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Match Teacher ROMANTIC Sexy STory
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[/size]It was the summer of 1955, I had just turned sixteen. I had been saving my lawn mowing money for years in hopes of buying a car. First I had to take my tests for my drivers license, which I passed with flying colors. Then I set my sights on finding the car of my dreams. At the third used car lot, I found it, a red 1951 Ford convertible. I almost came in my pants, I was so excited. The lot salesman and I haggled a while on the price and we agreed on a price of twelve hundred dollars. That almost ate up all my savings.
[/size] Driving around with the top down convinced a lot of pretty girls to go for a ride. Needless to say, most Saturday nights I was getting laid. Some of my guy friends were a little jealous, but got over it quickly while sitting in the back seat with a hot chick. Sometimes I just took my friends for a ride. We would all pile in and steal a few beers from our fathers. We'd go cruising around on the back country roads getting fucked up drunk. Lucky for us we never got caught.
[/size] Summer ended and it was back to school. I wasn't a big fan of school, but I knew I had to get good grades because I wanted to go to college. My older brother was in college and the stories he would tell me. I was most definitely going to college.
[/size] It was late October when my math teacher, Mr. Jackson took sick and a substitute teacher was assigned to my math class. I was never a whiz at math, but Miss Daniels made it worse. I think all the boys were flabbergasted when she appeared on the scene. Miss Daniels was about the most perfect woman anyone could dream of.
[/size] These are all guesses, but I would say she was about five foot five. Maybe one hundred twenty pounds with a nice set of tits. Her pretty face was framed with long reddish brown hair. Her fingers were free of rings, no fiance or husband. I guessed her age to be around twenty-six or seven. But
[/size]what really got my blood boiling was how sexy hot she was. Her voice just dripped of sex and those eyes, they could melt steel. If my dick wasn't hard, it was half hard from fantasizing about fucking her. I definitely had a crush on her.
[/size] At night I would beat off thinking of Miss Daniels. On weekends if I thought of her, I would jack off right then. My life was becoming a nightmare. Consequently my math grade started to slip, my grade was plummeting. And then that's when it happened.
[/size] “Matt Reynolds, please remain after class, I need to talk with you.”
[/size] I panicked, I'm thinking. “What did I do wrong? I'm trying my best to improve my failing grade. I'm trying to pay attention to what Miss Daniels is teaching. I had better remain after class and find out.”
[/size] The students started filing out the classroom door right after the bell sounded. I remained in my seat, wondering what was next. I would soon find out, Miss Daniels was walking towards me. I must have had a worried look on my face.
[/size] “Don't worry,” she said with a smile. “I just want to find out why your gradehas been dropping in my math class. I checked, you are doing great in all your other classes, four points except mine. Can you tell me what is going on with you?
[/size] “I can't Miss Daniels. I don't know for sure what it is. Maybe if I work harder and pay more attention, I'll improve.”
[/size] “I tell you what, you try your best. If at the end of three weeks your grade hasn't improved, I'll recommend tutoring. Fair?”
[/size] “Yes, I'll try. Can I go now?”
[/size] “Sure, now head off to your study hall. If you are tardy, have the teacher call me.”
[/size] Miss Daniels turned and walked back to the front of the classroom. I watched her ass move the whole way. My cock hardened and I remained in my seat.
[/size] “You can leave now, Matt. Go before you are marked absent.”
[/size] I stood, shielding my growing erection with a book. There are times that I wished my cock was smaller. This was one of those times. I clumsily walked past Miss Daniels and out the door. Miss Daniels had a funny look on her face as she smiled at me. I'm sure my face was as red as a beet
[/size]from embarrassment.
[/size] I stopped and went into the boy's washroom. The stalls were all empty, so I went into the last one. Ten pulls later I was filling a handful of toilet tissue with my cum. I hurried and cleaned up, pulled up my jeans and hurried to my study hall. I stopped at the teacher's desk and told her I would have been on time except I had to use the facilities. She was understanding and although she marked me as tardy, she wrote why in the remarks. That would save me from a tardy mark.
[/size] The next three weeks I dedicated a lot of time to my math assignments. Miss Daniels would critique me after each class on whether I was improving or slipping. Most of the time I was improving slightly, but not up to her standards or mine.
[/size] “I'm going to recommend tutoring for you,” she said. “I want you to give this letter to your parents. In it I explain why I am recommending tutoring and the cost associated with it. Promise me you will give the letter to them.”
[/size] “I promise,” I said as I took the letter. “When will the tutoring start and who will be my tutor?”
[/size] “It is all explained in the letter. Now get to your study hall.”
[/size] I got out of there as fast as I could, my cock was starting to act up again. “Why does Miss Daniels have such an effect on me?” I asked myself.
[/size] I gave Miss Daniel's letter to my parents at the supper table. Dad read it, then Mom. Dad spoke first.
[/size] “So your grade in math is not up to your ability. Miss Daniels is recommending that you have tutoring until you are back on track. What do you have to say for yourself?”
[/size] “I don't know Dad, I try to study as hard as I can. For some reason I can't concentrate in my math class. I want to improve my grade, my grades are great in my other subjects.”
[/size] “Is it the car? Are you being distracted by that?”
[/size] “No Dad, not at all. I don't even think of my car while in math class.”
[/size] I thought, “All I could think about was how it would feel to fuck her.”
[/size] “Well, I guess the only course to take here is to hire you a tutor until your grade improves. Marge Daniels wrote that she would be more than willing to be your tutor. She is your math teacher, is she
[/size] “She is. She's a good teacher.”
[/size] My mind was salivating at the idea of Miss Daniels being my tutor. Many more chances to peek down her blouse or to watch her cross those long legs of hers. My dick had a mind of its own and started to harden again.
[/size] “I'm going up to my room to do my homework. I'll go over my math assignment again.”
[/size] I left the supper table and headed right for my bedroom. I closed the door and dropped my pants. I laid on my bed as I masturbated, fantasizing I was screwing Miss Daniels. I cleaned up my mess and sat at my desk. I went over my math, little of it sinking in, my mind was still on Miss Daniels body.
[/size] Mom handed me a sealed envelope as I left for school. It was addressed to Miss Marge Daniels. I hope it had permission for her to tutor me. Classes couldn't have been slower today, that is until I handed the envelope to Miss Daniels. She opened it, there was a check and note.
[/size] “Well Matt, it looks like I'm to be your tutor. Tonight I'll set up a schedule, I think three sessions a week should be enough. Does that sound fair to you?”
[/size] “Yes ma'am, that sounds good to me.”
[/size] I spent the whole class staring at her ass and tits. I know she caught me at least twice. Miss Daniels just ignored it and went on with her lesson.
[/size] The rest of the school year went on. My grades stayed up in all my classes except for math. I had caught on that if I kept my grade level low, Miss Daniels would be my tutor forever. Miss Daniels told me that I had to improve my grade, otherwise my parents would stop my tutoring. Just the thought of not being with her for the extra hours every week, made me buckle down. When she recommended that the tutoring continue through the summer, my heart flipped. Mom and Dad agreed to her recommendation of two hours twice a week and three hours on Saturday morning.
[/size] Another thing was happened to me during that school year. I'm now six feet tall and weigh in at one sixty-seven. My voice has deepened and I now look like a young man. My Mom and all my aunts keep telling me how handsome I've become. My cousin Sissy couldn't keep her hands off me, until I told her to stop or I'd tell her mom.
[/size] My own brother said, “The girls in college will be fawning over you stud, you're one handsome guy.”
[/size]  I had a really nice seventeenth birthday. We all went out to dinner at a nice restaurant. I wolfed down a one pound prime rib along with two sodas and my veggies. Mom and Dad bought my next year of car insurance as my gift. I had already saved up the money, but now it could stay in savings.
[/size] Miss Daniels gave me my tutoring schedule for the summer. Mondays and Thursdays for two hours each day and three hours on Saturday mornings. Since school would be locked up for the summer, I had to go to Miss Daniels' apartment for tutoring. My first day was this coming Saturday, I was very anxious to start.
[/size] I showed up at Miss Daniels' apartment building at nine sharp. I pressed the buzzer that was labeled with her number.
