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To whom it may concern
« on: July 28, 2016, 10:34:47 pm »
Update 1

31st December, 8:15 am

“Abhi, if you tried to spoil my New Year’s night, I will not talk to you for a week”

“I won’t even dare to do that, I am an obedient husband”

“Huh! I know how obedient you are, you made such promises last year and you didn’t even come home last year”… With the shake of a head, she started to pack his lunch

“My o my, you look so hot when you are angry”… He pinched on her navel

“Don’t start Abhi, otherwise you-will-not-be-able-to-leave”… She intentionally stressed upon every word

“Oh really, and how you gonna do that?”… He stopped his breakfast and gave her a challenging look

“For starters, I can be feeling very hot and humid in this kitchen right now”… She deliberately removed her Saree’s pallu

“Ahem, I agree humidity is really a problem these days”… The site in front of him dried his throat

“You see, Saree isn’t an appropriate dress for kitchen work, it can make you sweat a lot”… She slowly dragged her Saree upwards from her legs

“Yeah, why the hell we need a Saree in the kitchen”… He gripped the dining table firmly

“But… then it’s our national dress, so women must wear it all the time”… She suddenly let go the Saree and adjusted her pallu


“What happened? I said something wrong?”… She inquired him with an innocent face

“This isn’t fair, preparing someone’s mind and then closing the shutter all of a sudden”

“Dear Husband, I was just trying to show you, what’s up at stake for one week, if you won’t be at time tonight”

“No, no, the deal was that you won’t talk to me for a week”

“So, you are already planning to be late tonight?”

“No, I mean, I was just trying to be sure what’s actually at stake”

“Don’t worry, I will tell you the whole deal, if you will be late. And now take your lunch because at the moment you are getting late for office”

“Ok Ma’am, as you say. Can I at least have my morning kiss?”


“Please?? You know, I won’t be able to get through the day without it”… Saying this he grabbed her and planted a deep kiss on her lips

“Ok, I should go now otherwise I will definitely be late”

“Hey Abhi”… He was about to leave the house when Kavi called her


“I Love You Husband”

“I Love You too Wife”… He was sure; spending another day at the office without her won’t be a problem anymore


31st December, 11:30 am
“My Dad’s parties are boring as hell”… Aakash almost threw himself on the sofa

“What yaar? You are so lucky that your Dad throw such parties, look at me. Nobody even cares in my house that tonight will be New Year’s night”… Debojit shook his head with disgust

“You both are stupid. We have a party to attend tonight, think about the liquor and girls you dumb asses”… Keshav dismissed thoughts of his other two friends

“Yeah right, girls and liquor and that too in my Dad’s presence, you must be kidding”

“You are an idiot; your Dad won’t be following us throughout the party. We can have our share of enjoyment”

“Fuck it man. Who cares about the liquor or girls anyway? I don’t think we need a party for that”… Aakash was still not impressed

“Don’t tell me you have started to like boys, our childhood friendship can be in deep waters, if that’s the case”… Debojit teased him once more

“Shut up yaar. It’s my last month here and with you guys. I will be going to another city for my engineering. Life will be hectic and bookish for next 4, 5 years. I wanna do something exciting before that boring routine life begins”… For the first time, Aakash expressed his frustration

“And what’s the definition of excitement in your mind?”… Debjoit gave him a quizzical look

“I don’t know, something which we haven’t done before, something new, something thrilling”… Aakash shrugged off his shoulders

There was a deep silence in the room for a long while; it was like Aakash’s thought gave them something to ponder upon. At last Keshav’s voice broke the silence in the room

“I have a thrilling idea for all of us”

31st December, 6:30 pm
“Oh God, please help me. Kavi is gonna kill me”… Abhi, looked at his watch which was telling him that he should have been home by now but he was only leaving the office now

He looked at his cell phone once more before leaving the office, still no reply of all the SMS he sent to Kavi. He knew she must be really pissed by now. He still had to catch the bus for going home and considering the traffic, he could be very late when he will reach home. He packed his stuff and literally ran out of the office

31st December, 8:00 pm
“Ok, so what’s the plan?”… Aakash was getting very excited to know about Keshav’s plan

