Author Topic: My shy homely wife becomes a Slut - Part 2  (Read 497 times)

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My shy homely wife becomes a Slut - Part 2
« on: January 11, 2019, 09:32:48 pm »

[/color]My shy homely wife becomes a Slut - Part 2   Chapter 5[/font][/b][/i]The guys were on a vicarious trip, imaging that she might be enjoying it. But they were wrong. There is greater probability of a dead corpse enjoying this crude sexual act, rather than my innocent sweet wife. In fact whenever I would get even a bit rougher, she would stop me saying it hurts. She had told me clearly she doesn’t enjoy rough sex and that filthy words put her off. And all the was happening in extremity to her. It must be like hell for her. And her cries made me feel so sorry for her. [/font][/b][/i]
“I am coming” announced Saleem “I am going to fill you with my semen”“Aarrghhh , arrrgh , I am cumming in you.. I am going to give you my baby” went on Saleem. It was shocking to my ears. But then I knew even if she got pregnant, we can always get it aborted. Suddenly, Saleem went limp and lay down on my sobbing wife, crushing her beneath her weight. His cock, wet with his own cum, fell out limp from my wife’s vagina. I could also see his cum dribble out of her hole. The loud sounds suddenly died down and I could only hear the whimpered sobbing of my wife. [/font][/b][/i]
Saleem finally got up triumphant. “Sali kee choot kiya tight hay, Maza aa gaya” (“the bitches pussy is nice and tight. I really enjoyed myself”)But that wasn’t the end of it . Papoo began unzipping himself. “Noooo , not again please” Jyoti pleaded with tears rolling down her cheeks “I cant take anymore. I will die” She was right. Even with me she could never take me more then once, despite my gentleness and smaller size. [/font][/b][/i]
She was frail and fragile.I was very scared of her well-being. I wanted to tell this to the guys, but couldn’t speak due to the handkerchief. And no one was even looking at me. But the biggest shock came when Papoo pulled out his cock. It was much bigger than even Saleem’s.  In fact Saleem’s seemed small compared to Papoo’s. Even the sight of his cock was enough for Jyoti to almost faint with fear. She was wriggling hard, to get away from Suri and Prabhakar’s hold. Papoo placed his cock at the entrance of my wife’s vagina and pushed it in with a mighty heave, which brought out the loudest scream from my wife. [/font][/b][/i]
Promptly Suri covered her mouth with his hand. “Nahin mein eisko kutiya kay style mein chodunga” Papoo said suddenly, pulling out his cock from her. (“No, I will fuck her in doggie style”) With rough hands, Prabhakar and Papoo turned around her limp body and made her lie on her stomach. Then they tried to pull up her waist, to make her crouch on her knees and hands, but she wouldn’t. “Kutti, agar tu nahin manaygee tau taray pati ka aik hath kat dounga” shouted Papoo into her ears, who by now was sitting on her ass. (“bitch if you don’t cooperate, then I will chop one of the hands of your husband)[/font][/b][/i]
Hesitatingly, my wife pulled up her body, as she kept crying. She seemed very weak but managed to balance herself into the doggy position. She was facing me, but her eyes were closed. Satisfied, Papoo knelt behind her and aimed his cock at Jyoti’s exposed vagina. With renewed enthusiasm he re-entered her with a strong push, making my wife wince out of pain. Within a moment, Papoo was moving his cock in and out in a frenzied motion. [/font][/b][/i]
His cock was like a blur. My wife’s body was lashing out in pain, but the other guys kept her in control while Suri, sitting next to her kept her mouth covered.“Suck her tits Prabhakar” instructed Saleem, who was sitting nearby and watching “see how they are standing up. [/font][/b][/i]
They need more attention. I know what turns on women”. Prabhakar promptly began to suck Jyoti’s nipples from below. “See how she will become a randi now” said Saleem “ I can see it”. Suddenly I realized that Jyoti’s mouth was uncovered but I couldn’t hear her screaming or crying. I was afraid . I hoped she was okay and had not fainted. But I was relieved when I heard a sound from her.“noooooo, noooo , pllleeeeaase” she whimpered feebly, But the guys went on relentlessly. Papoo doing it it painfully hard and rough from behind and Prabhakar sucking her nipples from below. “noooo…ahhh….nooooo,…ohhhhh ooooohhh” I heard her cry again feebly. Seems she had no strength to fight back anymore. I was feeling so awful for her. My poor baby. Then I heard Saleem “ See, she is enjoying it , do it even harder to her”. Saleem was in his make believe world, or so I thought.
