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The Birthday Boy's Ideal Present.
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]It was her son Adam's sixteenth birthday, and Julie had no idea what she could give him as a special present. She was thirty-five, slim and attractive, with decent 34B boobs, a single parent who worked shifts in the local supermarket, and had no idea at all of what a sixteen-year-old boy would want. And now there were only two days left before his birthday. Not even enough time to order something from online. In desperation, she posted the question on her Facebook page, something she knew Adam never looked at, he preferred Twitter nowadays and never went on facebook anymore. "What would a sixteen-year-old boy like for his birthday?" she asked. Maybe it was the photographs of her that followers could see, but most of the replies were from men, and most just said, "You", with various suggestions that ranged from the crude to the erotically sexy. That evening at work, in the staff room on a break, she asked the few members of staff in there with her the same question. The youngest boy, Rob, only seventeen, smiled and asked, "If I said "you", would I get my face slapped?" She laughed, along with the other staff members, but she was thinking something that shocked her. She had always been so shy, partly because she was convinced that she was rather plain and unattractive, even though so many had told her how good she looked.Maybe it was time to start acting like an attractive woman and see if she was as sexy and attractive as her online friends told her she was. Next afternoon, when Adam came home from school with his mate, Ricky as usual, she waited until Adam was not in the room, and asked Ricky quietly what he thought Adam would like for his birthday. Ricky tried avoiding the question but she persisted until he told her. "He has been going on about being sixteen and legal for sex," Ricky admitted, "and about how he wished he could have you as his first." He looked at her worriedly. "You won't tell him I told, will you?" he pleaded, "He would kill me if he knew." Julie tried putting him at ease. "Don't worry, I won't say a word," she assured him, "By the way, why do you come round so much? Not that I mind, I am just curious." He started to stammer something, then turned crimson, and ran out of the door. Adam came down, looking around. "Where's Ricky gone?" he asked, "I told him to hang on." "That is my fault, Julie confessed, "I asked him why he seemed to be round here so much, not that I mind, and he blushed and ran away." "Because of you, sexy Mom," he laughed, kissing her briefly on the cheek, then going out. Sexy Mum? Was she? And Ricky fancying her? How could she be attractive to a sixteen-year-old boy? Maybe she was not as plain and unattractive as she had believed for so long. The next day was her last chance to sort a present out for Adam. She went into town for a few hours, hoping to see something suitable, and looking for inspiration. It was when she was passing a fancy dress shop, that something in the window caught her attention. She wondered, maybe that would solve her problem. Could she, though? That was the question. Adam woke on the next morning feeling great. Saturday,[/size]
the whole weekend ahead of him, and today was his birthday. His sixteenth birthday. Legal from today for him to have sex. Yeah, great, now all he needed was someone to have sex with. Images of his Mom flashed into his mind. God, she was so hot. Even his mates from school who called round all agreed about that. He wondered briefly what she did for sex. After all, she was still young, very hot, and since Dad had gone five years earlier, she had no regular supply of sex, so what did she do? He had sometimes heard buzzing coming from her room and had assumed she was shaving her legs or whatever, but now he started thinking about vibrators rather than shavers. He felt the stirring between his legs and squashed the thoughts before an erection could fully form. Not that he minded an erection, but it made it hard to pee with it sticking up like that, not to mention not wanting Mom to see him sat there eating breakfast with a boner. He went downstairs, wondering where Mom was. Usually, she was in the kitchen working or sat at the table reading, or watching television. He went into the living room, stopping dead as he went through the door. He was dreaming, he had to be dreaming. That was the only answer. Princess Leia, in "that" costume, even to wrist cuffs and shackles and collar, lounging on the floor with her back to him? Her almost naked back to him. He walked around her to enjoy the front view. "Mom?" he yelped, "What the fuck? Oh, Shit!" She looked up at him. "Happy Birthday, Adam," she murmured, "I thought you might enjoy your own Princess Leia slave for the day." She