“Have patience my friend. The party will start in an hour; we will roam around and show everyone our faces, then quietly we will leave the party”… Keshav explained to them

“This is the thrilling plan you have?”… Debojit was not impressed at all
“I will tell you guys about my plan, when we will reach our destination. So please don’t spoil the fun, now get ready for the party. We will have a memorable new year night boys”… Although Aakash and Debojit were not aware of his plan but the excitement in his voice was telling them it was something very special

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To whom it may concern
« on: July 28, 2016, 10:34:47 pm »

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Re: To whom it may concern
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2016, 10:35:10 pm »
Update 2

31st December, 8:30 pm

“For God sake Kavi, Please open the door, people are looking at me like I am a complete idiot who is talking to a door”

“No way, you are 2 and half hours late. I told you that the whole deal will be explained if you will be late”

“I know yaar, I am sorry. We can discuss about the deal once I am inside”

“No discussion, if you want this door open than promise me, you will agree to all my terms and conditions”

“I will, apart from that threat of sleeping alone for a week”

“Abhi, you cannot pick and choose right now. Agree or spend the night outside”

“Ok, I agree, now please open the door”… At last, he heard the sound of door getting opened

31st December, 9:45 pm
“Where are we going?”… They were all in Debojit’s car but Keshav was driving, as only he knew their destination point

“We are going to one of my relative’s house”… Keshav replied

“Shit man, your relatives live in such a shitty place. I don’t think I have ever been to this part of the city”… Debojit said with disgust

“Technically, I don’t even know what relation we have with them but once in a while they come to our house. I have been to their house twice before. I think mom help them financially sometimes. Luckily they are out of town and gave the keys to mom whom I stole from mom’s room for our plan”… Keshav explained to them

“Aakash, you brought the beer?”… Keshav asked him

“Yeah, but can you please tell us now, what actually is the plan?”

“Just a little more patience my friends, we are almost there. You both need some beer inside you before listening to my plan”

31st December, 10:30 pm
“You know this should be considered as domestic violence”… Aakash and Kavi were at the rooftop of their building

“Seriously? You are only cutting the onions, not that I am making you eat them”

“This is the main point Dear Wife. Not allowing your husband to enter the house, then not allowing him to argue about the deal and then forcefully make him cut all the vegetables and these poisonous onions which are making me cry”

“Ohhh, and when I do this every day then its ok? Also, when Dear Husband promises not to be late but then he comes home very late. Then he is not ready to sleep alone for a week and then I guess he has to cut the onions for spoiling his wife’s mood”

“And I told you, cut them in small pieces, what I am gonna do with these giant size pieces of onions?”… Kavi inspected his work for the first time

“O Hello, I am not a master chef, take it or leave it”

“Alright, you will have to eat them, cut them the way you like it. I will eat the pizza you ordered for me. Let me enjoy my new year’s night”… Kavi once again moved back her attention to the sky where she could see the odd fireworks, once in a while

“Don’t worry Wife, my time will also come”

31st December, 11:30 pm
“Ok, I think I am already feeling a bit high, can you please disclose the big secret”… Debojit asked Keshav after ending his second cane of beer

“I think Aakash needs another cane”… Keshav looked at Aakash

“I don’t think so, let me be in some kind of sense, so I can at least understand your plan”

“Ok my friends, then get ready for the big surprise”… Saying this Keshav got up from his chair and pushed his T-shit upwards

“What the fuck?”… Debojit and Aakash almost jumped from their chairs

“It’s really a gun or I am just a bit too high?”… Debojit inquired him

“It is a gun and a real one”… Keshav took the gun out of his jeans

“Are you fucking mad or what? You are planning to kill someone?”… Aakash was still in shock

“I am not that stupid, why would I kill someone?”

