Author Topic: A Stranger in the Night  (Read 1389 times)

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A Stranger in the Night
« on: December 19, 2017, 11:57:24 pm »
Tammy walked out of the bar both coughing up from the intense smoke and wondering where on Earth she had parked her car.
 "You lost?" asked a voice in the shadow of the parking lot.
 Tammy turned around quickly to see a man, dressed in jeans and a dirty jean jacket, staring at her, as he stepped on his used cigarette butt.
 "Ummm, yeah, I can't remember where I parked the damn thing," she said, scanning the crowded parking lot.
 "Well, let's see, what kind of car is it and what color is it?" he asked.
 "It's a black camaro," she answered, stepping back as the stranger stepped forward, out of the shadows.
 "It's right over there," he said, pointing to her car in the far corner of the lot.
 "Thanks," she said, walking towards her vehicle, but hearing footsteps behind her.
 She quickly flipped around and saw the stranger following closely behind her.
 "Is there something you needed?" she asked, half turning towards him.
 "Well, I figure since I helped you find your car, the least you can do is give me a ride," he said, inching closer towards her.
 "Look, I appreciate the help, but I don't know you and I'm not about to give some strange guy that was hanging out in a bar parking lot a ride, I'm sorry," she said, fumbling around in her purse for her car keys.
 "Look, lady, you owe me," he said, becoming very agitated, "I didn't have to help you at all, I was just being nice."
 "And, like I said, I appreciate your help, but I'm not giving you a ride," she repeated, sliding her key into the door lock.
 Just then, the man walked up behind her, placing his hand on top of hers, "It's just a ride, I'm not asking you for a kidney here."
 Tammy began to get very frightened, "Look, if you don't leave me alone, I'm gonna scream."
 "Go ahead and scream, lady," he said, "There's no one out here and the nearest police station is almost 30 miles away."
 She took a deep breath, and against her better judgement, she gave in and agreed to give him a ride, knowing he would not leave her alone otherwise.
 "Okay, I'll give you a ride, where is it you need to go?" she asked, walking around and unlocking the passenger side door.
 "Just up the road, no more then 10 miles," he said, giving her a strange grin as he climbed into the passenger seat and slammed the door.
 Tammy got into the driver's seat, but made sure she left her door unlocked as they pulled out of the parking lot.
 "Listen, I appreciate this," he said, lighting up another cigarette, "It's not exactly safe walking home in the dark around here."
 "It's no big deal," she said, keeping one eye on him and one eye on the road, "Just let me know where to go."
 After a few minutes, the man introduced himself as Larry. He was divorced, no children and lived alone in the woods. He said he enjoyed the solitude, but every now and then he'd wander up to the bar for a beer or two and a game of pool.
 Tammy offered no personal information about herself, nor did she care about this man or his story. She just wanted him out of her car and to get home to a nice warm bath and her big king size bed.
 "This is it right up here," he said, pointing to a long, dark driveway to the left.
 Tammy slowly pulled into the driveway and came to a stop, refusing to pull all the way up to Larry's house.
 "Thanks for the lift, ma'am," he said, climbing out of her car.
 "It's no problem, have a nice night, Larry," she said, slowly backing out of his yard, thankful he was gone and she was not far from home herself.
 A week later, the telephone rang.....
 "Hello?" she said, standing in nothing but her satin robe, fresh from a hot shower, "Hello?"
 No one spoke, but she could hear someone breathing. After a few more hello's, Tammy slammed the phone down, aggravated with the mystery caller.
 A few minutes later, the phone rang again, only ringing once this time though.
 This repeated five more times throughout the night, until finally Tammy unplugged the phone, deciding she'd never get any sleep with that going on.
 The next night, she was curled up on the couch, watching a sappy chick flick, when there came a knock on the door.
 Tammy looked at the clock, confused as to who would be at her door at almost midnight. She put the T.V. on mute, and slowly made her way to the front door.
 "Who is it?" she asked, tying the belt on her robe.
 No answer, but she could definitely see a shadow through the blinds in the front window.
 "I said, who is it?" she repeated, slowly unlocking the locks on the front door.
 Again, no answer.
 Finally, she opened the door, aggravated at someone playing games with her at this hour of the night, and who would be standing there?
 Larry ...... the persistant man from the bar.
 "Oh my God, how did you find me?" she asked, keeping the door half closed and a tight grip on her robe.
 "Let me in, Tammy Simms," he said, blowing the last of the smoke from his cigarette into her face.
 "How did you know my name?" she asked, pulling the door closer to her body.
 "I said, let me in," he repeated, taking a step closer to her.
