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Kat Grows Up
« on: September 15, 2017, 07:20:45 pm »
Kat Grows Up

When does just caring about a person a little turn into love? When Katrina moved in next door to us, I was fourteen. Our parents became good friends and I sort of watched out for Kat when she'd go outside and really thought nothing about her, except as being the kid next door.

Kat had her group of friends, and I had mine and over my high school years, I saw to it that none of the "boys" bothered her, like I would for a kid sister. She always had a smile for me and she'd giggle when she thought I was out of earshot.

My senior year, I took advantage of a program that the U.S. Navy had and they paid for my college education to become a doctor. I wanted to specialize in Chiropractic Medicine, which is the system of treatment based on the belief that all disease is caused by pressure on the nerves as they leave the spinal column.

I worked hard in college, got good grades on my exams and even took courses over the summer months that would assist me in achieving my ultimate goal. Finally came graduation day, the culmination of all the hard work over the last four years was going to start to pay off.

Mom and Dad flew across country to attend and they looked great. I had obtained a room for them at a near-by hotel and they came early to spend a few days. I told them that I was going to report to my first duty station, right after graduation, as an Lt.jg in the Navy.

They were somewhat upset that I wasn't going to spend any time at home, before going off, but I explained that I was really excited about getting started and that once I was settled in at my new station, I could pick a good time to come home.

After graduation, we had supper together and both wished me well. The next morning I watched as they entered the plane to go home. My flight would leave in three hours.

I was headed to the Naval Hospital, in Sigonella, Sicily. The flight would take eighteen hours, so I brought a good book to read on the flight. Dressed in my Dressed Whites Uniform, I waited for the flight.

Mom wrote to me every week, keeping me abreast of what was happening in the neighborhood. She never failed to mention how Kat was doing. At sixteen-years-old now, she was also studying to become a nurse by taking a home course.

Kat had given Mom one of her school pictures, and she sent it to me. Kat was growing up all right, her picture showed a lovely young lady with waist length brown hair, bright green eyes and a captivating smile.

About six months after arriving here in Sigonella, I wrote to Kat and told her how proud I was of her for taking on so much at such a young age and that I was sure she'd be a fantastic nurse.

Two weeks later, I received a letter from Kat. She was happy to hear from me and hoped I enjoyed Sicily. From then on, we kept writing back and forth. In one letter I told her I'd be home for her seventeenth birthday and asked her what she wanted. She just wanted me to come home because she hadn't seen my in years.

I took thirty days leave and flew home and surprised my parents. But the one that was really surprised was Kat; she didn't expect me until next week.

I spotted her from the living room window, when she was walking down the sidewalk, carrying her schoolbooks. I let her get past the house and then opened the front door and said, "Hey! Are you the little girl that lives next door?"

When she heard me, she turned, dropped her books and came running across the lawn. She threw herself at me, wrapping her arms around my neck and hugged me.

I was not expecting this much of a reaction from her, but I held her to me and then I heard her crying. Moving her back, I looked at her and said, "Hey, what's the tears for?"

"Do you realize it has been nearly five years since I've seen you?

"It has been that long hasn't it?"

"I'm glad your home at last, will you be coming to my birthday party next week?"

"I wouldn't miss it Kat."

While we talked, I couldn't help but notice how beautiful that scrawny little girl had grown in to. "You certainly have grown up while I was away."

She stepped back, turned in a circle and said, "Yes! I'm no longer that little girl," as she blushed a little.

"No, your sure not that little girl."

Kat's mother came out the front door, looking for Kat and saw her with me.

"Hi Craig! Welcome home."

"Thank you Mrs. Fielding, nice to be back."

"Kat, you have a phone call, want me to tell them to call back?"

"No, I'll be right there."

She looked at me and said, "Don't be a stranger, okay"

"I won't, go take your call."

She picked up her books, and then went in her house. I got the mail, and then went inside.

The night of her birthday party, I dressed in slacks and a pullover shirt and brought her gift to her. I felt out of place, as the only one's older then me were her parents. I didn't stay long, but told her to have a good time, but she insisted on opening the gift I gave her.

When she unwrapped the box and opened it, she looked amazed. I had bought her a nice pearl necklace, with matching earrings.

"Craig! They're beautiful, thank you."

"I thought you'd like them. I'm sure they'll look great on you."

She ran to show her mother the gift, and I just went back home.

