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Seducing Daddy
« on: October 26, 2017, 03:58:03 am »
Seducing DaddyI have always dreamed of seeing my step-father naked and being able to sleep with him. He has been attractive to me ever since he married my mother. He was always so kind to me and treated me like his own daughter. I began developing early and I could tell my father enjoyed seeing that, because he would always look down at my boobs. I never acted on these sexual fantasies, until I was 22. I was on a break from college and decided to come home to visit. My mother was just on her way to a business trip to another country. So it would be just me and my dad for the week. I knew this was my chance, to finally seduce him.The next morning, my mother left for the airport. My dad returned and sat on the couch to watch TV. I knew I had to make my first move. I decided to put on a thong and a baggy shirt that went down just below my thong. I went downstairs and sat on the couch with him. He seemed a little tense, seeing me in almost no clothing. I saw something on the floor in front of the TV and decided to pick it up. I walked to the TV and bent down, blocking the screen with my exposed ass. I took my time in this position, pretending that I needed to look for something. I heard my dad gasp and thats when I knew, i had him. I got back up and slowly walked back to the couch, pretending like i knew nothing. I proceeded back upstairs to my room, as a tease to my dad.When I was on my way back downstairs, I could hear moans and grunts. I looked down to see my dad jerking off and whispering.. "Ooh yeah babygirl.. Mm.." I started to get wet, knowing my dad was jerking off to me! I slowly began to rub my own clit as I watched my dad. Soon enough, my dad was cumming. I heard a loud grunt and a final "Ah". i knew I couldn't wait any longer and tonight would be the night. After dinner, my dad went back to the couch and turned on the TV. I washed the dishes and went straight to my room to change. I shaved my pussy, to make sure it was nice and smooth. Then, I put on a thong and a white, see-through lace nightie. I tiptoed down the stairs and sat next to my dad on the couch again. When he saw me, he gasped and said "Sweetie! What are you wearing?! Please go change right now!" But I simply gave him a seductive look, sat on his lap facing him & put my arms around him. "Are you sure you want me to change daddy? I know you like it." i said."Yes, please change. We can't do this, it's inappropriate. I am your father." He said."Step-father. Which means we're not really related. So it's okay. Besides, I see the way you look at me, i know you want this." I said."But still.." He said as he tried to resist his hands from moving anywhere from my back."I began to whisper, "Come on Daddy, i know you want me.. I can feel your hard cock throbbing.."And with those words, he forcefully grabbed my boobs with both hands and began smothering himself into them. I let out a moan, "Oooh that feels so good.."He began getting really into it & I knew then, that I had finally seduced him."Your boobs are so big babygirl." And he flicked my nipple with his tongue. "Suck on my titties, daddy."He squeezed my boob with one hand and began to suck. He flicked his tongue all over my nipple and bit down gently. I moaned in pleasure as he began to suck harder and harder. "Ohh daddy, that feels soooo good.. Mm, my pussy is getting wet for you!""I can see that... Mind if I taste you?""Please do..."He then laid me on the couch, stripped off my nightie and began to rub the outside of my thong. He spread my legs wide, slid off my thong and put his face directly at my throbbing pussy. He was trying to tease me now, so he breathed heavily on my clit, licking the very tip, but nothing more. I was getting so wet and I couldn't take it, I begged him to eat me. Finally, with much surprise, he dug his tongue into my pussy and began licking up and down my slit. I moaned with pleasure. "Oh god yes, just like that daddy, eat my pussy!!"He continued to eat my pussy, sticking his tongue deep inside me and rubbing my clit with his thumb. He then stuck one finger inside me."Oh god, you're so tight baby. This is just one finger!""Finger fuck me daddy.."And so he began. Slowly putting his finger in and out of me. Then he added a finger, and another, I screamed in pleasure. "I can't take it anymore daddy, FUCK ME!"He took off pants, revealing his 10 inch cock. He began to stroke it and asked if I was ready or could handle it."Your cock is so huge.. I knew it would be. I want to feel it, all of it. I want you to fuck me with all 10 inches"He slowly slid the cock inside me.. Allowing me to get used to it. It was so big, I could feel the walls of my pussy stretching."Come on daddy.. Fuck me, fuck me deep and hard with that cock. I want you to fuck me!"He pushed all 10 inches in me and moaned"Oh god babygirl, you're so tight! I wanna fuck you all night long! You like daddys big cock in your pussy?"[/font][/color]

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Seducing Daddy
« on: October 26, 2017, 03:58:03 am »