[/size] “Matt?” Her voice came over the speaker.
[/size] “Yes,” I replied.
[/size] I heard the door buzz and I pulled it open, stepping into a small lobby with elevators and stairs. Miss Daniels' apartment was 6C, so I opted for the elevator. Walking up six flights of stairs didn't sound that appealing this morning, plus I was in a hurry to see Miss Daniels. The elevator door opened and I pushed the 6 button, the elevator began a slow ascent. Finally it stopped, the door opening onto the sixth floor. I saw the sign showing 6C was to my left. Miss Daniels' apartment was a short distance down the hall. I stood in front of her door, I paused as I tried to calm myself down. I was pretty excited about being alone with my fantasy woman.
[/size] I rapped once, paused, then two more times, just like she told me to. I heard the door's security chain slide and fall. The door opened and Miss Daniels invited me in. I handed her a check that my dad gave me, to give to her.
[/size] “Thank you, Matt. Please come into my humble abode and make yourself at home.”
[/size] Miss Daniels laid the check on the kitchen counter. “Come with me and I'll give you the grand tour of my little apartment. Her apartment was very nice, the kitchen was open to a combination dining room/living room. The 'U' shaped kitchen was divided from the living area by an island. There were three stools at the island. She showed me where the bathroom was located and then just pointed as she breezed by her bedroom. I looked in, a queen bed with what seemed like a hundred pillows on it. Very girlish, but nice.
[/size] The apartment's second bedroom was turned into an office. There was a desk and a table, a filing
[/size]cabinet and what I assumed to be a Murphy Bed cabinet. There were two books on the table along with scratch pads and a calculator. Miss Daniels was ready to tutor.
[/size] “Would you like a soda or water?” She asked me. “I'd offer you a beer, but we have to study first.”
[/size] “A soda would be fine, thank you.”
[/size] I thought to myself, “Beer, this chick is pretty cool for a teacher.”
[/size] The morning passed fast. Miss Daniels was a much better tutor at home. She was more relaxed and friendly. When we finished the tutoring session, we sat at the island counter. She poured me another glass of soda and had one herself. We talked about my goals for the future and she talked about her plans. We also touched on the subject of girlfriends. I told her I wasn't in the market for any steady girlfriend. She pulled back and looked with a little funny face at me.
[/size] “No steady girlfriend, most boys would love to have a steady girl.”
[/size] “Miss Daniels, I...”
[/size] She interrupted me, “Matt, we are going to be working closely for the next two months. Miss Daniels is too formal, please call me Marge. Anywhere other than my apartment, call me Miss Daniels. Can you do that for me please?”
[/size] Damn, she's cool. “Yes, I'll call you Marge. Okay Marge?”
[/size] Marge reached over and tussled my hair with her fingers. “Yes, okay Matt. Now you better head home before your parents wonder what has happened to you. Monday at seven, see you then.”
[/size] I run my fingers through my hair, straightening it out. I don't think my mother would like to see my hair all awry, she might start asking questions. Marge stood up with me and walked me to the door. Her hand was on my arm when she asked if I could let myself out. I nodded my head, yes. Marge gave me a big smile and closed the door.
[/size] My first day at Marge's house was a success. I learned some things and just spent the morning with the hottest teacher in the county. I floated home and went right up to my room. I was back on my bed beating the crap out of my dick as I thought of fucking Marge. It didn't take long and I was squirting come up my belly and onto my chest. I didn't believe how much come I was producing now. I cleaned up and decided to go for a car ride.
[/size] I didn't drive far before I saw one of the girls from school. It was Sally Jenkins, same grade as me and one of the girls that the guys couldn't date, much lessfuck. She was commonly known at school as “Chiller the Dick Killer” I had never dated her, but what the hell. I pulled up near the curb, “Hey, Sally, want a ride?”
[/size] Sally opened the door and jumped into the front seat. “Where we riding to?”
[/size] Her skirt had bounced up, showing a nice pair of legs. “Wherever you want, or just ride along.”