The next two weeks flew by and then I was back on a plane to Sicily. Getting back to my "bachelor accommodations" was nice, but the visit home had made me feel sad that it went by so fast.

I got back into the swing of things at the hospital and it soon felt like I had never left at all.

The time really went by good for me and next thing I knew, I got a letter from Kat saying that she was graduating. I wrote back and told her I wasn't able to attend, as I was in the middle of some research. She understood and just said it would have been nicer if I were there.

Three months later, I was walking the main hall of the hospital and I noticed one of the nurses was just ahead of me; I made out the bars on her epaulets, which told me she was an Ensign. She was pretty shapely in her whites and I started to walk just a little faster.

As I got closer to her, I tapped her on the shoulder and said, "Excuse me."

She turned, and I was face to face with Kat. With all the people in the hall, us in uniform, all she could do was smile at me.

"Hello Craig! Or is it Lt. Anderson?"

"What! What are you doing her in Sicily?" I asked.

She proceeded to tell me that she had completed her nurse's training before graduation and she talked to a recruiter about enlisting. She told him that she made the recruiter promise that she'd get stationed here at the hospital, and that she had just arrived this morning and was in the process of checking in.

She didn't tell anyone at home what she was doing until the night before her flight. She wanted to keep it a secret, so no one would be able to tell me.

"Well, that certainly worked," I said.

"Can we meet for lunch?" She asked.

"Sure, that would be nice. How about at the main entrance at noon?"

"That would be great, I'll see you then."

At noon, I found myself excited by the fact that Kat was here. Standing outside waiting on her, I spotted her as she exited the hospital and walked towards me.

I studied her as she approached and she was gorgeous. Not the little eight-year-old I first met, for certain. We walked to the Dining Facility and after going through the line, found a table in the back.

As we ate, I said, "Now tell me what in the world ever possessed you to come to this place?" "Don't you know Craig? Don't you even have a clue?"

I stopped eating and looked right into her face. I saw a young woman, a woman in love.

"Me? You came here because of me?"

"Yes Craig, You. I've been in love with you from the day I first saw you. I'm sure you've been told that I never had a boyfriend, that I was always taking this or that course, even in the summers."

"Yeah, Mom did mention that."

"You stole my heart when I was a child Craig, and never gave it back and I want you to keep it."

" I had a strong feeling, that you had a crush on me, and I felt it stronger when I went home on leave last year."

They talked and talked throughout the lunch hour and they ended up agreeing to get an apartment out on the "economy", instead of living in the Officers Barracks. They would go look tonight after work and see what they could find.

Back in his lab area, Craig spoke with some other officers and a couple of the senior enlisted people and heard about a fully furnished apartment right in the little city of Moto, just up the hill from the base.

After work, Craig drove them into Moto and he found the apartment complex. Talking to the manager, they were taken to the fifth floor and shown the apartment.

It was a two bedroom, one bath place with a large living room and a very nice kitchen. The floors and walls were all done in marble squares and Kat loved it.

Crag signed a two-year lease and the apartment was theirs. Being it was Friday, Kat suggested that they pick up her suitcases from her room at the barracks, as she had yet unpacked and they could collect his clothing tomorrow.

Driving back to the base, Kat was smiling all the while and it didn't escape Craig's notice. They put her suitcases in the trunk and decided to get a few things from Craig's room too.

Neither of them had "duty" over the weekend, so they could sleep in and not worry. Back at the apartment, Craig carried the suitcases and Kat carried what she could on each trip up the five flights of stairs, until everything was there.

Craig made a quick run to the Commissary and bought some food and snacks and returned just as Kat finished unpacking her things. Putting the food up, they then sat in the living room to rest a bit. He was beat from all the trips up and down the stairs today and he fell onto the couch.

"Hey! I wanted to sit on the couch too," Kat said.

Craig turned on his side and patted the couch and said, "You can sit right here, if you'd like."

Kat looked at him and instead of sitting, she laid down with him and put her arm over him.

"Better hold on to me, don't want me falling off now, do you?"

Craig's arm wrapped around her waist and brought her close to him, then being face-to-face, so close, he kissed her. Kat welcomed his lips and moaned slightly as she opened her mouth and sent her tongue into Craig's mouth.

This what she wanted to do when he came home on leave last year, but she was a little scared to do it at the time. But now, her tongue roamed in his mouth, tasted his tongue against hers. They held the kiss for a long time and their breathing became a little erratic.

