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best erotic story Ever
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It was shortly after my sixteenth birthday that Mum walked out on Dad and me. She had been having an affair with another man for over a year. Dad and I lived alone after that. I had just become sexually aware, and had discovered my mother’s five-inch rubber dildo that she left behind in an under-stairs cupboard in the sitting room. With plenty of baby oil on it, I had accidentally broken my hymen during a frantic masturbation session, and, gradually over the past few months, had worked up to fully consuming that vibrating black-rubber cock in my young pussy.

[/size] Dad tried his best to make ends meet, working all the hours under the sun. I would prepare dinner when I returned home from school. Dad would get home, eat dinner, shower and then fall asleep watching the TV.
[/size] One night, I was woken up by strange noises. I walked silently down the hall, towards the noise that had stirred me from my sleep. I stopped outside Dad’s bedroom door and listened to the moans coming from inside. I pushed the door open quietly to see dad lying on top of his bed with his hand around his stiff cock. The nightlight emitted enough light for me to see him stroking his cock fast and furious. I stood motionless. I knew I should leave, but the sight of my dad masturbating mesmerized me.
[/size] Dad gave a loud groan and I saw white cum shoot from his cock. He spurted about five or six times, all landing on his chest and belly. He was soon covered with the slimy goo. His eyes were closed as he finished masturbating. I backed out the door, moved out in the hallway and quietly pulled the door shut. I went back to my bedroom and lay on the bed trying to go back to sleep. But I just couldn't get the image of my dad's cock ejaculating out of my mind.
[/size] Gingerly, I wiggled my index and middle fingers into my vagina. I inhaled sharply, feeling a nice tingling sensation. My two fingers slid in deeper, lubricated with the slimy wetness I could feel all around in my vagina. I closed my eyes, shuddering. I started to feel pleasure in my loins, and the pleasure reached a pinnacle. Gasping and shaking, feeling my pussy muscles convulse around my
[/size]fingers. I had to bite my lip to stop myself screaming out as I orgasmed.
[/size] One Friday evening, Dad came home a bit later than usual. He had stopped off at some bar with a few work friends. He was a bit drunk. He ate his dinner, went for a shower and, as usual, fell asleep while we were watching TV. I started to feel sleepy myself, so I got off the armchair to wake Dad up off the sofa. When I gently shook his shoulder, he stirred but remained sleeping. I then realised that I had a clear view of his out-stretched body, and his dressing gown was open.
[/size] As I looked down at him, the tip of his cock peeking out the hole in his boxers was in plain sight for me to view. I knew that if he were to wake up now, the embarrassment of being there would make me want to melt into the floor. I leaned over to get a closer view at the crown of his cock. His heavy breathing showed me that he was still fast asleep. I cautiously reached down and touched his penis hanging from his boxers. It twitched and started to harden. Scared, I backed away from him, yet couldn't bring myself to leave. I pulled open the gap in his boxers and gasped as my slight touch caused his now rigid penis to twitch more. It was about six inches long. I had never before seen or touched a man's penis.
[/size] It was really scary, thrilling, electrifying, and definitely went against everything I had been taught and warned about. I had to touch him and see if it was real. Bravely, my tiny fingers lightly ran themselves up and down the base of his shaft. Dad began to stir; quickly I dashed upstairs to my room and into bed. I heard him coming up the stairs. I shut my eyes and pretended to be asleep. My door opened then shut, and then I heard him go to his own room.
[/size] Over the next few weeks, the weather got colder and colder. Our heating system broke down. The nights were really cold. All we had was the log fire downstairs. Thursday night, I just couldn't get to sleep I was freezing. So I went downstairs to sit in front of the fire.
[/size] Dad was still on the sofa. He woke up. "What's up, Beth?"
[/size] "I'm freezing cold, Dad. I can't sleep."
[/size] "Well, you can't stay down here all night, petal. You can get in my bed if you want."
[/size] "Oh thanks, Dad." I went up to his room and got into bed while Dad locked up and turned the lights off.
[/size] Dad came up and turned off the bedroom light. I watched him as he took off his dressing gown and went over to the drawers to take out his pajamas. He had his back to me, and I watched him slide off his shorts and put his pajamas on then go to the toilet. I had a long thick cotton nightshirt on.