Papoo was going on with his in and out movement, making a slapping sound each time he entered Jyoti, and his groin hitting against her ass.“ohhhhhh oooooooohh ahhhhhhhh” I heard Jyoti. But it sounded different from her earlier cries. Her lips were parted as she groaned out. I was confused. This is the way she reacts, when we used to make love. I could see her back arch, as tears rolled down her eyes and once in a while a faint “no” escaped her mouth.[/font][/b][/i]
But the sounds of her resistance were feeble. Maybe she had really become very weak. With each push from Papoo, her body moved forward and when he pulled out, her ass would come back into him. It was a rhythmic motion, as were the squishy “pach pach” sounds. She must have surrendered herself to her ill fate. Suddenly it seemed everyone had become silent and still, until I heard Papoo say gleefully “See this randi is enjoying herself”,[/font][/b][/i]
And then I noticed, that Papoo had been still for a while. He was not moving in and out, and the “pach pach” sound was being caused not by his movement but by Jyoti’s to and fro movement of her body . Her ass was moving back and forth without even Papoo doing anything. It couldn’t be true what I was seeing . Was she really enjoying it.“your wife is enjoying her rape”. “Saleem triumphantly told me “every woman has a slut in her, now your wife has become a slut”. I was crestfallen. Till now Jyothi had her eyes closed and her body was moving in a trance, not realizing that Papoo had stopped moving in and out. [/font][/b][/i]
But Saleem and Papoo’s words woke her out of her trance. But before she had time to react or even feel guilty about it, Papoo started fucking her the hardest he ever had till now. A moan escaped my wife’s lips “ohhhhhhhhh….”“oooooooooooo….mmmmmmmm”. These were definitely sound of pleasure coming from my wife’s mouth .Was she not the simple homely woman I thought her to be ?[/font][/b][/i]
I was ashamed at her unashamed behavior. At her display of lust to her rapists. My wife and Papoo went on for another 5 minutes, before my wife’s body started writhing violently. All of a sudden, Saleem jumped up and came to me. He picked the video camera lying next to my feet. I shivered at what his plans might be. He went up to my wife and pointed the camera at her face from a distance of a few feet. Her face could be clearly seen from that distance and angle, as the rest of the body could be too.[/font][/b][/i]
With every strong thrust from Papoo, Jyothi’s moans were growing louder. And they were definitely not sounds of pain.“Eiss randi ko aisay chod, jaisay woh pouri zindagi bhar mein na chudee hogee “ instructed Saleem to Papoo (“fuck this whore like she has never been fucked before in her life”)“See, see how this married slut is enjoying herself. Only now she knows what a real fuck is, what a real man is , not like her wimp of a husband who could never satisfy her” went on Saleem to my disgrace and shame.[/font][/b][/i]
I am sure my wife could hear his words, but it was as if it fell on deaf ears. She didn’t bother at all and her moans kept coming. It was moans of pleasure for sure. Her eyes were closed, lips parted and she seemed to be in trance. All this while Saleem kept filming my wife enjoying her rape. I was so angry , but this time not with the men, but with my own my wife. How could she be like this ?  Papoo and my wife seemed to go on unending, with their speed and sounds ever increasing. I could see the huge cock of Papoo being swallowed by my wife’s pussy, as it moved in and out. I could also see how wet she had become, with her juice dribbling down her thigh, which was being promptly licked by Prabhakar.[/font][/b][/i]
“What are you seeing Mr. husband ?” Saleem asked me tauntingly “His big cock ?”. Instantly, I pulled my eyes away from Papoo’s cock. But it was too late. “Lets see your cock , must be a small one” Saleem added with a laugh “ Your wife needs a big cock as you can see”“Oh how can you take it out , your hands are tied, Suri go and help him out” Saleem told Suri.[/font][/b][/i]
Suri walked up to me and looked at me in surprise and said with a laugh “Saleem bhai, aap nein biwi ko chudtay huway daikha, eiska lund tau khada ho gaya hay” and he laughed even more. I was surprised myself.  I didn’t realize I had got a hard-on. Now, I was so ashamed of myself. My head hung low in shame. Suri unzipped me. My hard cock sprung out. “What a small one you have” laughed Saleem. “How can you make your horny wife happy with that. Better, I’ll keep your wife with me as my whore” Saying this he laughed even louder. “Don’t you like seeing your wife being fucked like that by another man, don’t you ? “ Suri asked me mockingly . “You do, you do “he answered the question himself with a laugh. I wasn’t able to talk due to shame.