Craig was thrilled in having her in his arm; she was beautiful. He didn't date much through college and since he's been in Sicily, so this was a very much-welcomed change for him.

Just as Craig moved his hand to Kat's ass, she did the same to him, both pulling themselves into one another. His cock was straining his jeans, pushing against her. Removing his lips from her's, he said, "Let's go to the bedroom."

Kat was willing, still a virgin, but willing to lose her virginity to the one man she has loved for so long. Sitting up, she took his hand and led the way to their new bedroom.

Craig sat on the edge of the bed, with Kat right in front of him. He reached up and started to unbutton her shirt. She moved to help and he said, "No Kat, let me do it."

When he opened her shirt and drew it off of her shoulders, he saw that she was wearing a pink, Lycra bra with black lace trim at the top and a black bow covering the front release. Her breasts swelled over the cups of the bra.

"My Lord Kat, they're beautiful."

Craig brought her closer to him and he placed his face in between her breasts and kissed them.

Kat held the back of his head to her, so happy that she's finally revealing herself to him. Each touch of his lips on the swell of her breasts, sent chills throughout her body.

Craig was working the snap button on her jeans and unzipped them and let them fall to the floor. Kat stepped out of them and kicked them to the side. She moved Craig back from her and used his shoulder as a prop so she could remove her shoes and socks.

Craig watched her and took in the panties that matched her bra. The black lace was used as the strap that went around her waist and there was another going up between the cheeks of her ass.

His hands moved down to encompass those cheeks and they kissed once again. Both breathing hard, Kat moved to pull his shirt over his head and then removed his pants, leaving his briefs on him. He slipped his loafers off and his socks and brought Kat onto the bed, and then he slid alongside of her.

"Craig, you'll have to be easy with me, I'm still a virgin."

Craig had thought that some lucky high school boy had taken her cherry, because she was so pretty, but he was wrong, so he said, "I will Kat, I'm going to make sure that your first time will be one to remember for the rest of your life.

Kat was lying on her back and he leaned down to kiss her again, their tongues wrestling once again, as his hand found her left breast. He came from under the swell and over her bra cup. When his fingertips felt her flesh, he kneaded the breast, then found the front clasp and opened it. This time when his hand felt her breast, it was flesh to flesh, under the loosened cup.

Kat took in a deep breath when she felt his hand on her flesh, his palm covering her nipple. When he took the nipple between his fingers and put a little pressure on it, she moaned softly, as they continued to kiss.

Craig broke the kiss and helped her remove her bra. He moved his mouth to her breast and suckled her nipple. Kat put her hand on his head letting him know that she wanted him there.

His tongue licked at the quickly hardening nub. Craig popped the nipple in and out of his mouth, extending it as far as it would go. The little nub grew into a small hard piece of flesh and he enjoyed being able to have this woman.

Using his mouth, he took as much of her breast into his mouth as he could, while his hand massaged and played with her other breast.

Kat's breathing was quickening and she moaned each time his tongue flicked at her nipple. She had played with her own breast, quite often, thinking of just this time, when Craig would be sucking on them.

Many of her masturbation fantasies were of Craig making love to her and now, here he was, doing just that. She held his head, as he moved to her other breast and moaned loudly as he nipped her nipple lightly with his teeth.

Craig moved his hand down her stomach, he wanted to feel her pussy and Kat lifted her hip to him as if saying, it's your for the taking, please. When his hand finally reached her pussy, over her panties, Kat spread her legs more to allow easier access for him.

As his hand covered her mound, he felt how wet her pantied were. Sliding the gusset aside, he found her entrance and let the tip of his finger enter her.

"Mmmmmmm! God Craig, please, make love to me."

He heard her words and he let his finger go in deeper. Her juices coated his finger and he moved it in and out of her pussy, enticing her further and further. He pulled out of her and rolled her panties down her legs and she kicked them away.

Now, completely naked, showing Craig everything she had to give, she spread her legs and let him see how ready she was for him to take her virginity.

Craig moved between her legs, on his knees. He moved her legs so they were bent at the knees, and he spread them further. His eyes looking at her pussy, her bald, dripping pussy. Lowering himself, he placed his face between her legs and took in the sweet scent coming from her.

