
« Reply #3 on: October 20, 2011, 05:34:02 am »
 :sleep1: :sleep1: :sleep1: :sleep1: :sleep1:

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Re: Marriage Night
« Reply #4 on: November 18, 2011, 02:18:03 am »
great work.... :rockon: