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Marked Territory
« on: January 05, 2019, 01:17:35 pm »
Marked TerritoryHe pulled me into his lap this morning, his hands gliding up the backs of my bare thighs. As he positioned himself at my lace covered breast, he groaned. “I need to be inside you, need to fill you, need your scent on me before we go.”I breathed a sigh and rolled my hips, the wetness at my center easing the glide along his heated, throbbing shaft. His fat crown grazed my clit with each pass…the precum beading at his tip adding to my grinding efforts. His teeth captured my nipple through the fabric of my camisole. Aggressive digits tugged one embroidered cup away, and his lips and tongue returned to suck, while his fingers freed my other breast for her turn. The friction of our glide warmed my swollen lips, and the heat from his cock radiated deeper within me. He doubled down on his suck session with my nipples, and my pussy began to pulse in answer. The thrust of his hips grew hungrier in our little game of slip and slide. And as his thickened head passed over my tight wet hole, I arched my hips back to meet his tip on the return glide. One thrust. Buried. Home. “Ohhh fuuck..” I muttered, and his simultaneous “Damn, Babygirl..” had us both laughing and groaning as our mouths crashed together. All tongue and lips, the sting of his bite at my lower lip as he thrust deep. My gasp at his near withdrawal next, and a relieved silent “O” as he returned with near painful force. Our foreheads pressed together, my hands gripping the edge of the mattress against his deep pound, his pupils wild to match his feral mood. “Mine.” he declared. A sudden crack and sting to punctuate, as his hand connected with my ass. Then the warm tingling burn and his soothing palm that followed. And still he drove into me from below. Another smack, and he pressed me back to latch on to my aching nipple once more. “These are mine” he growled, as both hands found my breasts and squeezed. His tongue laved, lips sucked, teeth marked…and the relentless pump of his length massaged my g spot so perfectly. “Yes.” I responded in a breath. “This is mine” he continued, as his thumb found my clit. Pressing, circling - bringing a sudden burst of joy from deep within me, and I cried out. My orgasm barreled over me like a freight train, and his piston pace stoked the fire that drove me again, to another - bigger than the first. “You’re mine.” he grunted, as he fisted my hair… tugged my head back to bite and suck at my neck. “Yours.” I returned with raw emotion and a rocking of my hips. His punishment of my pussy took on a frenzied pace, my walls gripped tighter and started to milk him again. This time his body declared, laid claim on me as he sunk once more and stayed buried - unloading with a force that reverberated deep within me. This time my body answered, opening to him with a heaving wave and a gush of fluids - enough to drown us both. We kissed and petted, and panted our way down. Our scent filled the air. Both of us marked, thoroughly claimed by the other.
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Marked Territory
« on: January 05, 2019, 01:17:35 pm »