[/size] I headed towards a drive-in on the edge of town. I was thinking about a special place to park with bushes that would actually hide my car. It was on my uncle's farm and no one knew of it. I don't think my uncle knew about it either. I wanted to find out if “Chiller the Dick Killer” was for real. I couldn't believe that Sally had been so easy to pick up that day.
[/size] We were hungry, so I stopped at the A&W and we each ordered a burger and fries from the car hop. I washed my food down with a big mug of frothy creamy root beer. When we were done eating, I asked Sally if she would like to take a ride out of town. I told her about a nice parking place that I had found and we could make-out there.
[/size] “Is it far? I have to be home before ten or I'll be in trouble.”
[/size] “Not far, maybe fifteen minutes.” I was surprised she would go with me so easily.
[/size] “Okay, let's go,” she said a little too enthusiastically.
[/size] I peeled out of the drive-in and headed out. A few miles later, I turned down a narrow country road. The grass grew right up to the edge of the blacktop. I drove slowly, I was looking for a tall pine tree, that is where I turned off the road onto a grass farm road. I found the grass road and turned. I drove maybe two hundred yards and we were in a clearing, but completely hidden from the road.
[/size] “This is a cool spot, do you come here much?” Sally asked.
[/size] “No, only when I have a special girl like you in my car.”
[/size] “Thank you, Matt. Why have you never asked me for a date or like you did today, to take a ride?”
[/size] I didn't answer her or give her time to say or do anything else. I moved over and kissed her. Based on what I had heard about her, I figured I'd get a hard slap to my face. That didn't happen, she threw her arms about my neck and kissed me back. The kissing continued hot and heavy. When I slipped
[/size]my hand up her blouse and felt her tit under her bra, she let out a little moan. Our lips never parted as I unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra. Sally pulled back from my lips and took her top off. She tossed her bra and blouse into the back seat.
[/size] Her titties were nice, not huge, but boy did her nipples puff out. Her puffy nipples were as hard as rocks, perfect for sucking.
[/size] “Let's get in the back seat, we'll be more comfortable there. We slid out her door. I kissed her before we moved into the back seat. I was more comfortable there, no steering wheel to get in the way. I pushed her onto her back, my mouth surrounded her nipple. I sucked gently on her nipple then sucked on her other nipple. I sucked a little harder and the puffy part of her tit disappeared into my mouth. Sally was moaning and asking me to suck harder.
[/size] I made my move then, my hand pulled her skirt up and my fingers slid down the front of her panty. Sally made no move to stop me. I rubbed her clit gently, this brought a reaction from her.
[/size] “Oh god, that feels good. Matt, rub my kitty, I don't let boys touch me there, but you can.”
[/size] I went back to kissing her and sucking on her nipples. She was getting worked up, so I pulled my hand out of her panty and started to slide them down. Sally lifted her ass up and her panties were with her bra and blouse, on the floor.
[/size] My fingers went back to work on her clit, my mouth on her lips. Soon our tongues were twisting around each other. I moved my finger into her slit. Her whole crotch was wet. I knew what I had to do, my tongue was licking her as my mouth headed south. I think Sally figured out what was next. I was kneeling on the floor of my car now. Sally spread her legs, her left foot was on the floor, her right leg was up on the convertible boot. Her glistening pussy totally exposed.
[/size] Her eyes were big and followed mine as my tongue touched her now exposed clitoris. Sally gasped and tossed her head backwards. She drew in a breath through her teeth causing a slight hiss. Her head came forward and she was watching me lick her clit. When my lips surrounded it and I sucked, she took a handful of my hair and tugged my face forward. My face was now firmly embedded in her pussy.
[/size] She was looking right into my eyes. “You are the first man to ever give me oral. Damn Matt... it feels so good.”
[/size] I didn't have a whole lot of oral experience myself, but I did the best I could. Sally liked it when my tongue was in her vagina. I think she preferred that I lick her clit. The reason I say that is because she
[/size]would twist her butt giving me better access. When Sally's body started to shake, I knew she was having her orgasm. I had read that I should continue what I was doing and maybe she would have another orgasm. A few minutes later, Sally pulled my hair hard, her second orgasm was raging though her. She pushed my mouth away from her. I sat back and waited for her to come down.