[/size]  Shit , I thought, I haven’t got any knickers on. Making sure my nightie was pulled right down, I settled down.
[/size] Dad came in the room, "You alright, Beth?"
[/size] "Yes, thanks, Dad," I said.
[/size] He got into bed with me and I cuddled up to him and went to sleep.
[/size] Dad’s hand caressing my shoulder woke me later that night. Gently, his hand moved over my shoulder and rested on my breast. Dad started to stroke my budding breasts over my nightie.
[/size] For the first time in my life, I felt a hand other than my own caressing me erotically. My nipples puckered into erect little nubs almost immediately. I could feel his warm breath on my cheek and soon his lips were kissing my neck softly. Still, I pretended to sleep. Eventually, he stopped, which was a bit disappointing – I was starting to get a warm feeling between my legs.

[/size] ***
[/size] The following morning when I woke up, the bed was empty; Dad had gone to work early. I got dressed and went to school. All day at school I couldn't concentrate, thinking about how my dad had been massaging my tits but had left me high and dry when he had stopped. When I got back home, I changed out of my school clothes. My panties were wet. I couldn't hold out any longer, so I lay on my bed and brought myself off.
[/size] Putting on my nightie and thick dressing gown, I did the chores around the house and started to make Dad's dinner. Dad came home very late, about 9.30pm. He was drunk, staggering everywhere. He didn't want his dinner; he gave me a kiss and went to bed. I stayed downstairs and cleaned the kitchen up, throwing away his unwanted dinner. I sat in front of the log fire watching the television. Evil, sexy thoughts about Dad wracked my mind.
[/size] I got up, turned off the lights, locked up and went upstairs. Dad's door was open so I looked in on him. He was snoring away. I hesitated for a moment, then slipped my dressing gown off and went into him, and stood by the side of the bed just looking at him as he slept. I was pantieless and my nightie barely covered my bare thighs.
[/size] I lifted the sheets and got in beside Dad. I lay there for about half an hour unable to sleep. Then Dad moved a bit closer to me. I thought he was still asleep, but I rapidly changed my mind when I felt one
[/size]of his hands come over and rest on my right breast. He kneaded it and then started to fondle it. My body reacted by erecting my nipples. I kind of froze, my eyes shut tight, showing no resistance at all. In fact, I liked it, but, at the same time, I knew it was wrong, him touching me. After all, I was his daughter. But my doubts soon disappeared.
[/size] His fingers began pinching and squeezing my little nipples. I could feel his thing poking against my leg as he lay there. It wasn't long before he had my nightie up over my belly. Dad's hands went underneath and touched my breasts and swollen nipples. Then I held my breath as he moved closer to me and started kissing me on the neck. It felt good, making me feel warm all over. His strong but gentle hand made its way down my belly then between my thighs; his fingers weaving through my pubic hair until they rested between my slit. I got a really nice tingly feeling between my legs. I was biting my bottom lip to keep in the moans of pleasure from Dad's touch. Dad expertly slid one finger between my slit and found my clitoris.
[/size] It was too much for me and I let out a groan, "Oh, that's nice!"
[/size] Dad pulled his hand away sharply, a little shocked. He sat up, turned the bedside lamp on, turned towards me, and said, "Beth, you're awake."
[/size] "Please, Dad, don't stop. It was so nice."
[/size] "Beth, are you sure? Do you know what you're saying?"
[/size] "Yes, Dad, please."
[/size] He bent down and proceeded to roll his tongue around the nipple of my right breasts, encircling it the whole time like he was tracing a swirl. His hand stroked down my belly to my inner thighs, then moved up between my legs and cupped my warm pussy. Again his fingers probed around and around over my swollen clit. His tongue traced a line from my breasts to my belly button and then down my patch of pubic hair until he had finally reached my pussy. I felt his tongue lick the edges of my vaginal lips before slowly darting in and out of me.
[/size] It took only seconds for me to experience the most powerful orgasm of my life. "Ohhh! Ahhhh! That feels so good! So fucking good!"