“Then what you are planning to do, rob someone?”… This time Debojit asked him

“This is why I said, you both need some beer inside you. We are not here to kill or rob someone, we are here to celebrate New Year night with aerial shots of gun”… Keshavn disclosed his plan for the first time

“You are fucking insane, what’s so thrilling about it? And what if someone sees us?”… Debojit didn’t like his plan

“This is the reason why I chose this area, no one knows us here. When the clock will struck 12:00 am, we will have few aerial gun shots and then we will go home”

“I don’t think, this is a very good idea, let alone an exciting idea”… Debojit was still not convinced

“Last month, my dad bought this and used it for aerial firing in one of my cousin’s marriage. Although he didn’t allow me to do that, but secretly I did fire some shots along with my cousin. Believe me it was so thrilling; I had goose bumps for minutes after using the gun. It was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life. Mom and Dad are at Aakas’s house, so I stole it from Dad’s cupboard for tonight’s thrilling adventure”… Keshav’s voice was full of excitement

“Aakash, what do you say? Are you ready for the most thrilling experience of your life?”… This time Keshav asked Aakash, who was listening to him quietly up till now

“I think, I will have another beer”… Aakash gave him a smiling look

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Re: To whom it may concern
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2016, 10:35:10 pm »

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Re: To whom it may concern
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2016, 10:35:33 pm »
3rd and final update

31st December, 11:54 pm

“If you are done with the onions, why don’t you join me here in the celebrations?”… Kavi asked him

“I just cut the most poisonous onions ever produced and now you want me to enjoy this auspicious occasion with you?”

“Haha… Right now, you are looking like a kid, who have just lost his favorite toy”

“Yeah, my favorite toy is enjoying the night, while I am still wiping my tears”


31st December, 11:58 pm

“Damn it Aakash, hold it on an angle”

“I told you, don’t let him drink too much beer”… Debojit teased Keshav

“Shut up Debo. How you will become an engineer? You seem to have no clue about 45 degrees angle”

“Keshav, if you can just fucking stop blabbering for few seconds, only than I can concentrate on what I am doing”

“Ok, it’s all yours, let me see, what you can do without my help”… Keshav took a few steps backwards


31st December, 11:59 pm

“Abhi, don’t be a bore, join me here. The countdown is about to begin”

“Kavi, if my memory serves me right, the last time I got so excited about the new year night, I was in college”… This time Abhi teased her

“Ok, sit there on your boring chair like an oldie. I am still young and energetic”

“The countdown begins, yahoo”… Kavi exclaimed with joy

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. Happy New Year”… Kavi shout out loudly

“Easy on old man’s ears Wife. I m just couple of feet’s away from you”

“Abhi, look at the fireworks. Wow, it’s so beautiful. You see this is what we missed last year”

“I Love You Abhi”… Kavi looked back at him

“I Love You too”

“No, No, not like this, say it with some passion and romance, Dear Husband”

“Like?”… Abhi gave her a naughty smile

“Like this, I Love Y………o”… Abhi felt like a whiff of air just crossed him and the next thing he saw was that Kavi falling down on ground and a gush of blood surrounding her

“KAVI”… The festive night roared with his scream


“Oh my God, Oh my God, what? No, what have you done? Fuck no”… Debojit couldn’t believe what he saw just seconds ago

“Aakash, what… I said… on angle… Oh my God”… Keshav hold his head in both hands. They were just couple of roofs away from where those man and woman were, they even heard her saying “Happy New Year” few seconds ago and now she was lying on the floor and the man was holding her in his arms

“I didn’t mean… I was just… it was just… I pointed it… on angle… you told me… it just… jerked… I shot… and it just… jerked… jerked… I didn’t mean to…”… Words were coming out of Aakash’s mouth like he was talking in a trance. All three of them were transfixed in their positions and were looking at the scene in front of them


“Kavi, Kavi, Please talk to me, what happened, please talk to me Kavi. Talk to me Damn it, I will say I Love you they way you want. I won’t be late again Kavi, Please talk to me, Kavi, Kaviiii”… Aakash was slapping her face, jolting her body but there were no response from her. He was socked in all the blood came out of her chest. And the first time, realization hit him that Kavi was shot by a bullet. He raised his head and looked around him and suddenly his eyes got locked on the three boys. They were standing just two roofs away from his roof. One of them was still holding the gun in his direction. Even from that distance, he could see that they all were standing there like someone has pressed their pause button. The next thing he knew was that, he was rushing towards them


“Come one Aakash, run, he is coming towards us”… Keshav was the first one to react

“Aakash, Pleas run, come”… Moving man also brought back Debojit into senses.