 "No, I don't think so, I think you need to leave," she said, slowly closing the door.
 But, Larry wasn't having this. He put his foot up to the door, disabling her from closing it completely.
 "Do I have to repeat myself a third time?" he asked, pushing his body weight into the door, "Let me in, damnit."
 Tammy became very scared and decided it was probably best to do as he asked.
 After Larry pushed his way in completely, he slammed the door shut, locking it tightly and staring around, taking in Tammy's house.
 "You've got a nice house, you must have a great job," he said, plopping down on the oversized sofa.
 "I'm an accountant," she said, standing across the room, next to the fireplace, "How did you find me?"
 "Wasn't hard," he said, "While you were busy driving, the other night, I snatched your wallet from your purse. Didn't you realize it was missing?"
 Tammy almost stopped breathing. She had indeed noticed her wallet was missing and had already called the police and filed a report. Thankfully, she had also cancelled her credit cards. Unfortunately, Larry now had her driver's license and social security number.
 "What do you want from me?" she asked, still gripping her robe closed tightly.
 "I don't want much, baby," he said in a low voice, "Just some attention is all. It gets mighty lonely back in those woods. Nobody to talk to. No woman to keep me happy and satisfied. But that's where you come in."
 "What the hell are you talking about?" she asked.
 "Plain and simple, Tammy darlin, I need to get laid," he said, standing up and removing his jacket, tossing it across the living room.
 "You're fucking crazy," she said, walking over to the telephone in the kitchen.
 "I wouldn't do that if I were you," he said, quickly following her, "This doesn't have to get ugly, baby."
 "I'm not your baby," she snapped, as he grabbed the phone, tossing it down the hallway.
 "God, you smell nice," he said, slithering up behind her and sniffing her hair, "I've been watching you for the past week. I see those sexy outfits you wear to work. You must have all the guys at your job jacking off in the bathrooms thinking about you."
 "Get away from me, you make me sick," she hissed, pushing away from him, trying to escape.
 Larry grabbed Tammy's hands, planting them hard on the kitchen countertop, pressing her knuckles into the wood, "I told you, this doesn't have to get ugly, but it will if you insist on being a bitch."
 He released her hands and began slowly untying the belt to her robe, letting it gently glide off her shoulders and onto the kitchen floor. He sniffed her skin, taking in her sweet, erotic scent, instantly making his cock hard as steel.
 Tammy could feel Larry's cock pressing into her ass. He felt huge and she began to get scared, wondering what his next move was gonna be.
 "Turn around and face me, baby," he whispered, slowly unbuttoning his jeans and releasing the zipper.
 With shaky legs and tearful eyes, Tammy obeyed, slowly turning to face Larry. Inside, she cursed herself repeatedly for even being at that bar that night. If she hadn't, she wouldn't be in this mess right now.
 "God, you got a gorgeous body, you know that?" he asked, slowly shoving his dirty jeans down to his ankles, revealing that he did not wear anything underneath, "How long has it been since a man's had his cock in you, baby? Huh?"
 "That's none of your business," she said, feeling very violated and slutty right now, wishing to God someone would knock on the door and save her from what she knew was going to happen.
 "That long, huh?" he said, with a shit eating grin on his face, slowly jacking his cock in his large, calloused hand.
 He again walked closer to her, close enough that her nipples grazed his chest, and his cock tip brushed the hair on her pussy.
 He slowly unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it to the floor, next to Tammy's bath robe. They now, were both naked and Larry had his sights set on the beautiful Tammy Simms.
 He reached up and gently pinched her erect nipples, rolling them in his fingertips and groaning softly as his cock hardened even more.
 "You've got the sexiest tits I've ever seen, Tammy," he whispered, getting his mouth just inches from her right ear, "Makes my cock drool just touching your sexy nipples."
 Tammy closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip, trying desperately to keep from crying and showing any fear.
 "Turn around," he said, sliding his hands down to her hips, "I want your back facing me."
 Still, with her eyes tightly closed, Tammy obeyed and turned around, quickly grabbing for the countertop.
 "That's it, baby, now lean forward some, let me see that sexy ass of yours," he hissed, slowly rubbing each of her ass cheeks and giving them a light slap.
 "Please don't hurt me," she whispered.
 "I'm not here to hurt you, baby," he said, "I told you, I'm just here for a little attention."
 And with that said, Larry slowly slid down to his knees, dragging his calloused hands down the length of Tammy's naked body.
 "Oh fuck yeah," he whispered, eyeing her naked, trembling ass, "I knew you'd have a sexy ass."