stood up, legs bare with just the long strip of fabric hanging down between them. A metal belt, tiny ornamental metal bra, and a few items of decorative metal on her arms did nothing by way of concealing a slim shapely body. She reached up to her chest, finding the thin chain hanging from her collar, and handed the end of the leash to Adam. "Well, you like it or not?" she asked, nervously, "At least say something, please?" "Like it?" he asked, half dazed, "You look fucking fantastic. How did you know I..." The words tailed off. "Adam, I have been seeing that poster on your bedroom wall for the last year or so, not to mention the used tissues in your waste bin," she smiled, "I just was not sure it would look good on me." "Oh yes," he breathed, "it does. What did you mean?" She looked at him, confused. "You said something about having 'your own Princess Leia slave' or at least I think you did," he explained. "Oh, that?" she laughed, "I was asking if you would enjoy having me as your Princess Leia slave for the day, 'slave' being the operative word." "You mean that? A real slave, anything I want, no refusals?" he asked, "Seriously? How long for?" "I was thinking the rest of today, why?" she asked, "You want less? Or more?" "Oh more, please," he grinned, "what about until midnight Sunday?" "If that is what my Lord and Master wishes," she agreed, bowing low, "Oh wait, what about tonight? Your party, remember?" "What about it?" he responded, "I will spread the word that it is fancy dress. Most of the ones coming will have some kind of costume they can use." "But they will all see me like this," Julie protested," almost naked." "Mom, calm down," Adam told her, "you are showing less now than you did last year on holiday in that bikini, remember? Now, what was that bit where you agreed to be a slave girl and no arguing or refusing anything?" "Yes, O Master," Julie told him, "whatever you wish." He stepped closer to her, arms around her, hands on her bottom, enjoying the feel of it covered by just the strip of fabric. "Am I allowed to kiss you?" he asked, nervously, "and touch you?" She looked at him, suddenly aware that he was as tall as she was. "Since when has a slave had any say in what her Master does with her?"[/size]
she asked, "I am your property until midnight on Sunday." He kissed her properly for the first time, lips meeting hers, their tongues entwining and teasing as Julie forgot all about him being her son, and responded as she would with any male she was dating. How far it would have gone, Julie had no idea, but they were interrupted by a knock at the door. Adam broke away, going to answer it. "It was Ricky," Adam told her as he came back into the room. Julie started to breathe a sigh of relief, until Ricky walked in behind Adam, stopping dead as he saw her. "Fuck me rigid," he exclaimed. "Oh Christ, sorry, but you look fucking gorgeous." Julie blushed at the compliment. "Can I just remind you," Ricky said to Alan, "that when I got a bike on my sixteenth, I let you have a ride on it?" Julie and Adam both looked at him, then burst out laughing. Julie went over to Ricky, hugging him, and ignoring his hands on her bum. "Ricky, you are wonderful," she told him, "now go with Adam and spread the word about the party tonight." The two went off to send texts to all concerned, while Julie thought of how much work this would have meant in the days before mobile phones and text messages. She looked at the clock, 10.45, she had better get started notifying her friends and family members, some of whom had to be actually phoned if she wanted them to know what was happening. Luckily the neighbors who were invited were all on her list for texting. It was some time before she finished her last phone call, most of the friends and family wanting to chat and ask questions. She had cut them off by telling them she still had a lot to do getting everything ready for the party, but even so, it was after one before she had done. She went to the kitchen to make sandwiches for herself and the lads for lunch, calling them to come and get it. They came down, Adam immediately enfolding Julie in his arms, hands cupping her butt cheeks as he kissed her. Ricky stood close behind her, tracing fingernails down her spine, making her wriggle delightfully from where the lads stood. "Ask her," Ricky urged Adam, "go on, ask her." "Ricky wanted to know if he could... that is, he would love to... oh hell, no, I can't," Adam stammered. Julie smiled, already knowing what it was Ricky wanted to do, ever since Adam had told her why Ricky came round so much. "Ricky, you are wasting your time asking me, darling," she told him, seeing his face drop with disappointment, "Adam is my Master until midnight Sunday, he decides everything, I have no say at all." Ricky's face lit up. "Aw, go on," he said, "please? I would do the same