[/size] Dad scrambled to his knees, grabbed my hips, and quickly pulled his face into my pussy. His tongue reached deep between my legs, licking up my slit, flicking over my clit. Reaching my hole, he pushed his face hard against my pussy, jamming his tongue deep in my wet hole. My legs almost buckled. Locking my knees around the side on his head, I ground my body back against him, meeting each
[/size]push with my own in return. This was the first time I had ever had my pussy sucked.
[/size] I growled deep, pulling his face tighter against me. I humped his face – hard. Lights exploding behind my closed eyes, grinding my cunt on his face, I thrust involuntarily against his mouth and tongue. Harder, faster, I humped him.
[/size] A few seconds more, my body went rigid. "Uhhh! Uuhhh! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Don't stop Daddy! Don't stop!"
[/size] I came hard, never before like this, and on his tongue. I ground my cunt against his mouth, hard. Thrusting, humping. My body went limp. I slumped back on the bed. Dad still attached, licking my slit, drinking my juices. Eventually, he stopped and lay on his back, his mouth and chin wet with my juices.

[/size] I could see his hard cock and very swollen purple, mushroomed head resting on his stomach. His testicles were the size of golf balls that hung in a huge, saggy sack. I lent over and opened my hand and wrapped my fingers around his cock. I gave it a few strokes and it seemed to stiffen even more. He let out a low moan as I began playing with his rock-hard pole. It was about the same size as Mum's rubber dildo, but a bit thicker. I looked at it as I stroked it, studying the purple head and the bulging veins that ran the length of it.
[/size] It was actually kind of scary looking, especially when I thought that soon it would be in my wet pussy. I fell in love with his cock then and there. After I had run my hand up and down it, I decided I really wanted to kiss it. I glanced up at my dad; he seemed to be in heaven with a silly look on his face. I circled the base of his cock with both of my hands and leaned forward, my tongue extended. When it touched his cock I felt it twitch. That really excited me!
[/size] I circled the swollen, purple head of his cock with my tongue, then some clear fluid dribbled out of it. It tasted a little salty, but I didn't mind. I pulled my head back to look up at my dad, then smiled at him and went back to his cock. I opened my mouth and slipped my lips around his cock head. I started sliding them up and down, just over Dad's cock head. I was still gripping the bottom of his shaft. With my other hand, I started fondling his balls.
[/size] He seemed to really like this; his hips started moving up and down like he was fucking my face. I stopped sucking again and looked up at him. I kept stroking his cock with my hand as I smiled at him.
[/size] "No more, Beth. I can't take much more of that." Dad sat up, pulled my nightie over my head and pushed me onto my back. His head dived between my legs.
[/size] His tongue licked away at me for a few minutes. But just as I could feel myself building up for an orgasm, he stopped. Then my father's tongue and body started moving up my body as he licked my belly button and then my breasts and then my neck. I felt his penis grazing my lower thigh and then my upper thigh until it was grazing my left vaginal lip. He proceeded to kiss me on the lips and adjusted his body a little bit. I spread my legs apart even farther and felt the head of his penis touch my vagina.
[/size] Then my father started to push, but was a little too high and didn't quite get it in. The feeling of anticipation and excitement was running through my body. Once again, I felt my father push, but his penis was still a little too high and he was just bouncing against the upper part of my vaginal lips. He simply moved his hand between our bodies, holding his penis, trying to find my opening.
[/size] "It's there, Dad," I whispered in his ear. Now I could feel the head of his penis against me again, and as he started to push, this time the head started going inside me. He entered me so slowly; it took a full minute before the entire head of his penis was inside my vagina. It felt a little sore when the ridge of his cock-head was fully inside of me, and I knew his whole shaft was to follow.
[/size] He slowly slid the rest of his penis inside me. It felt very uncomfortable. "You okay, baby?" he whispered.
[/size] "No, it hurts a bit, Dad."
[/size] "I'll be gentle." He lay on top of me for a while without moving. He began to kiss my neck and nibble my earlobes. Dad started to make slow jerks with his hips, and then slid his penis up and down inside of me, gently at first and then more forcefully as he continued to fuck me.
[/size] I remember him saying, "I can't believe I'm inside you, sweetheart," numerous times throughout. He didn't pump for much more than a couple of minutes before he groaned, "Oh, sweetie, I'm almost there."