Both of them were pushing Aakash but he was stuck in his position and before they could do anything, Abhi jumped on their roof

“Please Sir, let me explain, it was… it was just an accident, he didn’t mean to, we didn’t mean to… shot her”… Keshav moved towards Abhi to explain him the situation

“You bastards, you killed her. You… You… Killed my Kavi”… Tears were oozing out of Abhi’s eyes

“Sir, please, I am sorry… I mean we are sorry… we were just… just mean to have… aerial shot”… Debojit also moved forward. Aakash was still stuck in his position

“Fuck your aerial shot”… Abhi hit Debojit with a full mighty punch on his nose

“Sir, Please Sir… we belong to respectable fam….”… Abhi didn’t even allow Keshav to complete his sentence and punched him right on his jaw. Seeing both of his friends going down, Aakash came back to his senses and the next thing he did was go down on his feet and grab’s Abhi’s right leg

“I am Sorry Sir… I didn’t mean to shot her… I am really… Sorry… Sir”… Aakash felt like something has stuck in his throat, he had to make an effort to speak out those words

Abhi pushed him away with the jerk of his leg, he looked back. Even from there he could see his beloved wife, his life, Kavi’s lifeless body on the ground soaked in blood. His mind was black out for few seconds, he was not able to comprehend the situation. He didn’t know what he was doing; he just picked up the gun from the floor and in less than five minutes, the festive night roared once more with another gun shot


1st May, 1:15 am (4 Months Later)

“Abhimanyu Singh, is not just my best friend, he is like a brother to me. Our relationship started way back on the cold floors of an orphanage, and then turned us into best of friends. We started our struggle together and promised each other that we will make our own lives. After years of hard work, we were able to settle in life, I became a reporter and he got a respectable job in a firm. But pain of not having a family ever left our hearts. 3 years ago, he met a wonderful girl, Kaviya Shekhar. She was full of life; they fell in love and decided to get married. I attended his marriage as “groomsman”. He was so happy, Kaviya completed his life, gave him all the happiness in the world. They were so happy together even in his limited resources, they led a happy, complete, joyful life”

“But then one night, an adventure of three young boys tarnished their lives. Abhimanyu lost his Kaviya, and in the rage of the moment, he took the life of the boy named Aakash, who accidently killed his wife. As a reporter, I can’t allow my sentiments to take over my editorial judgment. But writing a piece for this case, which involves my brother like friend is the most difficult and painful experience of my life. Who can blame Abhimanyu, for taking the life of Aakash? Who can blame Aakash’s father? Who is not ready to listen to his plea? He lost his only son, his bright son, who was a future engineer. Who can blame Keshav? He is just a young boy, who saw his father enjoying a thrilling experience of firing aerial shots with his gun on a marriage. Who can blame the court? As law has to take its due course”

“Then who is to blame for this catastrophe? A New Year night, which is supposed to give hope and happiness to people for the coming year, destroyed the lives of so many people. Is it the fault of that night? No, the fault lies in the fact, how we chose to celebrate our happiness. Birthdays, marriages, New Year’s nights, they all are just tools which bring some moments of joy in our lives. But we have decided to celebrate these occasions with guns and bullets. There was a time, when guns and bullets were considered a tool of terror, but now we have made them part of our celebrations. I don’t know how many people will read my article, but whoever reads it, whether you are a politician, lawmaker, parent, husband, wife, daughter, son, I don’t care from which part of the society you belong. Just for a minute think about, where we have lead this society?”

“Aakash Batra, was killed 3 months ago. Abhimanyu Singh, will be hanged tomorrow morning. But does this story end here? It’s time, where we should separate the tools of terror from our celebrations, otherwise, the story of Abhimanyu, Kaviya and Aakash will repeat itself again and again”

He removed his glasses, and looked at his watch, there was still time left before he could have the last meeting with his best friend. He thought for few seconds, what could be an appropriate title for his article and then he started to type the name of his article

“To whom it may concern”
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