 Larry slithered his tongue upwards, instantly tickling Tammy's asshole, teasing her rim and making her legs even more wobbly.
 "You like that, huh?" he said, looking up at her, "I knew you would."
 He gently rubbed her warm ass cheeks, as he spread them apart, making her asshole wider for his tongue. He dipped his mouth all around her virgin rim, dipping his tongue in and out, lapping around the hole and onto each ass cheek.
 Hard as she tried, Tammy couldn't deny that this was making her pussy wet. She had always enjoyed sex very much, and apparently, this time would be no different.
 Larry sat up on his knees, massaging her ass and kissing each cheek as he slid a finger deep into her hole, causing her to groan like a slut in heat. Tammy leaned forward and thrusted her ass out further, as if to say, "Take it, it's yours."
 Larry continued fingering her asshole, digging in, knuckle deep and twisting, forcing the hole to open wider.
 Finally, when neither Tammy, nor Larry, could stand it any longer, he ripped his finger from her asshole and shoved it into her mouth.
 He stood behind her, placing one hand on the small of her back, slowly pushing her face first into the counter top, and the other hand on his cock, using it to guide him directly into her sloppy wet pussy.
 "You ready for me?" he asked, slowly pushing his thick cock tip to her engorged pussy lips.
 "Yes, take me, Larry," she groaned breathlessly, no longer wanting to fight him.
 "Oh, I plan on taking you, baby," he hissed, violently shoving his thick rod deep into her warm, tight cunt.
 "Ohhhhhhhhh," she groaned, again biting her bottom lip, trying to adjust to Larry's oversized cock.
 Larry grabbed both of Tammy's hips, using them to push his cock that much further inside her. He pumped his way all the way until his cock tip bumped into her womb, causing her to cry out, but he never let up. He fucked her straight into the counter top's edge, using her groans as fuel to fuck her faster and harder.
 "Fuck, I've never felt a cunt like yours, bitch," he groaned, fucking further into her pussy, feeling her walls clench his cock, then release.
 "Don't stop, Larry," she begged, feeling her legs becoming rubbery and her cunt opening like a spring flower.
 She could feel his cock tip slamming into her womb, provoking her own orgasm. She climbed up onto the counter top and got on all 4's, feeling very slutty and wanting so badly to cum.
 "MMMMMM, that's it, baby, now you're gettin into it," he said, pulling his cock from her pussy and, without warning, jamming it into her virgin asshole.
 "OH GOD!!!" she screamed, sitting up and arching her back.
 She had never had a cock in her asshole because she had heard, from her friends, that it was painful, so she had always denied her past boyfriends access to it.
 Again, Larry slid his cock from her, only this time, instructing her to climb down from the counter top and get into the living room.
 Tammy quickly obeyed and returned to the living room, again, unsure of what Larry's next move would be.
 "As much as I wanna fucking cum," he said, "I don't want this shit to end right now."
 Tammy stood in the middle of the living room, both horny and confused. Then what was it that Larry wanted?
 "Come suck me off," he said, in a nasty tone, "C'mon, you're a whore, I just saw that, now suck me off."
 Tammy took a deep breath and slowly walked over to Larry, who was standing there, jacking himself off.
 She slid to her knees, instantly smelling her own scent on his cock and balls. She grabbed his cock and slowly pushed her tongue into his wet cock slit, forcing it open.
 Larry groaned and pulled Tammy's hair, shoving her mouth down, almost gagging her.
 "That's it, baby, suck me off good," he groaned, pumping his hips and fucking her mouth slowly.
 Hard as she tried, Tammy could not move, only enough to slide Larry's cock to just the tip, then back down to the base.
 He was so thick, he gagged her each time his cock slithered into her throat, bumping her tonsils repeatedly.
 "Rub my balls," he whispered, "Rub them good, slut."
 Tammy shuddered each time he called her a slut or baby. She wasn't either one of those things and it made her feel dirty hearing him call her that. But, she did obey him and she kept right on sucking his thick meat, even though it was tough not to vomit.
 "Oh, God," he groaned, pumping his hips a bit faster, "Won't be long now. Make me cum, bitch."
 Tammy slid her mouth to his cock tip, again shoving her tongue inside the slit, forcing it open and blowing warm air into it. Then slowly, dragging her tongue and lips down his shaft, massaging each protruding vein on the underside as her fingers rolled and teased his warm, tight balls. She slithered her tongue to his wet, hairy cock base, flicking it and teasing it in small circles, lapping up her ass and pussy juices from his flesh.
 "Fuck, I'm fixin to cum!!!" he shouted, "Don't stop, baby, don't stop!!"