[/size] "Oh, god, Daddy! Jesus! I'm cumming too," I squealed back at him.
[/size] "Oh, baby! Baby! I’m going to... pull out... I'm gonna come." Dad pulled his cock out. Immediately, I felt emptiness inside me. He grasped his cock and wanked it a few times. "Ughhhh!!" he moaned. His sperm erupted from his pee hole like a volcano. It splashed on my chin, breasts, neck and over my belly, and dribbled on my pubic hair. There was so much of it. Dad lent over my face and kissed me on my forehead, then got off the bed and came back with a towel and wiped me down. We fell asleep in each other's embrace and I had the most wonderful dreams that night.
[/size] ***
[/size] When I woke up, I was all tangled up with my dad. My head was on his shoulder, my arm over his chest, and my leg was over his belly. His hand was still rubbing gently on my nipples, like he hadn't slept at all. I rolled over on my back, stretching.
[/size] "Morning, sleepy head!" he said.
[/size] "Morning," I mumbled. "What time is it?"
[/size] "Almost 10 o'clock."
[/size] "How long have you been awake?"
[/size] "Oh, a while. I didn't want to wake you."
[/size] "I'm hungry," I said, getting up and pulling my nightie on. "What's for breakfast?"
[/size] Dad sighed. "Cereal, toast, milk. The usual breakfast stuff."
[/size] I went down into the kitchen, found the cereal and got the milk and bowls. Dad came in and sat down opposite me while we ate. He had just his shorts on.
[/size] Dad said, "The heating engineers are coming at lunchtime to fix the boiler. I just hope it is not going to be too expensive."
[/size] "I'm sure it's going to be okay, Dad. I'll get a job soon so I can help a bit more."
[/size] "It's okay, baby, we'll manage somehow."
[/size] When we finished, we put all the dirty dishes in the sink.
[/size] "I'll help you do the dishes, if you like," Dad said.
[/size] I smiled at him.
[/size] We did the dishes, having a water fight at the sink, both of us were laughing at the suds all over us. We cleaned up the mess and Dad said, "Since you're already wet, you can take the first shower?"
[/size] I went into the bathroom, turning on the water and letting it get hot. I climbed in and pulled the curtain shut. Standing under the refreshing water, I heard the door open. "You okay, Beth?"
[/size] "Yes, thanks, Dad."
[/size] "Do you want me to wash your back?" he asked, smiling at me.
[/size] "Okay," I answered, wondering what he'd do next.
[/size] He opened the curtain and started rubbing the soap all over my back, lifting my arms and cleaning under them, tickling me as he did so. Then his hand came round to the front of my breasts, his soapy fingers rubbing over my rock-hard nipples. It sure felt good. I looked around and I could see that Dad's stiff penis was sticking out from his shorts, which meant that he was getting excited, too.
[/size] "You like touching me, don't you, Dad?"
[/size] "Yes honey, I do," he said. "Touching you makes me feel good." His hands moved down to my pubic hair and started to rub the soap all over my crotch. My pussy was really tingling.
[/size] "Do you miss Mum?" I asked.
[/size] "Yes I do, Beth."
[/size] "Have you had a girlfriend since Mum left?"
[/size] "No, I haven't."
[/size] "I'll be your girlfriend, then, Dad."
[/size] He kind of sighed then chuckled. Turning me around, he said, "Baby, I could get sent to jail for what we did last night."
[/size] "Gosh, Dad, why could they put you in jail? I didn't think we were doing anything wrong."
[/size] "It's against the law for a man to have sex with his daughter."
[/size] "Don't worry, Dad," I said, hugging him. "I wouldn't ever do anything to get you in trouble. I won't tell anyone. Promise!" I kissed him. I didn't care if we were breaking any dumb old laws.
[/size] He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him. Dad grabbed a towel and carried me into his bedroom. He took me over to the side of the bed and I lay down on my back, with my legs hanging over the edge, so he could rub me all over with the towel. He got down on his knees as he dried my legs. I spread my legs so he could dry between them.
[/size] Dad said, "Can I kiss you like I did last night?"
[/size] I nodded, feeling excited.
