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[Narration ] Story of Honeymoon twist of Young Muslim wife
« on: October 26, 2018, 08:39:53 pm »
[ This story is about a man discussing his erection issue with her lady friend and describing her the incident that took place when he was with her young wife on honeymoon  ]
[/size]Dimple D:
Hello Asad : )

How you doing

Asad Khan : Hi Dimple Thanks for your response
I am OK
How are you
Dimple : I'm doing great too

It's my pleasure to response with you

How may I help you?

Do you have serious concern?

Asad Khan : Sorry I have to leave that group chat
Not possible to discuss issue with all
Dimple : Oh so you are the user

Asad Khan : Need some good ear to listen and discuss
Yes Dimple Dimple : I thought my chat get crash. lol

Oh sure it's my honor to listen

I can lender my ears unto you dear

Tell me what is the case with your wife?

Asad Khan : Thanks for being friendly madam
Dimple : Don't call me ma'am. Treat this like a casual talk

Asad Khan : Lets introduce ourselves
Just yo start
Dimple : I'm just 20yrs old

Asad Khan : I am 34 married guy
Oh okay
Dimple : A student

Asad Khan : You are so young
Dimple : currently studying humanities

Asad Khan : Wow nice
Dimple : I don't bother your age, doesn;t matter

Do you mind my age?

Do you have kids?

Asad Khan : Never mind
No Dimple Is it OK if the issue is little mature
Dimple : I also do modeling as a passion

Asad Khan : Wow
You look so beautiful too
Dimple : of course. I think I'am mature enough

thank you : )

Asad Khan : Yes
Dimple : I'm pretty sure I can handle that topic.

I just wanna help you

Asad Khan : Dimple thing is I have been married for a year

Dimple : I feel that you are a kind person

Asad Khan : But not able to do properly in bed

Dimple : Okay, then?

keep going

Asad Khan : No the way you talk you sound so kind

Let me tell yo some background
Dimple : Go ahead

I'm listening

Asad Khan : Before marriage I was not so confident for marriage

So married late
Dimple : Okay,

Asad Khan : And my parents get me into arrange marriage

Dimple : Oww hmm

Asad Khan : When I saw my wife i thought everything will be fine
Dimple : keep going

Asad Khan : But its not as good as sounds
Dimple : Oh then?


Asad Khan : She is 24 very young and beautiful
Dimple : Oh nice

good for you

Asad Khan : And I was not able to do proper sex on fist day only
Dimple : what's the thing?


Asad Khan : Thing is I get too excited when I see her and I cum so fast
Dimple : Oh okay...

I see

Is that the only problem?

Asad Khan : Well that's quite a serious issue
Dimple : Yes it is I have a answer or advice on it

But that's the only thing?

Asad Khan : For now yes
Hard for me to do young wife
Dimple : Would you mind if I do some research with it so that I can support my answer well?

Okay try to do this

Asad Khan : Sure
But dont search anything from Internet
Not required
You talk to me that's enough
Dimple : Yeah yeah im asking for personal experience here to my brother

And he said this one

Asad Khan : Oh ok
Dimple : When you are doing sex and you're in the middle of the climax or when you are about to cum, try to pause or keep it doing slowly then set your mind to think away from her body. Try to think about your sports the scores of the NBA like that

Asad Khan : You are right
Dimple : You can also try to take this food supplement tablet that gives more energy and keeping you longer

Asad Khan : But I cant reach in the middle
I cum at first only
Dimple : Then do it in the beginning

Asad Khan : Can I show you my wife so you will understand my situation
Dimple : Or masturbate first one hour before you intercourse


Show to me so that I can merely understand you more.

Asad Khan: ( Shows pic of his wife )

She is my wife zeba
Dimple : Oh I see she is really beautiful and seems that really irresistible

but you know what Asad

Asad Khan: ( Shows pic of his wife )

Dimple : it's all about in your mind

the way how you trick your mind

And understand your body well

but your wife is really a gorgeous one

that's why I understand you

Maybe you are in the early stage

Being very excited, fear and anxiety about sex, alcohol and drug use, and depression may cause early ejaculation.