 Tammy continued her assault on Larry's cock, teasing and sucking, lapping and kissing, all the while rubbing and massaging the cum that was locked inside his nut sack.
 Seconds later, Larry unloaded with a loud yell and a hard shove of his hand on the back of her head. He pumped and pumped thick, hot salty ropes of his seed deep into her throat, gagging her with the metallic taste. But she never missed a drop. She continued massaging his balls right through his orgasm, only making it that much more intense and that much more cum she had to swallow.
 "Fuck!!!!" he screamed, as the last of his seed sprayed into Tammy's throat, "I've never had a blowjob like that. You've got to be a professional at that shit."
 Tammy reached up and wiped her mouth clean, begging Larry to let her get something to drink.
 "Sure, baby, get me something too, then I'm gonna bend you over this here couch," he said, watching her naked ass disappear into the kitchen.
 Tammy re-emerged from the kitchen, carrying two sodas and feeling very queasy now.
 "You don't look so good, baby," he laughed, taking a drink of his Coke.
 She didn't respond, she just kept drinking her Coke, hoping the fizz would kill the nausea she was now experiencing.
 "Sit over there and spread your legs," he said, after a loud, offensive belch.
 "Why?" she asked.
 "Just do it, I wanna see inside your cunt, baby," he said, reaching over to his jacket and taking out his cigarettes.
 Tammy was confused, but was not about to cross Larry.
 She went to the middle of the living room floor and laid down, spreading her long legs and pulling her pussy lips open with her slender fingers.
 "Oh fuck, that looks so fucking sexy," said Larry, taking a long drag from his cigarette and stroking his cock, "Beg me to fuck you, bitch."
 Tammy hesitated, for a moment, until she saw Larry getting up from his seat.
 "Please, please fuck me, Larry. I love your cock. I want it in me all the time. I'll do anything, anything at all, just please fuck me," she chanted, over and over.
 "You've done this before," he said, smiling and taking another drag from his cigarette.
 Tammy felt humiliated and degraded, but nothing was worse then the fear she had if she crossed him. He obviously was not right in the head to begin with and she was not about to piss him off.
 "Get your slutty ass up and bend over that damn couch," he ordered, slamming his half smoked cigarette into the soda can.
 Within seconds, Tammy was again bent over, only this time she wouldn't have a hard wooden counter top gouging into her hips.
 She gripped the soft material of her couch with her clenched fists, feeling Larry's body heat coming up behind her. Then the familiar feeling of his calloused hands, again on her hips. She closed her eyes and again, prepared to have his massive cock inside her.
 "I'm gonna knock you up, Tammy," he whispered, then quickly shoved his cock deep into her sloppy wet cunt.
 "What?!?!?!?" she said, instantly opening her eyes and trying to turn around.
 "Shut up," hissed Larry, "You heard me just fine. I'm gonna knock you up!"
 "NO, Larry, Please, NO!!!!" she begged, "Please, I don't wanna have your baby!!!"
 "You aint got no choice here, bitch, now shut the fuck up so I can get off again," he groaned, pumping violently into her pussy, sending the couch back and forth with the rythm of his thrusts.
 "Larry!!! Stop!!!" she screamed, crying and pleading with him to have mercy on her, "Please!! Please!! Don't cum inside me!!!!"
 "Shut up!!!" he yelled, grabbing her hair and pulling it, wrapping it around his thick fingers, "I'm so close, baby!!! So fucking close!!!"
 Tammy's body was again betraying her. She could feel the cool air from the air conditioner dancing across her pussy, and she knew, her cunt was sloppy wet. Her nipples had become hard as ice and another orgasm was creeping up. She gripped the arm of the couch, almost ripping it with her force as her body trembled, even her thighs jumped. Her stomach began to flip and her eyes again rolled into her skull. Larry's cock was just too hard to resist, and at this point, she couldn't care less where he came, just as long as he did cum.
 "Oh fuck, Tammy!!!" he yelled, "I'm gonna cum again, bitch!!"
 "Cum!! Cum!!!" she chanted, bucking her hips and fucking back into him, "Please, Larry!!! Please, fucking cum in me!!!"
 "Oh shit!!!!" he screamed, again releasing his seed, this time deep into Tammy's womb, instantly claiming her body as his, making sure not one single drop escaped the clenches of her soaked cunt.
 "OH!!! OH!!!!! OHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" she screamed, as her orgasm kicked in and sent her completely over the edge.
by ........Sadie
"Your Pet Makes Me Wet"

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A Stranger in the Night
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Re: A Stranger in the Night
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What a shit writer
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Re: A Stranger in the Night
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