[/size] He moved his face down between my legs and kissed my pussy as I sat up on my elbows. He stuck his tongue as far in as he could get it, and then he started sucking on it. I could feel his tongue moving all around, making me shiver. He was going slowly up and down my slit, and his hands came up and rubbed over my titties.
[/size] I couldn't help moaning – it felt so good. I was pushing my mound up against his mouth, when I felt his tongue touch my clitoris. Just then I felt an orgasm coming, and when it did I groaned, "Ohh god Daddy! Ohh god! Oohh god!" and my whole body was jerking under his tongue. It was so strong that I had to push Daddy's head away and make it stop. I was shaking all over! Wow!
[/size] Dad stood up, pulling down his shorts to his ankles and kicking them off. His cock looked bigger and even thicker than before. He got on the bed and slid close to me. He put his arms around me and pulled me on top of him. I was straddling his chest before slithering down and feeling the heat off his mushroom-headed cock as it nudged against my tight opening. I could feel him pushing back onto me, trying to get it inside. With me diddling back and Dad pushing up, his cock-head speared through my pussy lips and forced its way into my vaginal opening. I pushed and kept pushing until I was half impaled on it. My hands were on his chest. It was too uncomfortable to squeeze any more of his penis in me.
[/size] Dad slid his hands up and down my body, first stroking my shoulders, then my breasts, and then his hands went to my buttocks. Dad thrust, not hard and fast, just a slow powerful thrust. I felt my father's cock slide inside, inch by inch, until our pubic hairs met. I looked into his eyes.
[/size] "That feels so nice, baby." With his hands on my waist, he lifted me slowly, and then let me back down. My pussy lips stretched and slid down his thick shaft. His hands grasped my buttocks, pulling me down onto his chest, with my face nuzzling in his neck. Once the delicious penetration was complete, I began to move my hips up and down with increasing tempo.
[/size] Dad was beside himself. "Fuck me, baby! Ahhhhh!"
[/size] With each stroke of his cock, he pulled back a little farther each time. Soon he pulled out, just leaving the tip of his cock in then slowly sinking back in all the way.
[/size] "Oohhh, Oohhh, yeah, like that, Dad!" I groaned. "Ohhh, go a little faster now."
[/size] Dad held me by my hips, pulling me onto him. I could feel the usual tingling begin to happen. "I love you, Dad," I whispered.
[/size] Dad thrust faster and faster, until I felt his balls slapping against my bum cheeks.
[/size] "Ooooh, god! I'm coming, Daddy! It feels so good! Yes! Yes! Yes!" A huge wave of electricity was surging through me. I could hear a squishy sound every time I slid back onto him.
[/size] Then Dad's thrusts stopped, he flipped me over, his penis still stuck up me. He pulled my legs over his shoulders and started pounding into me as hard as he could. The roomed echoed with the sound of his big heavy ball bag slapping against me. I could feel another orgasm coming. "Don't stop, don't stop, don't sttooooopppp!" I came so strongly.
[/size] Dad slowed down.
[/size] I couldn't get my breath – it was so intense. Letting my legs off his shoulders, we lay there looking into each other’s eyes till my orgasm had subsided.

[/size] "Oh Beth," he said, staring into my eyes. He lowered his mouth to mine and kissed me. His tongue snaked its way between my lips and I complied by opening my mouth and seeking it out with my own. As I held him, our kiss lingered. Dad then started slowly moving his hips and I could feel the heat in his body, his heavy, short and sharp breaths.
[/size] I closed my eyes, arching my back and my mouth opened wide as I drew loud, harsh breaths of air. I could feel the sheer power of his hardness and excitement. I could almost feel the tension in every muscle in his body as he thrust himself into me.
[/size] "Oh, oh! Here it comes, honey!" groaned Dad, shoving himself hard into my crack.
[/size] I wrapped my legs around his buttocks and held him tight.
[/size] "I-I've gotta pull out, Beth!" he huffed.
[/size] I grabbed him firmly around the neck. "Don’t pull out, Daddy! Don’t pull out this time."
[/size]  He gave one final cry: "Arrrhhhh! Here it is! Here it is! Aarrggg! Oh, fuck!" He couldn't help himself. I could actually feel his cock head start to pulse inside me and then he thrust his hips into mine a few more times and I felt his cum squirting inside me. His whole body jerked seven or eight times before it became still.