for you if I could." "Okay, enough already," Adam told him, "call your Mom and tell her you are staying over here tonight, tell her you will not feel like going home after the party." Ricky dashed out of the room to find his phone, and Adam cuddled Julie. "You sure you will be okay with this?" he asked her, "I couldn't say no, could I?" "Adam darling," Julie murmured, arms around him, "I was not joking, I promised you that I am yours totally and completely. I will obey you completely. Besides, I quite like Ricky." "Don't tempt me. sexy slave," he warned her, "or I might decide to have you do a full strip at the party." Julie laughed. "If you ordered it," she smiled, I would lie down and let anyone have me who wanted me, so long as you were the first." "I am so tempted to have you right now," he groaned, "you have no idea what you are doing to me." She reached out a hand, pressing on the bulge in his pants. "Oh yes I do," she whispered, "I do." He pressed her backward until she was half lying on the table, his hand reaching under the strip of fabric. Julie felt him fumbling, searching, then a tug, and again. Oh no, he wouldn't, would he? Adam stood up, a scrap of brown fabric in his hand. "My panties," Julie exclaimed, "you didn't?" He nodded, grinning[/size]
broadly, "Oh yes I did," he confirmed, "my slave slut does not need panties." He stood her back up, his hands sneaking under the strip of fabric hanging down, finding her naked behind and caressing it. Julie stood, arms around his neck. 'Oh God,' she thought, 'that feels so good. How long has it been since I was stroked like this? Or had been used, rough fucked, made to scream with pleasure?' Before it could go further, Ricky was back, taking in the site of his mate and the sexy milf, the sexy milf that all being well he was going to fuck later. He felt his erection grow at the thought. He stood behind Julie, pressing into her butt, and stroking his hands over her naked belly, from the metal bra down to the thin metal belt holding that strip of cloth in place. On an impulse, he nuzzled her neck, nipping gently, and was surprised at how much she reacted to that simple action, putting her head back and leaning into him. Adam noticed as well, and he started nibbling the other side of her neck. The two lads could feel their captive slave trembling and she was moaning softly, squirming in their arms. "Boys, boys, please?" Julie begged, "no time now, later, please? Oh God, please?" Adam stopped, nodding to Ricky, and hitting Ricky's head when he didn't stop. "Later," Adam growled, "we need to get sorted. And we need costumes, fast. Come on, we can nip into town, be there and back in under an hour, and Mom can get on with getting things ready." Julie sighed with relief. For a moment there, she was ready to lie back on the table and let them have her. Very nice and satisfying, but she wanted her first time with Adam to be special, something for him to remember with total pleasure in years to come. By the time the lads returned, Julie had got the food prepared for the party and had checked to make sure there was enough drink ready for the guests. The lads went upstairs, to change, and she heard laughter from Adam's room. They seemed content to wait until after the party to enjoy her. Soon after seven, the guests began to arrive. When Julie opened the door to the first of them, she felt a cold draft on her naked pussy, reminding her of her pantiless state. The knowledge that she was almost naked made her wet, and she struggled to control her arousal. The boys came down to greet the guests, Adam accepting the birthday gifts, and smiling wickedly every time anyone asked him what his mother had given him. To all the inquiries he gave the same reply. "She is giving me her gift later, after the party," he told them. One persistent relative asked, "Could she not give it you at the party when we can all watch?" Ricky almost choked on his drink, while Adam told her, "That wouldn't work," and refused to say more. The party went well, Julie getting much praise for her costume, especially from the men, which did wonders for her shaky self-esteem, while the boys, both in Roman Soldier outfits, stood near to her apart from when they were dancing. After the last guest had left, mainly because Adam turned the music off and started clearing away the booze, Julie sat on a kitchen chair. "Hope you are not too tired to give me my present, sexy slave," Adam murmured, "maybe I should have let you give it me at the party after all." "Adam, darling," she assured him, "let me get a cup of tea, then we will see who wears out who." After her drink, enjoyed while the boys cleared most of the stuff away for her, she felt more active and ready for fun. She stood for him, arms around his neck, rubbing against him. Ricky was behind her. His hand reached under the hanging fabric strip, then stopped, his eyes wide. "Fucking Hell," he yelled, "no knickers? And you were like that all through the party?" Julie nodded, smiling at him. He resumed his caressing of her naked behind, while Adam stroked her slit through the strip of material. Julie turned to Ricky,[/size]