Meanwhile Saleem was back to filming. She didn’t even know her pictures were being taken. If she did , she would have come to her senses. But again I was proved wrong.“Hey I don’t even know the name of my slut” Saleem said” Hey Mr. husband what is your wife’s name? ” There was no point in hiding the truth as her name was mentioned in several of the papers in her purse.[/font][/b][/i]
“Jyoti” I said in a low voice“Jyoti …nice name for a slut” he remarked “My darling jyoti” He knelt in front of her and said “My darling jyoti, open your eyes”. She opened her misty eyes. And he started filming her with her full knowledge. She didn’t seem to stop .My wife looked as if she was in a trance. I couldn’t recognize her that she was the same sweet innocent wife of mine. Getting a cue from Saleem , Papoo started pumping her real hard. Jyoti’s moans grew louder and her lips parted even further, fully knowing that she is being filmed. Her body was stiffening. Oh god, I knew she was about to cum !!! How could she while being raped ? [/font][/b][/i]
I was ashamed of her and of myself too. I felt Suri’s hands on my cock , he was masturbating me !And worse it felt good.“Jyoti , see how your husband has got a hard-on seeing you getting raped” Saleem told my wife as he turned her head towards me. She saw my cock and then looked up at me. I could see lust in her eyes, as we stared at each other. This seemed to turn her on even more. She began to push harder against Papoo’s groin.[/font][/b][/i]
Suri loosened my ropes and placed my hands on my cock , and I automatically started off where Suri had left. I was masturbating myself as I watched my wife enjoying her rape. Jyoti was on the brink of her orgasm when Saleem ordered her “ Say fuck me Papoo” Jyoti didn’t respond and just lowered her head enjoying the physical sensations. [/font][/b][/i]
I could hear her groans from her lowered head. Papoo too was stiffening, and his thrusts became like steam engine piston. With each thrust Jyoti’s head would get pushed up bringing a moan pleasure from her. Prabhakar and Suri were standing close by and masturbating, like I was. Suddenly Jyoti’s body went into frenzy. She was cumming ! But seeing this Saleem told Papoo to stop. And he did. Jyoti looked puzzled and managed to feebly say “don’t stop”.[/font][/b][/i]
“He will unless you say what I want you to say “ Saleem said seriously “ I need it for the camera”. Jyoti was going on moving her ass against Papoo, but it seemed it wasn’t as satisfying as Papoo doing it hard to her. A few moments longer of stillness from Papoo and her orgasm would be lost. “Fuck me” Jyoti said. I couldn’t believe what she said . But it turned me on to hear it. It was turning me on to see her behave like a slut. I began to jerk off harder. And hearing these words, Papoo who was waiting to cum himself, started fucking my wife as hard as before. As the pace increased my wife repeated more loudly this time “ Fuck Me” “Fuck me Papoo” she moaned. “You want his cock in your cunt” Saleem asked her. [/font][/b][/i]
“Yes” my wife repied “I want his cock”. I never ever dreamt my wife could be such slut. My cock was rock hard and throbbing.“FUUUCK ME HARD” Jyothi moaned loudly. “Are you my whore,Jyoti” asked Saleem again. “Yesssss I am your whore” Jyothi almost screamed “ FUCK MEEEEE, I am Cumming “Saleem began to concentrae on his filming, not to miss any moment of my wife’s orgasm.“Oh Fuck me, Oh Fuck me … I want your cock, fill me with your semen” My wife was saying as she was cumming.“Ooooooooooo……Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ” [/font][/b][/i]
Spasms of pleasure swept across my wife’s body. Suri suddenly stood in front of her and took her face in his hands, guiding his cock to her mouth. She opened her mouth and welcomed his cock into her mouth. Sucking it hard as she kept cumming. In a moment Suri was cumming too , as she tried swallowing his cock juice. Some of it dribbling down her lips and chin. Prabhakar wasn’t to be left behind too. He was spraying his cum on her ass.[/font][/b][/i]
The sight was too much for me , and I began to cum too. It was one massive orgy of orgasms as Saleem was busy filming it. Papoo had filled my wife cunt with his juices and he slumped on top of her My wife’s orgasm went on for a long time but finally it subsided too. She was tired and collapsed on the floor, with Papoo lying atop her. For a few moments, there was absolute silence. Neither my wife or me looked up. I guess both of us were too ashamed. Saleem bent down and kissed my wife on her lips “Thank you darling, you were marvelous” . She didn’t respond at all.[/font][/b][/i]
Jyoti and I were still as the guys dressed up.“She is hot slut man. She needs a real man” Saleem laughed as they left.
We couldn’t talk to each other. We didn’t have the courage to face each other. She lay motionless on the floor. I could hear the muffled sounds of her crying. Slowly I picked myself up, and went to her and hugged her from her back. “Jyoti, its OK , we will be alright, I love you “ I told her softly. She put her head onto my lap and started crying loudly “ I am sorry , I am sorry, I don’t know what happened to me”. “Baby its OK. They are gone. Its all over. [/font][/b][/i]
At least we have not been injured or harmed” I told her as I lovingly kissed her forehead and then her eyes, and then her lips. She kept crying and held me tightly. We hugged and kissed each other a lot.Then I helped her to her feet. She began to look around for her purse. “Baby, they have taken your purse and our camera too” I informed her“oh” she reacted, “I don’t know what all they filmed. I had lost my mind”“Its okay my sweetheart” I consoled her “maybe they have done just to assure that we don’t complain to the police”. “hmmm” she murmured “hopefully, its just that”.[/font][/b][/i] “It is” Then somehow we managed to reach back home. We couldn’t talk much , but somehow after our bath I was strangely feeling horny again, with the images of Jyoti’s lust coming to my mind. I was feeling guilty. When we went to bed, she cuddled on to me, and started kissing me on my lips. I could feel her nipples were hard. Was this incident having a similar effect on her as its having on me. I slowly slid my hands in her nightie. She wasn’t wearing a panty. I placed my hands on her crotch. She was dribbling wet. And I was hard !We made passionate love that night. It was soft and gentle in the beginning, but the rest of the time it was hard and rough ![/font][/b][/i]

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My shy homely wife becomes a Slut - Part 2
« on: January 11, 2019, 09:32:48 pm »


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