[/size] “Oh my god... that was so damn good. Give me a few minutes, I want to cum again,” she panted.
[/size] I wasn't going to sit around doing nothing for those minutes, so I started kissing her. I slid my middle finger up and down her juicy slit then finger fucked her. Sally's cunt was really wet, so I put my index finger alongside my middle finger and slid two fingers into her. She liked that better. I think Sally was ready for me to assault her clit once again. My tongue circled around her clit a few times as my fingers pounded her tight vagina. Sally placed her hands were on both sides of my head. She was holding me in one spot.
[/size] “Matt, please fuck me.”
[/size] Wow, Chiller the Dick Killer wanted me to fuck her. I was not one to turn down the lady's request. I unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans. I pushed them and my undies down enough to release my hard cock. I went back to eating her pussy.
[/size] “Stop licking my pussy, I want to see your cock.”
[/size] I straightened up. Sally raised up enough to see.
[/size] “You have a fat dick. Turn it so I can see how long it is.”
[/size] I turned some and she could see that I was a couple inches above average length. I looked at Sally, she was beckoning me to lean forward.
[/size] “That's big, I don't think it will fit in me.”
[/size] I leaned forward and kissed her. At the same time I was sliding my cock head up and down her slit. Sally was hot to be fucked. She moaned as my cockhead pressed into her vagina. I kept kissing her as I gently pushed more cock into her. She was tight and she spread her legs even further to allow me entry. Sally wanted my tongue, hers was twisting about mine. I pushed my tongue into her mouth at the same time I pushed my cock deep into her wet pussy. She gasped during our kiss.
[/size] “I feel full, you must be in all the way. Its so tight down there.”
[/size] “Do you like it? I can stop if your don't want to continue.”
[/size] “No, no, I want you to fuck me. It feels good, I do like it. You are the second guy to fuck me, the first time wasn't so good. I didn't want anything to do with guys after that. That's why they call me Chiller the Dick Killer at school. That's okay, I wanted the guys to leave me alone. Then today you asked me if I wanted a ride and I tingled down there. You're hot and all the girls think so too. Sophia blabbed all over school how hot you were and how you fucked her so good. So today I wanted to find out for myself. So fuck me good, Matt. I want to like sex like all the other girls do.”
[/size] Just what I wanted to hear. I turned reaching over the back of the front seat and opened the glove box. Inside was a condom. After putting it on I was back to giving Sally the fuck of her life, mine too. I took her hand and placed her fingers on her clit. She figured out real fast that I wanted her to masturbate while I fucked her. Sally's pussy was tight and felt good as I pounded my cock into her hard. I was starting to build, it wouldn't be long before I cum. Sally's eyes were scrunched tight, she would be coming soon also.
[/size] Sally opened her eyes and was looking deep into mine. The sensations were there, I was cumming so I rammed my cock as deep as I could into her. My cock was pulsing as it pumped the condom full of my seed. Sally had a shocked look on her face as she too came. She pulled me against her, her arms held me tight. The heels of her feet digging into my buttocks, she was holding my cock tight inside her.
[/size] When my cock stopped throbbing, Sally relaxed her legs. I pulled out and checked the condom, it was still intact, none of my cum had leaked out. I removed the condom and wrapped it up in a tissue. I took another tissue and wiped my cock dry. I handed the tissue box to Sally and watched as she took a couple tissues and wiped her wet pussy dry. We tossed the filled tissues into the bushes. No one would find them and who would care if they did.
[/size] The sun was getting lower in the sky as we dressed. I watched her dress and she watched me. Sally was a very pretty girl, I was happy that she chose to go for a ride with me that day. Maybe there would be more times for her and I, I sure hoped so.
[/size] The ride back was uneventful, Sally sat in the middle so I could put my arm around her shoulders. I drove with my left hand and worked the clutch so she could shift the tranny. We giggled when she missed once and ground the gears.
[/size] Just before we entered town, she moved to the other side. Sally didn't want anyone to know that there was something going on between her and I. I was okay with that, she told me she wanted to go to “our” secret place again. She begged me not to kiss and tell. I told her she could trust me, I
[/size]wouldn't tell a soul.