Just avoid those things

and trick your mind

you can do better

Asad Khan : Hi Dimple how are you
there ?
Dimple : Hello Asad

Doing good here. How was your day?

Asad Khan : It was tiring
work was more
Dimple : Like wise here

Our semmester were about to end

that's why truck loads of activities are being assigned to us

Asad Khan : I can understand
Today also I wont be able to do properly I know
Dimple : Why Asad?

Asad Khan : I am tired and she used to be very hungry
Dimple : HAHAHA you better eat with her

seeing your partner happy while eating surely melt your stress

Asad Khan : ( Shows pic of his wife )
this is from yesterday
we been to a party
Dimple : Wow such a beautiful wife

she is so stunning

Asad Khan : right
from my best friend I came to know about her past
Dimple : Oh okay I see

Asad Khan : and I came to know she had two boy friends
beofre marriage
Dimple : Oh then how was that\

Asad Khan : well I came to know tht they were intimate sexually

Dimple : How did you do after knowing it?

Or what did you do

Asad Khan : well sure I can't change the past
but what I came to know that she has good experience in sex
and that why she expect me to be good in bed too ?
Dimple : You don't need to tap all of them

just be yourself
all about affection, passion and faith and many more

Asad Khan : well you are right
Dimple : So don't bother too much in yourself

just do communication when you are doing your thing and eventually you can improve your performance by the help or your partner

just continue reading your partner well

Asad Khan : well our honeymoon was very bad too
had a month ago
Dimple : Why?

Can you tell me a story about that?.

Asad Khan : oh will you listen
thats so humble of you
Dimple : Sure thing

I'am always here to listen

you don't have to worry I'am a good listener

I can also be your crying shoulder

I really love to help people those who think that they don't have someone to lean on

Asad Khan : thanks Dimple
Dimple that's so caring..


we went to honeymoon 1 month back

to good place in south India

Dimple : go on

Asad Khan : yes so place was good

hotel was far from city

and less crowd

we were staying there for more than 10 days

so first day as we reached there

and you know hat happened

we tried to have sex

Dimple : Then what happen next?

Asad Khan : yes so the sex was bad I cum so fast and she was upset
bt she was supportive
we tried to manage it
and we decided not to have sex
for 3 days
so may be after that I can regain energy and can have good sex
Dimple : then?

you still cum early?

Asad Khan : well so it was Friday
and evening we tried to have sex
I felt energetic at first
but again when I saw her nude
I got so excited
and it was hard
Dimple : then?

Asad Khan : Inserted and started cumming
very embarrassing
Dimple : do you do round 2?

Asad Khan : well yes we tried
but it was not getting p
Dimple : then how was it?

Asad Khan : she came on me
Dimple : after?

Asad Khan : sat on my cock and tried for long
but no luck
Dimple : Owww

Try to take a medicine that would help your situation

sure thing there're a lot in the drug store

Asad Khan : well some medicines I tried but no use
let me tell you what happened after that
Dimple : what?

Asad Khan : so as I told you we were staying there for a week now
Dimple : okay..

Asad Khan : so that evening manager came to ask us for dinner
Dimple : ohh, then?

Asad Khan : and for 5 days he has become kind of good friend also

that time Zeba and I were getting ready and he came to ask s for dinner

and he was asking as a newly wed

if we are enjoying marriage life so much

Dimple : then?