[/size] We lay there, holding each other with Dad's softening cock still inside me, for about twenty minutes after he came. It was the most loving embrace and experience I have ever had.
[/size] Out of the blue, the doorbell rang. "My god, it's the boiler man!" Dad jumped off me, pulled on his joggers and T-shirt, and went to answer the door. I could feel his cum juices running out of my vagina, down the crack of my arse, forming a puddle on the sheets. There was loads of it. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to shower. I had just managed to get the soap off my body when the water went off.
[/size] Grabbing a towel, I went to the top of the stairs. "Dad, the water’s gone off."
[/size] A tall, old, black man came from the kitchen followed by Dad. "It's okay, Beth, Bob has had to turn it off to find out what's wrong with the boiler."
[/size] "Oh, okay Dad." I noticed the old man looking up at me in my towel. I moved from his view and got my T-shirt, pants and dressing gown on and went downstairs to watch television. I could hear the man talking to Dad, and then he left.
[/size] Dad came in the living room. "What's up, Dad? Has he fixed it?"
[/size] "No, not yet, honey. He's gone to get a new circuit board for the boiler. He won't be long. You okay, baby? You just don't know how good you made your old dad feel." He lent over and kissed my cheek.
[/size] The old black man returned an hour later. He was in the kitchen. I heard Dad arguing with him. I went to see what all the fuss was about. Standing in the doorway, Dad said, "You must be joking. I can't afford that much. Your quote was cheaper than that."
[/size] "Well, sir, I will just have to take the board out. It ain't my problem."
[/size] "Dad, what's the problem?" I asked as I walked into the foyer.
[/size] "I just can't afford to have the boiler fixed, Beth."
[/size] The old man was eyeing me up and down again. "Wow, who's the lovely lady then? She your woman?"
[/size] "No! She's my daughter!" Dad snapped at him.
[/size] "Well, maybe she can help you pay the bill then. You know, with a blowjob. I'd take that for the old estimate and eat the rest," he said, sneering in my direction.
[/size] Dad grabbed him by his shirt. "Get the fuck out of here before I thump you!"
[/size] "No, Dad! Don't!" I screamed. "Please, I want to help!"
[/size] "Listen to the girl, man."
[/size] Dad let him go, still breathing hard. "Beth, you can't be serious," he said, staring at me strangely.
[/size] "Dad, I want to help."
[/size] "But you know what he wants, don't you?"
[/size] "Err, yes I do. I think. It's okay, Dad, I'll do it."
[/size] "Listen to her, man. Just give me half what you owe and we'll call it quits."
[/size] "A-are you sure, Beth?" my dad asked, sort of in shock.
[/size] "Yes, Dad, just give him what he wants."
[/size] Hesitantly, Dad gave him the money. The black man walked over to me and said, "Let's do this, sugar. They call me Black Bob." He held my arm and led me into the living room. Dad quickly followed behind us. "Hey, man, I can't do it while you're watching." He looked at me and said, "Take me to your room, girl.
[/size] "No. Beth stays here."
[/size] "It's okay, Dad. I'll be all right." I walked up the stairs with the old black man behind me. I stopped at my bedroom door. "Will you wash it first please?" I asked.
[/size] He nodded, and I pointed to the bathroom.
[/size]  Dad popped his head around the banister rail. "Honey, I'll sit here and wait, okay? Are you sure you want to go along with this?"
[/size] "Dad, it's okay. I said I wanted to help and I meant it."
[/size] Dad ducked out of sight when black Bob came out the bathroom. "Let's get this show on the road, sugar. I've got other work to do today." He followed me to my bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed, while he stood in front of me. I reached for his belt. I undid his pants. He pulled his trousers and shorts down in one. His penis fell out. It was at least five inches long and fat, but it wasn't hard. It had a long, wrinkly piece of skin that hung from the end.
[/size] I started to stroke him and his black thing started to grow and grow. It was at least seven inches long now, and it curved up like a cucumber. It was so fat now, that my fingers didn't even reach around. It was a lot bigger than Dad's. I pulled back his foreskin and a big plum-shaped purple head popped out.