[/size] I dropped her off at her house and headed home. I went straight to my room, stopping by the bathroom to wash my face. No sense advertising to my parents that I had been eating pussy this afternoon. Mom called Dad and I to come eat. After supper I went back up to my room to study. Marge had given me an assignment to complete before Monday's tutoring session.
[/size] Sunday was a drag and so was Monday until it was time to head over to Marge's apartment. It was nice out so I put the top down again. Marge was waiting for me and buzzed me into the building. I had completed my assignment and Marge graded it right then. There were a couple of wrong answers and she spent time showing me where I went wrong. It didn't take long and my two hours of tutoring were over. We said our goodbyes and I left. I had the distinct feeling that Marge knew I had the hots for her. She was very gracious about it though.
[/size] It was the second Saturday in August that my parents left to see my aunt in the next state over. They would be gone until Sunday afternoon. Mom asked if I would be okay home alone and to not forget my tutoring session. I told her I would be fine and would not miss the tutoring appointment. Mom kissed my cheek and they were gone.
[/size]    ((  ))
[/size] It was almost time, so I rushed over the Marge's apartment. She buzzed me in and I took the elevator to the sixth floor. The door to 6C was open and I walked in. Marge was dressed more casual today. I got a good look at her legs since she was wearing short shorts. Her top was what really got my blood boiling. Tank tops are one of the sexiest tops women can wear. Especially if they are low cut and show a lot of side boob. That is the kind of top Marge had on. I had to sit down, my dick was getting hard again.
[/size] I sat at the island counter. Marge had to sit next to me on a stool. I handed her my assignment. I looked her over as she studied it. She looked up at me and smiled, that is when her nipples pushed her top's material out. Marge did nothing to cover up. When she bent forward, I could see down her top and her breasts were beautiful. Not to mention the side boob view.
[/size] I saw Marge put a check mark next to one of my answers. Only one wrong, I must be improving. Math did seem somewhat easier now that Marge had taught me the correct way to arrive at answers.
[/size] Marge moved her stool closer to me when she was showing me how to correctly solve the problem I had gotten wrong. I was looking where she was pointing to my error, when I turned my head and looked up at her. Her ruby red lips were mere inches from mine. I didn't even think, I just kissed her. Then my mind prepared me for the verbal and possible physical assault that would follow. I waited and nothing happened.
[/size]  Marge smiled, put her hands on my face and kissed me back. Marge stood up and took my hand. I stood up and she put her arms around my neck and pulled me down into another kiss. She pressed her body into mine, she had to feel the lump of my hard cock. She didn't pull back, she pressed harder. Her tongue was against my teeth, looking for my tongue. I opened my mouth and we French kissed. We kissed for what seemed like ages before we broke apart.
[/size] Marge just looked at me, waiting for me to say something. I couldn't think of anything to say, so I put my arms around her and kissed her again. Marge let her body melt into mine. Then she pulled back and rubbed her hand over my hard on. When she did that, my hand went up under her tank top and cupped her breast. Wow... more than mouthful, maybe even more than a handful. I'd gone this far so what the hell, I lifted her top off. I held her an arm length away and drank in the view of her magnificent breasts.
[/size] I'd seen a full length mirror in her bedroom, so I led her there and positioned her in front. I stood behind her and cupped those gorgeous tits. Her eyes were looking back at mine. I smiled and she turned around and we kissed again. Marge lifted my pullover and tossed it on her bed. We kissed again holding each other tight. We were skin to skin, her breasts flatting against my chest. I slipped my hands inside her shorts, she wasn't wearing panties. I squeezed her ass cheeks and pulled her tight to my body.
[/size] This whole time not a word was spoken between us. We didn't need words to tell each other what we wanted.
[/size] Marge dropped to her knees, her fingers deftly removing my belt, but fumbling on my pants button. When she had it open, her dainty fingers lowered my zipper. Her hands grasped my pants and underwear. In one swift move I was standing naked before her. I stepped out of my pants legs and kicked my pants into a corner.
[/size] Marge took hold of my cock, her red lips sliding over the head. Her eyes were locked with mine as she swallowed more of my dick into her mouth. She swiftly moved her mouth back and forth over my cock. The sensations driving me wild. I started to moan, my fingersintertwined in her hair.