He moved closer and Kat watched as he placed his mouth on her. "Yes Craig, eat my pussy, taste my virgin pussy juice."

His tongue spread her outer lips as he moved from her entrance up to her clit, making her wetter if that was possible. As his tongue contacted her clit, She brought her hands to his head and she gripped his hair to hold on to him.

He worked his tongue back to her tunnel and licked at her juices around the entrance. Teasingly, his tongue licked and lapped at the hole, not entering.

"Eat me Craig, Oh please don't tease me."

His tongue followed her request as he delved into her dripping hole. He licked the sides of her tunnel and brought her sweet nectar into his mouth to swallow.

"Yes, Yes, Yes," Kat groaned.

Her hips slamming into his face, as he continued to fill her pussy with his tongue. He brought his hands to her breasts and took the nipples between his fingers and rolled them as his tongue once again found her clit and danced around it, then tugging it with his lips.

"I'm going to cum Craig, going to cum on your face."

Her hips were moving faster and faster on his face as she climaxed form her first oral stimulations. Craig moved his tongue back inside of her and sucked down the warm fluids she offered to him.

Her fingers pulled his hair and head closer to her pussy, almost choking his ability to breath. As her climax waned, she loosened her grip and her legs fell to the sheets and she released her grip on his head.

Kat's eye's had closed as she experienced her first oral orgasm, her breast rising and falling quickly as she gulped down as much air as she could. Craig, slid his briefs down his legs and moved his stiff cock to her entrance and he pushed the head in.

Kat's eye's came open as she felt his cock enter her. Biting her lips as the mere size of him stretched her unused pussy. True to his word, Craig was going to take his time entering her. He wanted her to feel good about the first time a cock was inside of her. He moved in a little further and then back out a little.

She had not seen his cock yet, just the outline of it in his briefs and she recalled how big it looked to her. Craig's cock made its forward entry a little more, when he had about three inches in her, he felt her maidenhead, blocking his path and stopped right against it.

Kat loved the way his cock was stretching her pussy. It felt so go to have him inside of her, finally. When he stopped, she looked into his face and said, "Take me Craig, make me your woman."

"It will hurt Kat, so hold on."

Craig moved his cock back and then in a swift movement sent it in again and this time, he shoved past her maidenhead and seated his cock inside of her, stopping once again.

Kat closed her eyes and braced herself for the oncoming pain. She could feel his cock move back and her hands flew out and grabbed the sheets and crushed them in her hands as he plowed forward and took her virginity.

Kat took in a deep breath and a searing pain flew up her body, but he stopped moving in her and she slowly became use to having him all the way inside of her.

"Are you all the way in?" She asked.

"Yes honey, I want to wait until your ready to continue."

She nodded her head and he felt her pussy coating his cock, as the pain subsided. "Okay, the pains gone now," She said.

Craig kissed her, and slowly began to move his thick shaft inside of her. Her hips began to meet his as the pace picked up. He once again moved his hand to her breast and he kneaded the flesh and tugged at her nipple.

Kat loved the feelings she was having, both from his cock inside of her and his hand playing with her breast. So often, her thoughts had been of Craig doing just this to her, taking her virginity. The movement of his hard cock inside of her, got her pussy so wet, she was leaking her juices.

Kat was feeling the build of her orgasm in the pit of her stomach and she said, "I'm going to cum again Craig, fuck my pussy hard."

He wanted her to climax before he did. To feel the pleasure she could derive from their union. His cock began to move faster inside of her. The ridge of his cock head could feel the tiny ridges within her pussy and he knew he was close to cumming himself.

All of a sudden Kat's body felt like an entire fireworks show was going off inside of her. She rolled her head from side to side and her hands twisted the bed sheets as she thrusted her hips onto his cock.

"Oh God, Oh God! I'm cumming, Jesus Yessssssssssss," she screamed.

She was like a bucking bronco to Craig, but he rode her with his cock and soon he felt himself shooting his cum inside of her pussy. Shot after shot, he fired off inside of her, causing another orgasm for Kat. Both of them thrashed on the bed in the throes of the climax's, eyes squeezed shut, hips thrusting, gasping for air.

Slowly, they returned to the here and now and Craig rolled to her side and took her in his arms. Still breathing hard, they kissed and clung to each other. They soon fell asleep, Kat had her head on his chest and he had a hand encompassing one of her breast.

The End

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Kat Grows Up
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