Asad Khan : Well we had bad sex just some minutes before

So still told him that yes its nice
And looked at zeba
But Zeba gave reluctant reply
I mean happily
So may be manager understood that something is wrong

So manager went after that

And we also we went for dinner
After dinner Zeba went to room

I still remember zeba asked a staff to take her pic

She likes her self so much

This was it

Dimple : Wow

after that what happen

Asad Khan : Well so she went to room
And manager asked me to have a walk
So i did
Dimple : Ohh


Asad Khan : Then manager started asking me if everything is fine in marriage

I am sure he got hint from what he felt in room right

Dimple : 0p-[

Asad Khan : ?
Dimple : sorry miss clicked

please continue im listening, sorry

Asad Khan : Dont be sorry
So I was telling find hint from what he felt in room

Dimple : ow after?

Asad Khan : I said no its good

But he kept asking

And he was asking if something financial issue or fight with wife

I said no my wife is very good and i have no issue

What he said was surprising

Dimple : what?

Asad Khan : He said if everything is fine in marriage life so only one issue can be there
He said he is sure sex is not good
Dimple : Oww

why do you think he say that?

Asad Khan : I was shocked
I asked him
He said he sees couple here and he knows that only issue
He said that he can feel when he sees us as a couple
Dimple : Owww


Asad Khan : Well he said tht not be hide as he was friendly
Dimple : Ohhh okay

Asad Khan : So I also told him that yes
Dimple : then?

Asad Khan : Some issue in bed
Dimple : what does he said

Asad Khan : He said that he is sure that no issue is from my wife only issue from my end he was sure
Dimple : wow

what did you say?

Asad Khan : Well he understood from my reaction only .. He asked me my age and my wife age

I said I am 34 and wife is 24

He sakd that he understood why is the problem

Dimple : Ow oakyy

Asad Khan : I had to confess that my wife zeba feels that I have small cock and less stamina so some issue

He saod he feels sorry for me

Dimple : Ohh okay

Did you use a ruler to measure the length of your penis to say that it is small

Asad Khan : Yes I know
My cock is around 3 inch
Dimple : Oh okay...

Asad Khan : He also asked me same as you

How do you feel about 3 inch

Manager said that that is small only
Dimple : It's good as long as you love each other but if you gonna improve your performance by searching more information and seeking different way to let the girl feel the pleasure

Asad Khan : Right

Let me tell you more of that event
Dimple : but continue what happen next

sure, please go

Asad Khan : Well manager asked me to listen to him careful and not get mad
Dimple : then?

Asad Khan : Well he said he wants to help that's it
He said that when you and your wife zeba came to
He saw us
And he feels that my wife zeba is very young and very beautiful
Dimple : Ohh then

Asad Khan : He said that zeba is very young and that's why with my small cock I am not able to satisfy her
Dimple : ohh okay

then? what did you response?

Asad Khan : He said to me that he liked zeba so much and if I am okay he would like to fuck my wife zeba for onr night
Dimple : then what did you say?


Asad Khan : I was shocked I asked him how he can say that

Yiu there ?

Dimple : Yes

I thought you are typing

what did you decide after hearing that

Asad Khan : Okay i asked him How can he say that
He said he wants to help
Dimple : then?

Asad Khan : He said that my wife zeba is very young and beautiful
Dimple : then did you agree?

Asad Khan : And manager said that he is also gold in bed

He said he has good big cock and nice stamina

He said he can fuck ny wife for one night nicely

So my wife can be satisfied

He said we came to enjoy honeymoon so let him fuck zeba for one night at least

Dimple : Then what is your decision

Asad Khan : He will keep it secret
Dimple : then?

What did you do or say?

Asad Khan : Well what you think what i would have done
Dimple : Idk.

I don't have any idea

but this is really quite worth listening

Asad Khan : Yes Dimple See I am.simple man
And so many things happened that day
We had bad sex and zeba wss upset
After this manager came and talked about all this
Dimple : then?

did you agree?

Asad Khan : Well I also gave a thought
And told him that I am not sure and I can ask zeba
Manager told me that I can think over it
As it is of my benefit
Dimple : okay

then did you ask your wife?

Asad Khan : Well I was not understanding how to ask my wife
I went in room
Dimple : Okay then?