[/size] Marge removed her mouth from my cock and spoke the first words, “Don't cum in my mouth, I want you to cum deep in my pussy.”
[/size] I nodded my head as her mouth closed over my cock again. Marge kept bringing me up and then letting me fall back. I wanted to cum in her mouth, but the idea of being deep in her hot pussy overcame the urge. Marge pulled her mouth off my cock with a loud pop. She stood up and reached
[/size]to undo her shorts. I moved her hands away and unbuttoned, unzipped and lowered her shorts. By lowering her shorts, I lowered myself. Marge put her hand on my shoulder to balance herself as she lifted each foot. I had her shorts in my hand, then I tossed them on top of my jeans.
[/size] I raised up slightly, my mouth the same height as her trimmed pussy. With my hands on the back of her thighs, I brought my tongue and her clit together. I licked and sucked the little nub until it was swollen and red. Marge's pussy lips were a deep pink, I slid two fingers into her very wet pussy. I pressed them in until my knuckles stopped me. She was hot inside, hotter than Sally, wetter than Sally. I didn't think any woman could top Sally, but Marge just did.
[/size] I still hadn't said a word, no need to. Marge started to shudder, she was having her first orgasm given by me. I sucked her clit hard and jammed my finger tight up inside her vagina. Marge almost collapsed on me if it were not for her hands on my shoulders. I stood up, my arms steadied her as I hugged her to me. She reached up and brought our mouths together in a lasting French kiss. The feel of our body skin pressed to each other was an aphrodisiac we needed.
[/size] Marge broke us apart and tossed the decorative pillows from her bed. She pulled the comforter down and sat on the edge of the bed. She patted the sheet, I sat down next to her.
[/size] “How long have you wanted to fuck me?” She asked.
[/size] “From the first moment I saw you,” I replied. “Did you ever think that way about me?”
[/size] “I was attracted to you when I first saw you too. Being a teacher, I could be in a lot of trouble if anyone finds out about you and I. I would probably lose my Teaching Certificate. Can I count on you not to brag about us and get me into trouble?”
[/size] “I would never tell anyone. You can trust me on that.”
[/size] I kissed her. “There is my promise that no one will ever know about us.”
[/size] Marge responded by laying back on the bed. I joined her. I wanted to eat her out again, so I kissed her neck and worked my way down. When I raised up, Marge spread her legs and I rested between them. I kissed her pussy before I licked her wet slit. Marge let out a soft moan. I attacked her clit, I wanted to make her cum again before I fucked her. A few minutes of licking and sucking her clit, and her ass was twisting with her second orgasm. While her body was still shaking I moved up and pressed my cock into her hot pussy. Marge was so wet that I sunk up to my balls.
[/size] “OOF,” she gasped. “That cock of yours is big.”
[/size]  I showed her pussy no mercy. I was hot and I wanted to fuck the shit out of this bitch. I kept ramming her hard. I had to slip my hands under her shoulders, my fingers holding tight so I could ram her harder.
[/size] “Oh... my... god...” She exclaimed. “Fuck me baby, ram that big cock of yours in my hot cunt. Make me your bitch, fuck me baby... fuck me deep.”
[/size] Her talking dirty made me fuck her harder. I was pounding her hard, she was building, her pussy was clamping down on my cock.
[/size] “Ooohhh, fffuuuhhh,” she moaned, unable to complete her words as her orgasm took control of her body. Her legs were shaking, her thighs slamming against my hips. She was sweating and so was I, our bodies slick with sweat. I kept pounding away.
[/size] “Your so good baby, you love fucking my wet pussy. Oh baby, fuck that pussy, fuck my cunt good, I want you to cum deep in me.”
[/size] My cock was ready to shoot her full of cum. I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her down on my cock as I rammed it home. My first spurt of cum felt like a golf ball shooting out though my cock. As I pumped rope after rope of cum, my cock was jerking around inside Marge's pussy. Marge grabbed me tight, curled up as much as she could and had another cock squeezing orgasm. I just held onto her, letting her orgasm play out.