[/size] As I stroked him, Black Bob gave a groan, "Suck it, sugar."
[/size] I bent over and gave it a kiss and lick.
[/size] "I said suck it!" he growled down at me. I tried to get the big head in my mouth but it was just too big. I settled with stroking him off and licking it like a big lollipop. I didn't know what else to do.
[/size] "God, girly, you're no good at this. I need more."
[/size] Black Bob pulled away, kicked off his trousers and shorts from around his ankles and took off his shirt. For an old man, old enough to be my granddad, his body was in good shape and muscular. "Just got to go for a pee first," he said.
[/size] A few minutes later, he came back to my bedroom. Towering over me, he put his hands either side of my dressing gown lapels and slipped it over my shoulders. I froze with fear when his big hand groped my breasts through my t-shirt. Black Bob pushed me down on my back. Then he brought his lips down to mine, his big, black, rubbery lips locking onto mine. It wasn't all that unpleasant, and I immediately liked it when he did it again. I moved my lips under his and kissed him back gently. Suddenly his hand was under my shirt and he was cupping and fondling my small, bare breasts and nipples. His hands were all over me and I caught my breath as he moved my panties to one side and began touching my pussy. His fingers were fat and chunky and I made no move to stop him as he caressed my slit and began to open it slightly.
[/size]  I gasped when I felt him putting his middle finger in me. Somehow I had got all wet and slippery there, so he slid it in easily. As his finger slid it in and out, I started to moan and move my lower body, imagining Dad and me having sex. It felt so good. My hips moved to the rhythm of the fingers. I was sucking mouthfuls of air, quietly gasping, "Yes! Yes!" And then I came, shuddering against his fingers.
[/size] Breathless and dazed from my orgasm, Bob hooked his fingers inside my panties and I automatically raised my hips, letting him pull them down my legs. He then lifted my t-shirt off. Suddenly, I was naked, lying on the bed in front of him. Bob slipped his hands under my buttocks, drawing me toward his tongue. I gasped loudly as his tongue licked the full length of my slit. I raised my hips to get closer to his wildly thrusting tongue.

[/size] "Oh god! What are you doing to me?" I groaned. Jolts of electric pleasure were invading my whole body. Black Bob never answered, as he raced his tongue faster and deeper into me. My thighs were quivering, my buttocks spasmed and I cried out deliriously as a wildfire spread through my body. "Ooooh, oh, my God! Ohhh, yes!" I whimpered, as my orgasm hit. I groaned hoarsely, as wave after wave of heat rolled over my belly. I jerked away from his maddening tongue.
[/size] "Stop! I can't stand anymore!" I screamed.
[/size] Black Bob emerged from between my legs with a huge grin on his wet face. "I've never shagged white meat before. In fact, I haven't shagged any woman since last year," he hissed.
[/size] I looked into his eyes. "You said all I had to do was suck you."
[/size] "Well, sugar, there's been a change of plan."
[/size] I was about to scream for Dad, but decided not to when Black Bob put his face close to mine. He said, "You can either have it rough, or I can be nice to you. Which way?"
[/size] Reluctantly, I mumbled, "Okay."
[/size] He moved his face away slowly. Then he got to his knees and moved between my legs. My body was all tensed up. "Relax. Just relax!" With his fat, black cock in one hand, he rubbed the big plumb- like head up and down my slit, then between my fleshy folds. "You a virgin, sugar?"
[/size] I shook my head.
[/size] "Well, this ain't going to be so bad then."
[/size]  I felt thetip of his cock head start to penetrate me. "Oh god! God, it hurts!" I yelled. Bob smiled then pushed through my pussy-lips and forced his cock-head into me.
[/size] "Ugh, oh please. Bob, pleaeese! It hurts too much." It reminded me of when I first started using Mum's dildo. "Put some oil on, Bob. It's on my dresser."
[/size] "Fuckin' lousy bitch," Bob pulled out of me. A great feeling of relief came over me. Bob wandered over to my dresser with his huge swollen prick waving back and forth. Grabbing the bottle of baby oil, he smeared it over the length of his black banana-shaped cock, till it glistened. Pulling his foreskin back as far as it would go, he got back on the bed.