Asad Khan : And she started asking as what I was discussing with manager
Dimple : Ohh okay then?

Asad Khan : I was not knowing how to say

I said her that manager got hint about what happened in evening

That she gave cold reply to his question

She said oh what does he get to know

Zeba: what manager knows now

I: well i don't know how to tel you

Dimple : then?


Asad Khan : Zeba: well manager got to know that we are not having good sex life

I: yes he knows now

Dimple : I'm listening

Asad Khan : Zeba: so what happened? Why you took so.long discussing with him

I: manager said that he wants

Zeba: really how? How can he help

I: don't get mad ok.. I am just telling what he told me

Zeba: ok.sure

Dimple : I'm listening

Asad Khan : I: manager told me that he is observing you from when we came here

Zeba: means?

I: well manager told me that you are very young and beautiful

Zeba: oh.. Really.. Why he said that ( zeba was shy)

Dimple : Ow really?

Asad Khan : I: zeba don't get mad ok manager said that He know that I have small cock so I am not able to fuck properly

Dimple : She might loving it.

Asad Khan : Yes

Dimple : okay then?

what happen next?

Asad Khan : Zeba: well I know manager is observing you from some days now
Asad Khan : Ok

I: oh yes manager told me that also

Zeba: what did he tel you

I: zeba manager told me that he really likes you and he knows that you are young and beautiful and has good need in bed

Zeba: omg really ( she was shy )

Zeba: how manager come to know that

Dimple : reading

Asad Khan : I: manager now knows that I am not able to satisfy you zeba

Zeba: oh this is very hard now.. He knows our personal things now

I: yes zeba but he is good

And he is friendly and wants to help

Zeba : help how?

Dimple : hmmm

Asad Khan : I: zeba believe me you and me we both know that it been a year now and I can't do it properly

Zeba: oh yes so ?
I: zeba manager is good in bed I guess

Zeab: what do you mean

Asad Khan : I: zeba in short, manager has good cock and he wants to fuck you for one night

Zeba: omg really, how can he say like this

I: i know this is shocking but I think it's ok right

Zeba: Asad I am your wife right

I: yes zeba and I love you so much that why I want this for you

Zeba was very shy and not able to decide
Asad Khan : Yes Dimple I asked zeba what
She said she does not know
But meanwhile manager was on door
Dimple : then?

Asad Khan : Manager came.and zeba was shay

Shy situation was very difficult
I had young and beautiful wife which I am not able to satisfy

And on the other hand manager was ready in the room

Manager asked me if We are OK
So manager asked me what I decide

Dimple : Ow then?

what did you say?

Asad Khan : I said we are not able to decide
Then he saw my wife and came inside
He said to me that it's OK
Dimple : ow then?

Asad Khan : He went to my wife and lifted her and took her to bed room
My wife was shy
Well I was confused what to do
Dimple : ow then?

Asad Khan : Okay remember when manager came and asked my wife that it will be okay and took her in lap and went to bedroom

Dimple : Ow okay then?

Asad Khan : ( Manager took my wife in bedroom like it's his wife )

Then I followed zeba

Dimple : Then?

Asad Khan : Zeba: Ahaan, Asad. Is it ok ?

I: Zeba I am really thinking this through and not able to decide anything

Manager to me: it is ok Asad, trust me this will stay a secret

Zeba: well for our honeymoon

Dimple : Then?

Asad Khan : And to zeba: tell me you guys came for what here?

Zeba: well for our honeymoon

Manager: and how did it go? Are you guys able to enjoy it ?

Dimple : after?

Asad Khan : To me: did you satisfy her Asad tell me

I: well no sir not properly

Zeba: yes Asad is right.. We tried hard but my husband cums so fast

Dimple : hmm then?

Asad Khan : Manager: ok I understand, Asad you guys came to enjoy honeymoon right, what will you say at home when you are back.
You have responsibility to keep your wife happy right

So its okay. If you can't do I can do

I: oh okay sir

Manager then took zeba's hand and ask her to feel his cock.

