Author Topic: I fucked My Niece  (Read 2569 times)

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I fucked My Niece
« on: August 30, 2017, 10:25:02 pm »

                Sometimes you never know where your pleasures
will come from.  That's what I found out.
There I was looking at her young body, naked
and everything open to my sight.  Her little
nipples were so cute, her little hairless pussy
a sight to see.
I leaned down and licked and sucked her little
nipples.  She giggled as I licked and sucked
one then the other.  She kind of cried out when
I bit them a little bit.
Then I licked down her smooth soft little tummy.
She was ticklish and giggled and laughed as
I kept licking it.
Finally I moved on down to her little hairless
virginal tiny pussy slit.  Her little pussy lips
were thin and tiny.  She wiggled and squirmed
as I licked my tongue up her slit.  I kept licking
and sucking on it, even sucking her tiny clitoris,
which she actually loved.
Before long even as young as she was her little
cunt began flowing its juices, lubricating it.  I loved
the taste of her tiny cunt and it's juices.
Finally I moved up and began rubbing my cock up
and down her little slit coating it well with my
on precum.
Once I had it well lubricated, I began pressing it
against her little well lubricated virginal opening.
As I began forcing my cock head up into her and
stretching her opening wider and wider she began
whining and crying.
Suddenly my big cock head plunged right into
her tunnel.  She screamed out with the pain, but
I held still with just my cock head inside of her
enjoying the tightness squeezing my sensitive
cock head.
I held still for just a minute then began to once
again push it up inside of her. My cock head
was already pressing hard against her little
hymen and when it suddenly gave way and
my cock slipped through it, she cried out with
the pain again as my cock slipped all of the
way up inside of her.
Well not all of the way, even with my cock
head pressing hard against her deepest vaginal
wall and tiny cervix, there was still about
three inches of cock left that I couldn't get
inside of her.
I wasn't about to try to force it through her
cervix into her womb either, she was just
to young for that.
I held still letting her tiny cunt, stretch
and adjust to its invader.  Finally her
cries of pain faded and I began slowly
slipping it in and out of her.  No I wasn't
going to fuck her hard, she was just to
young and tiny for that.
I fucked her for close to fifteen minutes
before I pushed it in as deep as I could get
it and pumped her little cunt full of its
first load of hot fertile baby making sperm.
Of course I knew that she was way to young
to become pregnant,  after all there is no
year old girl that can get pregnant.
Once I emptied myself of hot fertile sperm into
her tiny cunt, I held still my cock still buried as
deep as I could get it.
With my cock still in her little girls tiny cunt
I looked at my younger sister and her husband.
"Ok sis, your little girl is all ready for your
husband cock.  He won't have any trouble getting
it up inside of her.  Now sis you get ready for
me to fuck you and plant my baby in your fertile
womb like I said so you can get pregnant from
your own brother while your watching your
husband fucking his own little baby girl.
Sis grinned and I could see the lust and
excitement in her eyes and on her face knowing
that she was going to fuck her own brother and
get pregnant with his baby while she watched
her husband fucking their own year old
Yes, this should be a birthday that her husband
should remember what she gave him for it.
Of course they had told me once I fucked both
of them I could then fucked either of them
whenever I wanted too.
Yes my little sister and I have always been close.
After all I fucked her and took her virginity just
the night before her wedding to her husband.


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I fucked My Niece
« on: August 30, 2017, 10:25:02 pm »

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Re: I fucked My Niece
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2018, 10:22:48 pm »
Where's the first part??? :wacko: :hammer:

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Re: I fucked My Niece
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2018, 10:22:48 pm »


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