[/size] "Open wide, bitch. I've had enough of you fuckin' me around."
[/size] I felt Bob's hard cock pressing at the entrance to my vagina. Then he pushed his big-headed cock into me. The head popped in. It was better now – the oil lubrication took a little bit of the soreness away. "Oh man! You're so tight. Fuck!" he called out as he sank into me.
[/size] I squealed, "Owwww!" as he pressed and ground himself against my pubic bone. He lay on top of me for a while, sucking on my lips. He began softly thrusting himself in and out of me, then about two or three minutes later, I started to feel something coming on and yelled at the top of my lungs, "Harder! Fuck me harder! Oh, give it to me! Yes! Yes! I'm coming! Oh, I’m coming!"
[/size] I felt an explosion of my juices flood my insides. I was loving every violent thrust of Bob's cock up inside my throbbing pussy. "Oh God! Ooooh, I'm coming again! Oh god yes!" I yelled, hugging Bob to me.
[/size] He moved his large black hands and placed them under my butt cheeks so he could get his big black dick deeper inside me. He started fucking me again with frenzy. In and out. In and out. The bed was creaking like crazy. Bob sped up and, after about a minute, he groaned, "Oh fuck! Here it comes, sugar!"
[/size] His body went stiff for a long time and he kept mumbling, "Yah, mama!" I could feel his cock jerking inside me, as he unleashed a torrent of sperm in my vagina. Afterward, he lay on top of me for ages. His whole body was covered in sweat. I felt his dwindling cock slip slowly out of my tender pink pussy and his cum starting to trickle out along with it. It was running down my inner thighs onto my bed.
[/size] "Damn, that pussy is the best."
[/size] I looked over Black Bob's shoulder. Dad was standing at the foot of the bed. He had his trousers off and was rubbing his hard cock with one hand. Black Bob pulled himself and his sticky-wet, dripping cock off the bed and turned towards Dad. I lay there in disbelief as I saw him give Dad a handful of notes from his trouser pocket.
[/size] "That's the best fuck I've had in twenty years, man."
[/size] I lay there with the old man’s sperm dripping from my cunt as he dressed and left with my half naked Dad following him. My body was so weak, I could barely move. I heard Dad and Black Bob talking outside my bedroom door. Then footsteps going downstairs and the front door slam. Dad then came back in my room, completely naked now.
[/size] "I just have to have you one more time," he said, as he got on the bed. "God, old Bob sure has made a real mess." With that, he sank his cock up me. It went in very easily. I could hardly feel it. I could only lay there and stare at the ceiling. His hips began to quicken the pace every few strokes. I could feel his cock throb deep within me. I felt the familiar hardness of my father's cock grow even harder, his breathing become shorter, and I knew he was about to come inside me. With one final lunge, he was squirting in me as deep as possible and I felt his hot spurts shooting into me once again.
[/size] He rolled over, out of breath, and said, "Beth, you know you said you always wanted to help out with the money?"
[/size] "Yes," I said, holding back my tears of betrayal.
[/size] "Well, Black Bob says that he has plenty of friends who would like to see you and pay good money."
[/size] "Do I have to, Dad?"
[/size] "Well, if you love me and don't want to go back to Mum. I just can't afford the repayments on the house anymore now. I got laid off work yesterday."

[/size] "Oh! Err, okay then, Dad. I'll do anything I can to help out."
[/size] He scooped me up in his arms. "You can't sleep in this mess all night. You're coming to bed with me."
[/size] I spent the rest of the night sobbing quietly, while he kept telling me how great it was watching another man fuck me – especially a black man with a huge black cock. He said, "You must have really enjoyed that big black bone inside you."
[/size]  Twenty-four hours ago, I was a virgin. Now Dad wantedto sell my body. Luckily for me, I had my period as normal four days later. Dad then took me to the doctors and had him put me on the pill. I still visit Dad's room on a nightly basis, but now I'm gonna be fucking other men for money, too. I dread to think what the future holds.

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best erotic story Ever
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Re: best erotic story Ever
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I just came in, maybe I will not comment, but I like it here.

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Re: best erotic story Ever
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best erotic story Ever
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Not really a furry story, but ive gotten alot of positive comments on this, so i thought id share it here.