[/size]   ((   ))
[/size] Marge's eyes opened, I was up on my hands, my hard cock still inside her. I blew air down my chest and belly. I was soaked in sweat. Marge had a rivulet of sweat running from between her breasts and down her side. The sheets were damp with sweat and a big wet spot under her crotch.
[/size] “Oh fuck, baby. That was great. I've never been fucked that hard before. I hope it was good for you.”
[/size] I dropped down onto her chest and whispered into her ear. “That was the best fuck I've ever had too. Your pussy is so sweet. I don't think I'll ever be able to eat you out enough.”
[/size] I rolled off and lay next to Marge. She rolled up and rested on her arm, looking at me. She touched my cheek.
[/size] “How old do you think I am?”
[/size] “I don't know, I have no idea, maybe twenty-four, twenty-five.”
[/size]  “What would you say if I told you I'm twenty-seven.”
[/size] That was easy for me, “The prettiest, hottest, most shapely woman I've ever fucked and probably ever will fuck. You're only ten years older, but to me it makes no difference.”
[/size] She kissed me. “Let's take a shower. I have to wash and dry these sheets, plus make the bed again.”
[/size] She gave me another kiss and got up. I watched her walk to the bathroom. What a lucky son-of-a- bitch I was to have a piece of ass like Marge. I waited until I heard the water running before I joined her in the shower. I washed her down, paying special attention to her crotch, her tits, her whole body. Marge returned the favor and bathed me also.
[/size] There were three towels on the bath vanity counter. She planned ahead. I took a towel and dried myself off. Marge took the other towel and wrapped it around her head, holding her hair up. She took the other towel and dried her body.
[/size] We went back into her bedroom and dressed. It was a treat for me to watch her dress. We went out into the kitchen and sat at the island. Her hair was wet and plastered against her skull. Even with no makeup and her hair looking the way it was, she was so beautiful. I leaned over and kissed her cheek. She turned her face and kissed my lips.
[/size] “You're a great lover, Matt. I hope we will be able to do this many times more. The only thing that will stop this is if we are found out or you get sick of me. I pray neither of those things will happen.”
[/size] “No worry on my end. I want this to continue also. You are one great lady and I will keep my mouth shut. My parents are away this weekend, visiting my aunt. They won't be back until tomorrow afternoon. Would you like to go out with me for dinner tonight, we can drive to another city.”
[/size] “I think it would be more fun if I cooked you a nice steak tonight. I'll make you a dinner right here in my kitchen. How does that sound?”
[/size] “I have to go home first and change clothes. A nice steak sounds like a real treat. What time should I come back?”
[/size] “Six would be fine. I'll be waiting.”
[/size] I left Marge's place. At six I was back. Not only was Marge a great piece of ass, her cooking wass almost as good. Marge asked me to spend the night with her. I did and we fucked twice before falling
[/size]asleep. The next morning I fucked her before breakfast and again just before lunch. After lunch I went home and waited for my parents to arrive home.
[/size] The rest of the summer streaked by. My time with Marge was spent in bed. I told her how I purposely kept my grade lower so she could tutor me. How from the first moment I saw her I wanted to fuck her. Circumstances slowed down on our fucking during the school year. I was only tutored (fucked) on Saturdays. No one had a clue what had gone on between the two of us.
[/size] Sally and I dated our senior year. It was the talk of the school how Chiller the Dick Killer was getting laid by me. No one knew for sure, but they could guess. I passed onto Sally all the sexual knowledge that I learned from Marge.
[/size] Sally and I fell in love and promised to stay true to each other. No sex with others. When I told Marge, she told me it was inevitable that I would find a younger woman to fall in love with.
[/size] Sally and I went to the same college. We stayed in the dorm our freshman and sophomore years. Our parents weren't to happy when we rented a nice apartment together. They got over it when they saw how much we loved each other.
[/size] Marge met a real nice guy when he did a remodel on her apartment. They were married a just over a yearafter meeting. I saw her a couple of times and said, “Hello.” The old fire to fuck her was gone, but I still remembered the hot times we had together.
[/size] Oh, I almost forgot, Sally is pregnant with our first child. I'm one happy person.

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