Zeba: omg this is big Asad..

I: zeba willl you be okay dear ?

Dimple : then?

Asad Khan : Zeba: i need to see it then I can tell

( Manager was happy )

He looked so confident

Dimple : LOL


Asad Khan : Manager: okay Asad, see so I can fuck your young wife zeba nicely today.. And she willl be satisfied

At home you can tell your friends that you guys enjoyed a lot

I: sure sir. Thanks

( manager asked zeba to check more. Zeba meanwhile opened the zip of his pant and took out the cock )

Dimple : Okay... then?

Asad Khan : Zeba took.out his cock what else.. Zeba was little shy but can't stop.staring his cock.. I was also feeling something else ..

Dimple : What is that something else?

Asad Khan : I mean that feeling

We went to enjoy honeymoon

But I never expected this part
Dimple : Oh okay

Asad Khan : I: zeba will you be okay with that ?

Zeba: sorry Asad, but I never told you this, but before marriage I had two boy friends and they were also big like this manager

I: oh okay .no problem.

I to manager: ok sir, you go on my wife is yours for one night

Manager: okay Asad.

Manager: can you give me your condoms ?

I: sure
I gave my packet od condom to him

Manager: zeba can you wear that to my cock

Zeba: oh ok

Dimple : then Asad?

Asad Khan : ( zeba opened the packet and tried to wear that to manager. But condom was small)

Manager: Asad i guess this is small condom.. Can you go outside and bring large size please ..

Dimple : Okay...

Asad Khan : Well Dimple It was hard for me

To.leave my wife alone with the manager

Dimple : I feel your pain

but what did you do next?

Asad Khan : What else I could have done..

Dimple : : ((

Asad Khan : I asked manager to wait for me

But I think it must be very hard for you to resist

Manager was potent guy

Tall and dark

In the bed with naked black cock

And my wife also

Very young and did not have good sex from a year I guess

So I asked them to wait for me
Dimple : Okay then what happen next?

Asad Khan : But I guess they did not listen to me

And they were busy doing foreplay I guess

I went outside and went to medical shop to buy condom

Menwhile my mom called me ans asking me if we are enjoying so again I was late

Dimple : Ugh

that was surely in pain on the part of you

Asad Khan : Yes my mom asked to take care of zeba

She told she is very young so I should be careful as men can come after her

How to tell my mom that another man may be already fucking her so nicely kn hotel

Dimple : Yeah I understand you

what happen next?

Asad Khan : He asked me if I can get him condom
I went to another room to get it
And when I came
I see my wife is sucking his big cock
Dimple : then how you feel about it?

[/size]Asad Khan : Well I was helpless.. Zeba also looked at me
But I said its ok
Dimple : did you find it okay?

[/size]are not hurt?
[/size]are you not hurt?
[/size]Asad Khan : Well what to do
[/size]That day was hard
[/size]Dimple : oh okay then?
[/size]what happen next
[/size]Asad Khan : After that he wore condom and strated inserting in zeba
[/size]Omg he was really big guy
[/size]And zeba you saw right
[/size]She is delicate
[/size]Dimple : yes. then?
[/size]Asad Khan : Yes
But zeba was good then thoght

[/size]She took his big cock slowly
[/size]And manager started fucking her very nicely
[/size]And I let them enjoy whole night
[/size]Dimple : tsk tsk tsk
[/size]to be continued.....

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[Narration ] Story of Honeymoon twist of Young Muslim wife
« on: October 26, 2018, 08:39:53 pm »

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Re: [Narration ] Story of Honeymoon twist of Young Muslim wife
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. :sweatdrop: :punk:
bohot mazza aarha hai zindagi se kheltay hooye...
yeah mujhy jeetnay nahi dy rahi ... aur mein haar nahi maan raha

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Re: [Narration ] Story of Honeymoon twist of Young Muslim wife
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2018, 02:52:18 am »


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