pressing herself against him. "Ricky, darling," she breathedinto his ear, "would you mind if Adam enjoyed me first by himself? I promise I will make it well worth the wait." Ricky felt his erection grow at the thought of this sexy milf being naked while he fucked her with Adam watching. "No, of course, I mean," he stammered, "whatever you want." She went up the stairs, with Adam following her. Once in the bedroom, he took hold of her, unclipping the metal bra, and lowering it to the floor, then bent to taste her tits, teasing the nipples, nibbling them gently as she squirmed for him then lay her on the bed. His fingers found the clasp for the thin metal belt, and she lay naked, his hands wandering over her body. She grabbed at his costume, trying to undo it, and he moved her hands away, unfastening the buckles and belt himself until he was naked in her arms. He traced his fingers down her skin, sliding between her legs and feeling the wetness already there. "Somebody feels rather ready for being fucked," he whispered, "Are you?" "More ready than I have ever been, Adam," she told him, "just don't treat me like a fragile flower. I need fucking." Her legs opened for his fingers and they probed inside her slit. Then she was pulling him onto her, legs behind his back as he slid his erect cock into her soaking cunt, then she was being fucked as requested, her moving in time with him, lunging up to meet his thrusts, her fingers gripping his back as he went deep as he could, hard and fast, and then she was coming for him, pulling him hard as she could into her and feeling his hot come fill her, his cock twitching as he emptied himself into his sex slut. They lay still, both coming down from the high of their climax. After a few moments, she moved down the bed, taking his cock into her mouth, licking and sucking him clean, and marveling at the recovery power of a sixteen-year- old, as the cock started to swell again. "Hadn't you better call Ricky?" she reminded him, "he will be getting impatient." "Good point," he conceded, "Ricky!!" The door opened instantly, showing Ricky had probably been listening at the door. Julie and Adam smiled as Ricky, already naked, jumped into the bed. "Lie on your back, Ricky," Adam told him, "think we will try a double fuck for my sexy slut- slave." He moved Julie over Ricky, setting her down on Ricky's cock, facing his head, then he straddled Ricky's legs, leaning her forward a little so he could slide into her tight bum-hole. Julie felt so full, and when the two boys began moving her up and down on their erections, she was helpless to resist. She felt like a sex-doll, a toy for the boys to play with. She was coming already and knew that would not stop the lads from carrying on double-fucking her. They were bouncing her harder now, impaling her in both holes with every stroke. Her climax seemed to go higher and higher and she was aware of moaning every time she plunged down onto the two erect cocks. Then Ricky was exploding inside, cum seeping from her as she screamed, coming strongly, and feeling Adams cock shoot another load of jism into her rear end. She more or less fell off their cocks, onto the bed, as the two lay either side of her, stroking her still trembling body. "I think we will try you with the wrist shackles tomorrow morning," Adam murmured to her, "see how my slave slut enjoys being helpless." She smiled at the promise. "How many times are we going to have her?" Ricky asked, "again in the morning?" "Sounds good," Adam agreed, "but after that, I think I want to have my sex-slave to myself the rest of the day." He looked at his sexy present, who was squirming gently as her nipples were played with, her legs slowly opening wider as if inviting him in. "Actually, Ricky," he told his mate, "you might as well use my bed tonight. I think I will stay in this one and play with mypresent for a while[/size]
]before going to sleep." Julie smiled. It seemed she had found the ideal present for her birthday boy after all. Not to mention getting rid of the idea that she was unattractive. She wondered briefly just how much sleep she was going to get tonight. Her legs were opened and pulled over Adam's shoulders, as he buried his head between her thighs, licking and teasing with lips and tongue. The only problem she had now was, what the hell was she going to tell those at work when they asked her on Monday what she gave him for his birthday?
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The Birthday Boy's Ideal Present.
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